Where To Find Moara And Retrieve His Artifact In Starfield

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The adventures you experience in Starfield will make you feel like you’re right out of a classic sci-fi film. You’ve got the spacesuit, the ship, and the crew of colorful characters to travel with you. Early on, you’re thrust into the main quest line with strange artifacts to uncover across the galaxy.



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One such quest has you chasing down a missing Vanguard who has a lead on another artifact piece. Sarah sees this as the perfect opportunity to give you your first mission and test whether you’re really Constellation material. Embark on a wild goose chase to fight Spacers, pay bar tabs, and find an Artifact.

Tuala wants to recruit you in Starfield

Speak to Sarah once you’re ready to accept your first mission for Constellation. She has a lead on another Artifact from the UC Vanguard, and she’ll be accompanying you until another Artifact is found or until the lead turns out to be nothing.

Sarah will be locked as your companion while you complete this quest, so keep that in mind in case you’d like to wrap up other quests first.

You’ll need to speak to Sarah’s contact in the UC Vanguard. Head on over and speak to Tuala at the desk. After a quick pitch about joining the UC Vanguard, he’ll tell you that there’s something going on in the Old Neighborhood: Sol, Mars, and Neptune.

Moara has an ‘ornament’ that matches the description of an Artifact. You’ll need to head to Cydonia to find him and make a deal for it.

How To Find Moara

Taking off for the Shipyard in Starfield

Finding Moara won’t be easy. There are plenty of steps to complete and even more shipyard crawling to be done before you reach him. He’s in a lot of trouble, and it’s up to you to get him out.

Paying Off The Tab

Jack needs to settle Moara's tab in Starfield

Head to the Sol system and find Mars. You can land in Cydonia from there and make your way to the local bar to ask about Moara. In Cydonia, you’ll need to speak with Jack to make any progress.

Jack tells you that Moara went on patrol and hasn’t been back. He’d give you the schedule, but Moara has a hefty tab, and you’ll need to pay it off first. There are several ways to do this.

You can pay the tab (2,500 Credits) outright and move right along, or you can persuade Jack to help for free.

You can also let Sarah speak for you, which she’ll love, and she can lower the price to 1,000 Credits.

You can also ask Jack for work, after which he’ll point you to the Mission Board to pick up some additional tasks. This is the surefire way to make money and pay off the tab if all else fails.

Once you settle the debt, Jack tells you that Moara mentioned something about the Lady of Love: obviously, this means the planet Venus.

Make Your Way To Venus

Arriving at Venus in Starfield

Set course for Venus. When you arrive, you’ll notice a few Va’ruun Zealot ships nearby. Sarah warns that you’ll want to remain undetected. You’ll need to reach a Satellite Beacon close to the Zealots to learn more about Moara’s whereabouts.

At this point, you can either open fire on the Zealots or you can maneuver around them carefully.

To maneuver around the ships, you’ll want to minimize power to only one or two bars in your engines. You’ll need to stay as far away as you can from enemy ships and move slowly.

Once you’re within 500m of the Satellite Beacon, you can activate it. Moara’s voice comes through clearly, leaving a message that he’s headed to the Nova Galactic Staryard for emergency repairs.

Reaching The Nova Galactic Staryard

Vanguard Moara's Slate in Starfield

Set course for the Nova Galactic Shipyard near Earth. You’ll dock in the shipyard and enter to find that Spacers have been here, but something else took them out. Head further in and you’ll hear heavy fire from the next room over.

Ecliptic Mercenaries and Spacers are fighting. You’ll need to deal with them first before you can move on. You can loot the area and wait for them to pick each other off, but you’ll have to join the fight sooner or later.

You can find ammo and equipment behind a locked (Novice) door in the Security office.

After the battle, you’ll need to find clues about Moara. Continue through the staryard, making a left from where you started (where the Ecliptic Mercenaries start firing).

You’ll find Vanguard Moara’s Slate on a table after eliminating all the enemies in the area. Once again, he’s not here, but now you know where to find his ship.

There is a Weapon Workbench and a Spacesuit Workbench on the lower level, near where you find Vanguard Moara’s Slate. You can upgrade your equipment here before moving on.

Finding Moara’s Ship

Moara's Ship attacks in Starfield

Get back in your ship and make for Neptune. When you arrive, Sarah will point out a ship that’s just drifting. Before you know it, you’ll be engaged in a battle with Moara’s ship.

You won’t have to chase Moara much further. He will contact you to issue a warning. His ship has been taken over, and he needs a rescue.

How To Rescue Moara

Finding Vanguard Moara in Starfield

You’ll need to take down the hostile ship’s engines to board it. Evade fire and focus your aim on the engines. Once they’re down, you’ll need to move in close to board the ship.

Once on board, don’t expect the hijackers to be friendly. You’re in for a fight again, but this time it’s to free Vanguard Moara.

After defeating the Ecliptic Mercenaries on board, loot the Moara’s Ship Key off the leader’s body. Unlock the door and finally come face to face with Moara.

How To Retrieve The Artifact

Placing the Artifact in Starfield

After a brief discussion, you can take the Artifact that’s floating by the window. Moara doesn’t need it anymore and plans to head back to Cydonia once this mess is cleared up.

Return to the Lodge on Jemison, and add the Artifact to the rest. You’ll have to wait for Sarah to initiate a conversation, but she’ll welcome you as a full member of Constellation.

You’ll even get your own Constellation Spacesuit and Constellation Space Helmet as a reward.

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