Best Mods For Project Zomboid


  • Project Zomboid’s modding community provides a wealth of content to enhance the gameplay experience, with top-rated mods available.
  • The Mod Manager is a useful tool for organizing and managing mods, saving players from the headaches of large mod folders.
  • Various mods offer quality of life improvements, such as Common Sense for overall game enhancements, Vehicle Repair Overhaul for extensive vehicle interactions, and More Description For Traits for detailed analysis of character traits.



Project Zomboid has been gaining more popularity with the launch of multiplayer to the beta version of the game. This has brought tens of thousands of new players into the fray, all eager to try and survive in this zombie-infested experience. But after playing for a while, you might find yourself craving some more content, and that is where the very active modding community that this game has comes into play.

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There are probably hundreds of fairly functional and interesting Project Zomboid mods out there. Choosing the right ones to cater to your needs is easier said than done, so here are some of the top-rated mods that you should keep an eye out for.

Updated September 21, 2023 by Jack Pierik: Project Zomboid provides a world full of modularity, roleplaying mechanics, and various playstyles that players can explore. Yet despite this great deal of depth, no game is perfect, and there are bound to be blind spots or missed opportunities here and there by the developers.

This is where the modding community comes in; if anyone knows what improvements a game needs, it’s long-time players collaborating with talented modders. If the vanilla experience is getting redundant and repetitive, or you’re looking for some quality of life and immersion related features, you should check out these fresh mods.

13 Mod Manager

Mod Manager Lis and Description In Own UI

If you’re planning to download any number of mods, you owe it to yourself to download NoctisFalco’s Mod Manager. The default mods page isn’t bad by any means, but the improvements added by this tool can help you avoid the headaches that large mod folders can often cause.

The Mod Manager provides ways to sort, filter, and search through modifications new and old, and allows you to see whether a mod comes from an imported file or Steam Workshop subscription. If you like changing the rules of your world often, you can also store profiles for different mod configurations without the need for endless clicking.

12 Common Sense

Left: A player with a black gas mask stands ready with a crowbar. Right: Complex information and UI.

The Common Sense mod, published by Braven, is perhaps the most all-encompassing quality of life overhaul you’ll ever need for Project Zomboid. While the list of features is extensive, some of the most impactful changes and improvements include:

  • Crowbars being able to pry open more things; doors, windows, and vehicles.
  • More expansive recipes, such as being able to make spears with mops and brooms.
  • Many new ways to open canned goods.
  • Color indicators to show vehicle component status; engine, battery, etc.

Also, if you fancy playing with friends, you’ll be happy to hear this mod works both in multiplayer, and with existing saves.

11 Vehicle Repair Overhaul

A clean, pristine looking car with green paint parked near a building and a gas pump.

As you might’ve inferred by the title, Vehicle Repair Overhaul by hehehemann throws the entire kitchen sink at vehicle interactions and modularity. Provided your character has the skill and knowledge, you can scrap, repair, and modify any vehicle, vanilla or modded.

The mod works in both singleplayer and multiplayer, and is quite extensive, allowing you to repair hoods, seats, doors, gas tanks, windshields and windows, glove boxes, cargo containers, and a lot more. With this mod, you can restore any vehicle to its former, pre-apocalyptic glory.

10 More Description For Traits

Numerous character traits and professions in red or green text with white descriptions.

From a fresh start with a brand-new character, to any point in a playthrough, the More Description For Traits mod by Champygnakx caters to all of your analytical needs by telling you exactly what a trait or profession does in terms of positive or negative percentages and values.

Since the mod works through a combination of decompiling Java and Lua files, and scouring the Project Zomboid Wiki where applicable, More Description For Traits also works with any modded traits or professions you happen to be running.

9 Autotsar Trailers

Project Zomboid Autotsar Trailers a truck on the road hauling a generator trailer

If vehicles are your thing in Project Zomboid or you simply want to carry more items by car throughout the world, Autotsar Trailers might be the perfect mod for you. It adds multiple types of trailers to the game with various capacities.

You will also be able to find a generator trailer which is ideal when you want to power up a gas station where you need fuel. There is also a gas canister trailer that can carry enough fuel to last you months in an average base. If life on the road sounds appealing, there is also a camper trailer that offers most of the amenities of an actual house.

