Best Events You Probably Missed In Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Redemption is one of the biggest games of its time. Because of that, people have spent countless hours horsing around the western landscape digging up details, cashing in bounties, and getting eaten by cougars. But that’s just the tip of the spaghetti western iceberg.



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There are tons of quests, missions, and events that require players to look a bit deeper into the game through random exploration, reading newspaper articles, and chatting with the local population. Here are the best events in Red Dead Redemption you may have forgotten about.

10 Uncover Red Harlow’s Story

John Marston Campsite Encounter Red Dead Redemption

Red Dead Revolver is a game released in 2004 on the Playstation 2 and original Xbox. In it, bounty hunter Red Harlow goes on his own adventure to find the people who killed his family when he was a child. The game shares many themes with Red Dead Redemption, including a few common locations.

Should you choose to stop and listen to stories at campfires, John Marston has a chance to be told the story of Red Harlow by strangers in the open world of Red Dead Redemption. This further cements Revolver as a part of the series and is a neat detail to come across.

9 Hunt Some Jackalopes

John Marston Prepares to Skin an Animal

Across the wild west are the mythical Jackalope, jackrabbits with antlers understood to be fabrications. But you can help change that. Throughout the game’s map, you may be lucky to find the elusive creature hopping around the grass, usually around other rabbits. Upon skinning one, you can add it to collections, and it fills a requirement to unlock the Expert hunter outfit.

Jackalopes only appear in the game if you have the Hunting and Trading Outfits DLC. So those playing with the base game alone are going to miss out on seeing this creature throughout the open world.

8 Who Are You To Judge?

Who Are You To Judge Mission in Red Dead Redemption

This out-of-the-way stranger mission is really easy to miss if you are going through the game quickly. Especially since you don’t have much reason to revisit this settlement after a single horse race. Up at Rathskeller Fork, tucked out of the way, you can come across a man named Jeb Blankenshep. Jeb is inconsolable when you walk up to him, and gives you this story about how his “lady” was taken by bandits to Tumbleweed and requests that you find her for him.

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This quest is short, but it leads to a couple of good chuckles, a strange twist ending, and you end up meeting a character named Ann Stephenson who is bursting with more character and personality than most other NPCs in the game.

7 I Know You

John Marston and the Strange Man in Red Dead Redemption

I Know You is a string of interactions you have with a character only known as the Strange Man. The Man knows a lot of details about John’s life and will present him with various opportunities for moral choices. These choices you make will greatly add either positive or negative honor with the possibility for a TON of loot.

Though a famous mission, it is completely missable. It isn’t required for 100 percent completion, and it’s the only mission where you aren’t able to go back and repeat it in the epilogue after the final story mission. For that reason, make sure you keep an eye out for it, so you don’t end up missing out. The first place you find the strange man between McFarlane’s Ranch and Armadillo on the cliffs of Mescalaro.

6 Love is the Opiate

Love is the Opiate Mission in Red Dead Redemption

Most Stranger Missions unlock after completing story points. This is one of only two that require you to fill a Stranger Mission instead. The mission that locks this one, Poppycock, is a rather long fetch quest that takes you to far reaches of the map out of the way of the main campaign. So it is understandable that this particular quest would go unnoticed.

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Once you have finished the Poppycock quest, you can find quest giver Zhou in the butchers shop at El Matadero.

5 Take On Some Nightwatch Commissions

John Marston accepts a Nightwatch Mission

Throughout the map, you have a lot of opportunities for side hustles, but one of the more exciting and fun jobs is to help with the Nightwatch. You are commissioned with protecting the town from any who may do it harm. The process is simple: follow the dog around the town and when your canine companion comes across trouble, do what you can to diffuse it.

In a game where it’s easy to be an outlaw, it’s fun to let that go and play lawman for a little bit. Plus you get paid for it and if you manage to keep everyone alive you will be well rewarded. It’s a good way to make some honest cash as well as boost your honor and reputation. You can participate in the Nightwatch at Chuparosa, McFarlane Ranch, and Blackwater.

4 Go To The Movies

John Marston Watches a movie in Red Dead Redemption

Grab some popcorn because the game takes place in 1911 which was also the dawn of the motion picture. RockStar games made this connection and there are a couple of places where you can take a break from being a bounty hunter, outlaw, lawman, and farmer and see one of those brand-new picture show things that everyone is talking about.

The two short cartoons in Red Dead Redemption are modern and ham up points of the time. The first is called The Dangers of Doctors and Patients medicines, which mocks the blossoming medical field, and Beaumont the Burly: Damsels Causing Distress which sarcastically makes fun of sexist attitudes towards the Women’s Suffrage Movement.

3 Lights, Camera, Action

McKennah in Red Dead Redemption

The movies, as mentioned, are a brand-new idea to the world. And the man who’s convinced he will take the new artform to new heights is MacKenna. The man spends seemingly all of his time daydreaming, sleeping, and thinking about how he would create the new center of motion picture out in the west (not too far off from how history actually unfolded).

The mission is easy to miss though because of MacKenna’s initial location. He’s located in the schoolhouse in Armadillo though an alternate entrance in the back. Plus, by the time the mission unlocks in the story, you will almost have no reason to return to Armadillo and will be on your way to Mexico. So take a look back before you leave.

2 Eva In Peril

John Marston Encounters Eva in Red Dead Redemption

Eva finds herself in one of the worst situations possible, and you will eventually save her from captivity and see her escape to the nuns elsewhere on the map. The circumstance in which the mission starts is suspicious though. Occasionally through the game, you will see various men attack women around town. You are encouraged to break up the confrontation by any means necessary. Doing so will reward you with fame as well as positive honor.

Not this time though. While the beginning of the stranger mission looks like any other of these confrontations, killing or capturing this NPC will fail the mission, making you unable to return to this quest.

1 The Prohibitionist

John Marston meets the prohibitionist

This event is seemingly small but has HUGE consequences. It is also the second quest that unlocks from a Stranger Mission, The Wronged Woman, rather than a story quest.

There is a prohibitionist in the bar in Blackwater, trying to get the patrons to give up alcohol. However, A bar owner named Phillips will request that you find a way to get rid of the prohibitionist to keep his business running well.

You are basically left with two options for this event. You can talk to the prohibitionist and convince him to leave town, or you can kill him. Both have large effects on the world. Killing him will give you a bounty and decrease your honor, but it also decreases the cost of drinks across the entire map. Keeping him alive will keep your honor intact, but prices for drinks AND property doubles across the map.

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