How To Solve The King Of Riddles’ Woman Of Cold Puzzle In Lies Of P

The King of Riddles is an interesting character in Lies of P. He’ll contact you various times throughout the story via ominous, ringing telephones. Answering them, you’ll get the opportunity to answer a riddle – get it correct, and you’re rewarded. You’ll first be handed Trinity Keys, which are useful for unlocking secret rooms that contain useful gear.



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Eventually, however, the King will give you a totally different item – another riddle that you have to solve on your own. A scrap of paper that promises a secret hidden within the Grand Exhibition, if only you can look towards the ‘cold woman’s’ fingertips.

How To Solve The King Of Riddles’ Hint: The Fingertips Of The Cold Woman

The statue room in the Grand Exhibition in Lies of P from above

While it seems that the hint provided doesn’t give you much to go on, it gives you just enough that this riddle is quite easy to work out when the solution is staring you in the face.

Once you’ve made it to the Grand Exhibition, which is the seventh area of the game, you’ll have to make your way through a winding path of tough, aggressive enemies and hazardous walkways. From the Stargazer in the Gallery at the Grand Exhibition’s entrance, you’ll want to take the lefthand path – the one that contains a large robot.

Interacting with the cold woman statue in Lies of P

Eventually, after looping around the top of the gallery and making your way to the centre of the Exhibition, you’ll come to a room with a few statues of women in it. A statue of a woman could as a ‘cold woman’, no?

In this room, there are two statues. The one on the right can be interacted with, which will rotate it. Do this twice until her hand is pointing towards the golden statues in the middle of the room like the other statue.

The statue room hatch opening up to reveal a Trinity Key in Lies of P

Once both statues are pointing at this wall, a hatch will open, revealing your reward: a Trinity Key. Was it going to be anything else from the King of Riddles? You can use this to open any Trinity Door in the game.

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