Honkai: Star Rail – Unanswered Questions And Unsolved Mysteries

Game developer miHoYo is known for creating deeply compelling worlds, populating them with fascinating characters and combining the two together to weave stories tiers above what many had come to expect from gacha games. It’s also known for employing an often overlooked storytelling device — not handing out all the answers right away, or sometimes ever.



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Mystery and intrigue spark speculation, making a world and its stories far more enthralling than if the answers to every question were revealed right away. Honkai: Star Rail uses this to great effect. Here are some examples of the greatest mysteries to be found, but not answered, in Honkai: Star Rail.

10 Trotters

Honkai Star Rail Normal Warp Trotter Fight

Trotters are adorable pig-like space creatures that are difficult to fathom. The in-game description of these cute critters describes them as somehow both sweet in taste and entirely inedible. This is an odd detail, sparking the question of how these mutually exclusive pieces of information were discovered.

Stranger than that, when frightened, Trotters begin to perform astrophysical equations related to black holes. These aren’t just squiggles on your screen; they’re real equations such as the Schwarzschild radius. Once they finish, the Trotter then opens a portal and vanishes. How can space pigs perform such complicated feats? Why do they keep teleporting into combat with you? Just how sweet do they taste? With any luck, Honkai: Star Rail will let you know.

9 Sampo Koski

Sampo from Trailblazer's dream in Honkai: Star Rail

Sampo follows the trope of the lovable (or not so lovable) rogue-for-hire who would do anything for the right price. Introduced during the Jarilo-VI storyline, he is either a help or hindrance to the Trailblazer depending on your perspective, regularly vanishing without a trace while always seeming to have just what you need to keep himself useful.

Towards the end of this section of the game, the Trailblazer has a dream of Sampo speaking to a mysterious figure. The dream strongly suggests that Sampo is not native to Jarilo-VI, a shocking revelation given that the Astral Express crew are the first ones to visit the planet in hundreds of years. Not only that, but the conversation lays clues that Sampo is a member of the Masked Fools, a faction dedicated to the Aeon Aha. Without confirmation, we’re left wondering, just who is Sampo Koski really?

8 March 7th

March 7th posing in front of an enemy she has Frozen with her Glacial Cascade Ultimate in Honkai: Star Rail

Given that March 7th is the mascot for Honkai: Star Rail, her past remains a complete mystery. She was discovered frozen in a block of eternal ice, drifting through space. Once thawed out, she had no memories whatsoever, deciding to name herself after the date she was discovered.

With very few clues to go on, the theories are as varied as they come. Some speculate that she is a lost Aeon, or was imprisoned by the Aeon of Remembrance Fuli. One point worth considering is that her design has clear similarities and nods to Genshin Impact currencies Primogem and Intertwined Fate, giving rise to the theory that she was a character intended for the world of Genshin Impact who got lost along the way. In the Hoyoverse, who can say?

7 Akivili

Honkai Star Rail Astral Express standard banner pull

The Aeon of Trailblaze, Akivili was the original owner of the Astral Express. Akivili is one of the Aeons the least is known about, despite the main characters walking their Path as a Trailblazer, as they are missing-presumed-dead from prior to the games events. One of the few things we do know is that they were involved in some kind of accident.

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Whether Akivili actually is dead or not is up for debate, with many speculating that the main character is a reborn Akivili. It’s also possible March 7th could be the long-lost Aeon, but when it comes to March 7th, the open nature of her history means anything is possible. And isn’t that what the Path of Trailblaze is all about?

6 Pom-Pom

Honkai Star Rail Trailblazer With Pom Pom

Pom-Pom is the secondary mascot of Honkai: Star Rail, after March 7th, and conductor of the Astral Express. A small creature resembling a rabbit, Pom-Pom is unable to leave the train but is remarked to be a gifted swordfighter with tricks even Yanqing could do with learning.

How is Pom-Pom so good with a blade, considering he never leaves the train, and none of the passengers fight with a sword to teach him? Was he taught by Akivili themself, or is he some fragment of Akivili left behind? If he really is as dangerous as Yanqing believes, maybe you should be more careful about leaving stains around the Astral Express.

5 Tayzzyronth The Propagation

Honkai: Star Rail - The Aeons in the Index menu showing Lan, the Hunt and others in a line

Another of Honkai: Star Rails fascinating Aeons, Tayzzyronth was known as the Imperator Insectorum, a self duplicating swarm of insect creatures born out of his own loneliness. What we know about Tayzzyronth is limited, but includes that they were a very short-lived Aeon, indirectly led to Nanook becoming Aeon of Destruction and were killed by an alliance of other Aeons.

The idea of how an Aeon can be killed is central to the games story, so the questions surrounding Tayzzyronth are especially compelling. Which Aeons banded together to kill him, and how did they do it? For that matter, we have no way to be truly sure Tayzzyronth is dead. If even one of their insect-selves was able to escape you should be prepared to face the Swarm Disaster in the future.

4 Madame Herta

A portrait of Herta's doll-form playing with dolls of the Main Character of Honkai: Star Rail while surrounded by other dolls.

Herta is one of the characters in Honkai: Star Rail we actually know a lot about. An Emanator of Nous the Erudition, member of the Genius Society, co-creator of the Simulated Universe — her accolades and titles are as numerous as the puppet bodies she pilots remotely for daily tasks and even in combat.

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Still, despite all the Trailblazers interactions with Herta, her true self remains a mystery. She claims the puppet bodies she uses look 70 percent like she did as a child, but a 30 percent difference is a huge margin. Given the sci-fi setting, it’s entirely possible Herta isn’t even human, or no longer has a physical body of her own at all.

3 Vache Harrower

Honkai Star Rail City Of Belobog

Vache Harrower is the adoptive brother of Natasha, Underworld doctor and true leader of Wildfire. Through her companion, missions you can discover that Vache was also a doctor, obsessed with finding a way to make Belobog residents immune to the cold devastating their world. To this end he experimented on patients under false pretenses, furthering his research without actually helping them with their ailments.

Exiled for his crimes, Vache lived in the frozen wastes outside the city and eventually developed a safe version of his medicine, regularly providing it to the Silvermane Guards. After this, he vanished without a trace, and is presumed dead. But with no body, no supporting evidence at all, is he? Could Vache still be out there, concocting more mad science?

2 Elio

Honkai Star Rail Kafka Art Splash

The founder and leader of the Stellaron Hunters, Elio claims to be able to predict the future and writes scripts for his fellow Stellaron Hunters to follow, ensuring the future they desire plays out. Aside from this, we know almost nothing about this key figure.

Players have been quick to point out that almost all artwork of the Stellaron Hunters, Kafka’s specifically, features a housecat among them. Is this cat a full member of the Stellaron Hunters, and could they even be the precognizant Elio? It seems unlikely, but stranger things have certainly happened.

1 The Garbage King

Male Trailblazer focuses on another trash can, and finding the beauty in it

While travelling the streets of Belobog, you learn two things that could be considered more important than any other. First, that the Trailblazer has an odd but endearing fascination with trash cans. And two, that all the trash in Belobog is overseen by a mysterious figure known as The Garbage King.

You would be forgiven for assuming that investigating every trash can and dumpster you find might lead to a confrontation with The Garbage King, or at least more clues as to their identity, but nothing ever comes of it. One of the few things that can be discovered, via a daily mission, is that The Garbage King is considered a talented poet. As wonderful a tidbit as this is, it only raises more questions.

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