8 Weapon Condition Indicator

Multiple Hotbars With Weapons At Different Levels Of Quality To Show The Mods Function

A lot of people would argue that this is a feature that is missing from the game, while the developers would tell you it’s not realistic. But if you’re sick of never knowing the actual condition of your weapon without having to open your inventory up, give this mod a try.

The mod will also indicate ammo count, battery charge, and let you know whenever you accidentally drop your weapon after falling to the ground. All of these features are fully configurable, letting you adjust pretty much everything that this mod has to offer to your exact needs.

7 Minimal Display Bars

Minimal Display Bars Mod Various Status Bars Around Black Space, Zomboid Character, and Over Zomboid Environment

Another incredibly successful mod that many people swear by, Minimal Display Bars will show an on-screen bar for each of your stats. These include Health, Hunger, Thirst, Endurance, Fatigue, Boredom, Unhappiness, Temperature, and Calorie Intake. You can easily change the size of each of those bars or turn them on and off.

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While to some people this mod might sound like straight cheating, it doesn’t offer any information that the game wouldn’t actually give you, with the exception of Calorie Intake. The rest of those stats have corresponding moodlets that will indicate if you’re hungry or thirsty and so forth.

6 Raven Creek

Project Zomboid Raven Creek overview of a downtown area of the city

This mod adds an entirely new area to the game in the form of Raven Creek, a sprawling city full of skyscrapers surrounded by suburban areas. In order to get inside, you will have to travel straight west from Rosewood until you reach a road sign that will indicate that the city is up ahead. Be aware of the fact that entry into the city might be blocked by wrecked cars, meaning that getting inside with your own vehicle could prove impossible.

A perfect mod if you’ve grown tired of the regular map, Raven Creek has all the loot that you could ever need, even though it will generally be surrounded by huge hordes of zombies. Definitely not a map for beginners, Raven Creek will put your Zomboid skills to the test.

5 More Traits

Project Zomboid More Traits showing the trait selection part of the character creation

Whether you like to choose your own traits when creating a character or simply hit the random button, having more traits at your disposal adds a lot of variety to the types of characters that you can make. If you’re a fan of role-playing, this can add a lot to the realism of a character.

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So if you’ve ever wondered how long could a person with a broken leg, sunlight sensitivity, and hemophobia last amongst the zombie hordes that are roaming the streets of Kentucky, this mod might give you a pretty good estimate.

4 True Actions

Project Zomboid True Actions showing a character during a dancing animation

Even though there is more than one mod under this name, they all belong to the same creator and add various new animations to the game. Now your character can lie in bed or on a couch, sit in a chair, or even dance.

While these mods won’t affect gameplay too much, they will add some extra flavor to your game, especially when used in multiplayer alongside other players. There is nothing cozier than watching your character bundle up in bed while listening to the sound of roving bands of zombies outside your window.

3 Brita’s Armor Pack

Project Zomboid Brita's Armor Pack showing some of the new types of armor and backpacks

The first of the Brita Packs, this one is solely focused on adding extra types of armor and headgear to the game. You will find tons of new types of hats, uniforms, clothes, and body armor. On top of that, you also get some new backpack models with increased capacity.

If you feel like going Splinter Cell on some zombies, you will also be happy to know that this mod adds a bunch of night vision goggles to the game, which are also completely functional, as long as you have the batteries for them.

2 Brita’s Weapon Pack


If you’re a fan of firearms, then this is the mod for you. It adds hundreds of new guns to the game, including pistols, assault rifles, shotguns, and submachine guns. If you need to bring out the big guns, you will also be able to find grenade and rocket launchers, even though finding ammo for them will prove quite difficult.

On top of all of these new guns, there are also a bunch of new attachments that you can use in customizing your weapons to cater to your specific needs. These include silencers, scopes, grips, extended mags, and many more. So if you’re looking for that Escape from Tarkov experience in Zomboid, Brita’s Weapon Pack should be your go-to mod.

1 Basements

Basment With Military Setup In Project Zomboid

If you’re looking for more space, or just like the idea of going underground, the Basements mod will be a great fit for any world you play in. These basements are cordoned off from the overworld, providing safety from zombie hordes and an ample supply of electricity to keep your new room compatible with most appliances.

Basements aren’t free to build, though – you’re going to need to obtain literature, resources, and tools if you want to construct these beautiful bunkers, a process will that make the project feel all the more rewarding. The larger the bunker, the more resources you’ll need to spend, making it satisfying to add a brand-new addition to your post-apocalyptic base.

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