How To Get The Cure For Antonia In Lies Of P

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In the central hub of Lies Of P, known as Hotel Krat, you’ll encounter various NPCs you can interact with, each offering unique benefits throughout your gameplay. Among them, you’ll meet Sophia, who assists with leveling up, Polendina, who serves as a merchant, Eugenie, handling weapon upgrades and assemblies, Geppetto office where there are P-Organ updates, and, of course, the hotel owner, Lady Antonia.



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You can find Lady Antonia in a room to the left of the stargazer, where she continually gazes at her portrait. Unfortunately, she suffers from Petrification Disease, and you may wonder if there’s a way to help her. In fact, there is a way, but it does require some effort.

Where To Find The Cure For Antonia

Lady Antonia Lies of P

First, you must reach Rosa Isabelle and continue until you meet Julian The Gentleman. He will request that you locate his wife’s belongings. Once you’ve found them, head back and return them to him.

At this point, you’ll have a choice.

You should select the “I saw the message she left, saying she loves you” option. Julian will then give you a Wedding Ring. Hold onto this ring; it will be useful later.

The King Of Puppets

P is faced with a choice to either lies or tell the truth with Julian Lies of P. The first choice is: I saw the message she left, saying she loves you - The second choice is: I've never seen that happen before.

Afterward, finish the Rosa Isabelle quest by defeating the King of Puppets. Then, return to Hotel Krat. However, you won’t find Polendina in his usual spot.

Instead, there will be a note asking you to meet him outside the hotel’s garden.

Strangely, he will confess his love for Lady Antonia and inquire about the possibility of love between a human and a puppet. Given that Julian was married to a puppet, the Wedding Ring serves as proof of this matter.

During this conversation, you will have the option to “Show the wedding ring” to him. This will make him strangely happy and elated, given he’s a puppet.

While you’re there, visit Lady Antonia, and you’ll witness a brief scene showing that the Petrification Disease is worsening. She’ll talk about the portrait of herself that she keeps looking at and ask if she still looks as good.

To be kind and safe, select the “Of course” option.


P facing two options when interacting with Lady Antonia Lies of P

After some progress, Polendina will mention that he’s heard of an Alchemist who knows how to develop a cure for this disease using the Gold Coin Fruit, which is only dealt with by Giangio.

Now that this part is complete, continue with the story until you reach the Grand Exhibition and face the boss Champion Victor. After defeating him, return to Hotel Krat and speak with Giangio.

He’ll say he can create the cure if you provide him with one Gold Coin Fruit. Choose the dialogue option “Give Gold Coin Fruit.” This will grant you the item “A cure for Antonia.”

How To Administer The Cure

P obtained A cure for Antonia from Giangio Lies of P

Immediately after, speak with Polendina and select the option “Use the cure.” This will reward you with a Radiant Ergo Fragment.

If you interact with Lady Antonia again after reloading the area, you’ll notice that she’s doing well and even mentions that she’ll be in better shape soon. Make sure to go through all her dialogues.

As part of the main story, the hotel will be ambushed. Locate both Antonia and Polendina in Geppetto’s office on the upper floor and exhaust their dialogues.

Proceed with the story until you reach Arche Abbey and then defeat the boss Laxasia the Complete.

Finally, return to Hotel Krat and talk to Polendina to hear the sad news of Lady Antonia’s passing.

This will earn you The Story of the Refined Old Lady Trophy.

P speaking with Polendina and he's telling him that Lady Antonia has passed away Lies of P

If you visit Geppetto’s office after this last conversation with Polendina, you’ll be able to pick up the Cherry-Scented Letter and the Memory of Beach Record from Antonia’s chair.

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