Should You Kill Or Persuade Brogan In Starfield?

There’s a lot to explore in Starfield, but before you can enter a vast galaxy of interactions, you’ll need to get off one small moon. Thankfully, you’re ushered along and into the story, so you won’t miss much, but this is a vital part of your journey. Even so, it can be a bit tricky knowing where to start and what to do.



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From the first moment you start the game, you’ll find yourself thrown into the story with a mysterious Artifact to deliver to the faction known as Constellation. You’ll run into some trouble along the way, but it’s nothing an experienced explorer can’t handle.

How To Fend Off The Pirates

Holding off the pirates in Starfield

Upon creating your character, you’ll be able to move around freely.

  • Follow Lin and Heller to meet the client outside.
  • You’ll need to equip your helmet before stepping out of the facility.
  • You’ll meet Barrett, but your introductions are cut short by Crimson Fleet Pirates.

You’ll need to get ready to fight. You can use your Cutter to attack, or you can pick up another weapon that’s lying around. There’s an Eon with some ammo in an open case for you to take as an optional weapon, and it’s much more effective than the Cutter, though limited in ammo.

Thankfully, you’re not alone in this fight. Use cover to avoid taking damage and let the other miners help pick off the pirates.

Once the pirates are gone, Barret will insist you take his ship, the Frontier, while he helps clean up this mess. You’re bound for bigger things now. Say goodbye to Lin and board the ship with Vasco to deliver the Artifact to Constellation.

This is a great place to look for early supplies, such as health kits. Make sure to explore before taking off.

How To Fly The Ship

Learning to Fly in Starfield

Once you take off, you’ll be met with the flying tutorial for operating the ship. You can follow through or skip it, but you’ll need to take out three Crimson Fleet ships as they attack you in space.

Vasco suggests making a detour to deal with the Crimson Fleet Captain since the attacks are likely to affect the mission. Head to the nearby moon of Kreet to find the abandoned facility they’re holed up in.

Where To Find The Kreet Base

The Kreet Base in Starfield

Once you step off the Frontier, the base is just up ahead, down the hill. Collect any resources along the way, and watch out for any Kreet Stalkers as you go. Enter the facility and make your way through, taking out any Crimson Fleet pirates that get in your way.

There is plenty of loot nearby, and you’ll want to snatch it up. If you find yourself over-encumbered, hand some equipment over to Vasco to hold. Move through the facility, past the broken containment chamber, up the stairs, and to the ladder with roof access.

Where To Find The Captain

Brogan wants the Frontier in Starfield

Once you step onto the roof, you’ll come face to face with Brogan, the Crimson Fleet Captain. You can lie to him about Barrett’s death or probe him with more questions. Either way, he wants the Frontier.

You can attack him outright or try to persuade him to leave you alone before anyone else gets hurt. Doing so will avoid combat, letting you walk away. Otherwise, you’ll be in for a fight. Use your surroundings to take advantage of cover and blow the pirates away.

Take aim at the explosive container behind Brogan and his crew mates to deal some damage before swooping in to finish them off.

You can loot the two other pirates for weapons and ammo during the fight, and you can loot Brogan once he’s defeated.

You can persuade Brogan to leave, then attack him and the other two pirates for loot after you’ve surveyed the area. They won’t be hostile to you until you attack.

Once the pirates have been dealt with, head back to your ship and take off. If you fought Brogan, Vasco will bring the ship to you. From there, you’ll need to travel to Jemison and find the city of New Atlantis.

How To Deliver The Artifact

Place the artifact on the table in Starfield

You’ll need to take the NAT transit to the MAST District. Once you step off, head up and to the right and follow the path to reach the Lodge. You’ll unlock the door with the watch Barret gave you and head inside.

Vasco tells you that everyone is waiting in the library, so open the door and speak to Sarah. When you head inside, you’ll meet members of Constellation and set your Artifact on the table. They’ll start to interact, giving you your first glimpse of what Constellation is all about.

After the Artifacts come together, Sarah will talk to you about joining Constellation, which will complete the quest.

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