Clash Royale fan shares an Ice Spirit Evolution concept with the ability to snowball troops

With the arrival of Card Evolution and many cards getting an Evolution updateClash Royale card concepts from the r/ClashRoyale Reddit community have been buzzing with innovative card ideas for each season. Another intriguing card concept recently appeared on Reddit, featuring the Ice Spirit Evolution card which possesses the ability to gradually freeze and disable troops it encounters in Clash Royale.

The Ice Spirit Evolution will turn into a snowball and roll through the path of troops

We once again have u/MehmetSalihKoten presenting the idea, who is widely recognized within the community, particularly for sharing intriguing card concepts such as the Magnet Building cardDrop-a-troop-BalloonClock Tower card conceptFan card concept, and the Dark Fisherman Concept. His Card Evolution concepts are also popular, with Mega Knight, Prince, and Mega Minion being some of his best works.

Regarding the card design, the Ice Spirit Evolution undergoes a transformation into a snowball, rolling through the troop path. Much like the current common Ice Spirit card, it deals just enough damage even in its Evolution. This design choice ensures a balanced approach, preventing it from becoming overly powerful for its cost of 1 elixir.

What makes it improbable is the 15 cycles. Most current cards typically have 1 to 2 cycles, and for this particular card, even though a lower cycle count might not be the most suitable choice, having 3 or 4 cycles to Evolution looks good as it is used plenty of times throughout a match.

Ice Spirit Evolution concept on Reddit
Image via Reddit

In general, the community shared their favorable opinions about the concept, with some positive reviews on the card being pretty balanced overall. Besides the 15 Cycles aspect, it’s evident that the card concept wasn’t meant as a mockery of the current system and could indeed be a fantastic addition to the game.

What are your thoughts about this Ice Spirit Evolution card concept in Clash Royale? Let us know in the comments below!

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