How To Get Jake’s Stout For Sandra Fullerton In Starfield

Some people want riches. Some people want revenge. Some people, however, simply want the nostalgic taste of the end of the day, a drink shared with friends after an exhausting shift. Starfield’s Sandra Fullerton is one such person – she reminisces over her time on Jemison in New Atlantis, drinking a particular drink.



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Of course, this inevitably leads to you being asked to grab some for her and deliver it. Naturally, there’s a reward for this petty little quest, so it’s something you should keep in mind whenever you return to New Atlantis. Couldn’t hurt to provide someone with a nice gift, right?

Where To Find Jake’s Stout

Jake's Bar in the Well on Jemison in Starfield

Jake’s Stout is a drink sold at Jake’s bar, naturally. Jake owns a bar in the Well, an underground area in New Atlantis. From the entrance of the Well, take the first right and head up the stairs. You’ll be right next to Jake’s bar.

The next step is as easy as anything – talk to Jake and buy a bottle of Jake’s Stout from him. It only costs 350 credits, and it even has a pretty nice effect (75 damage resistance for three minutes at the cost of some O2 regeneration), so consider buying some for yourself.

Deimos Staryard from space in Starfield

To quickly return back to the Deimos Staryard and to Sandra, open your quest log, click on the Taste Of Home quest, and then click the Show on Map button. From here, you can click on Deimos and immediately Set a Course there.

Once you’re back at Deimos Staryard, simply return to Sandra Fullerton and hand her the drink. As a reward, you’ll be given a chunk of experience and a few credits. The amounts will depend on your current level, but you’ll certainly make a profit from the trip.

All in all, this is a very quickly-completed quest that requires little effort and leaves a warm feeling in your heart.

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