The Best Adventures In Phandelver & Below The Shattered Obelisk

Whether you’re playing Dungeons & Dragons adventures in Phandelver And Below The Shattered Obelisk because you want to reminisce about what your party went through, or you’re looking for the best adventures to add to your own campaign or homebrew setting, you’ve come to the right place.



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Every chapter furthers your adventures in Phandelin and the area around it, and some of these adventures truly stand out. Whether you’re looking for dungeon crawling, a bit of investigation, or adventures to save the entire town, these adventures all have something for every party member.

8 Wave Echo Cave

DND Phandelver & Below The Shattered Obelisk Nezznar The Spider
Nezznar The Spider by Axel Defois

Mostly serving as a one-off to tie up loose ends in Phandalin, this adventure is a neat side story that can be handled outside of the overarching plot or a great place to end the campaign if you don’t plan on moving further with it. It’s your average ‘defeat the bandits’ adventure, and you’ll be familiar with the cave-dwelling D&D setting, ultimately ending in a boss battle against the Spider and his crew.

7 Trouble In Phandalin

Phandalin’s Locals by Kent Davis

This adventure is one that’s less exciting and more set up. The party has finally arrived in Phandalin, and you’ll need to visit the locals, restock, deliver supplies, and uncover the town’s secrets. Aside from checking in and visiting various locations in and around town, there’s not much here.

It’s great for roleplay and immersing yourself in the story, but it’s one of the less exciting adventures in the campaign. You will, however, be able to meet the Redband Ruffians for a bit of excitement in the town before things go downhill later on.

6 A Dangerous Journey

DND Klarg the Bugbear as King in Phandelver & Below The Shattered Obelisk
Klarg Et Al by Michele Giorgi

All adventures have to start somewhere. You don’t all meet in a tavern this time, though, as similar to the original Lost Mines of Phandelver, you’ll start with a goblin ambush. The expected outcome of finding the arrows littered around the area and deducing what happens next never gets old.

It’s always been a great start to any adventure, and Phandelver And Below The Shattered Obelisk enhances the adventure, offering even more options than before. What happens should the party fall to the goblin ambush? The adventure proceeds into what becomes of Phandalin and everything else, and makes for a great adventure to place in your own campaigns.

5 Paths Of Peril

DND Phandelver & below The Shattered Obelisk Angry Townspeople
Angry Townspeople by Domenico Cava

You’ll be around fifth level, you’ll have finished the introductory adventures, and you’ll be ready to dive into all of what Phandelver And The Shattered Obelisk has to offer. You’ll finally be introduced to goblins that you’ve never seen before, and the plot will slowly begin to unfold.

The once quiet, happy, and peaceful town has grown into an uproar over what’s happening to it, and the Redbrand Ruffians have been replaced by a more sinister evil. Handle the outcome of the goblin’s actions and learn of the obelisk shards as you start the true adventure.

4 Rifts In Reality

DND Illithonic Denizens in Phandelver and Below The Shattered Obelisk
Illithonic Denizens by Brian Valenzuela

If you’re into zombie-style campaigns and monstrosities in underground caverns, you’ll love what this chapter of the adventure has to offer. NPCs from the town have begun to change. Do you fight them or try and save them? The underground opening to the Underdark has been revealed, and you’re on the hunt for three mind flayers.

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You’ll encounter enemies you’ve never seen before, each getting increasingly more twisted. Perfect to grab as a one-shot, this adventure ends with your party at the precipice of the entrance to the Far Realm. Will you speak with the mind flayers? Will you make it to the Far Realm? What will happen when you get to the experimentation chamber?

3 The Spider’s Web

DND Phandelver & Below The Shattered Obelisk Triboar Trail
Triboar Trail by Klaus Pillon

As a gateway into what’s beyond the introductory adventures of Phandelver And The Shattered Obelisk, the Spider’s Web is the perfect adventure as it opens the larger plot for the party and can finally start to answer some of the lingering questions from the beginning of the adventure.

Finally, getting outside of Phandlelin proper, your party can use the overland map, travel through the wilderness, and get the dull D&D experience. From forest encounters to goblin parties, this adventure checks everything on the list. You’ll only truly enjoy it, though, if you’ve been able to find all the clues to the adventures outside of Phandalin.

2 The Shattered Obelisk

Quanbraxel by Lily Abdullina

It’s so satisfying when pieces fall into place. The Shattered Obelisk chapter of the adventure gives more puzzle pieces to you and your party and sets you off in the right direction. Coming from the high of defeating Ruxithid (and his disturbing brain tentacles), you’ll finally have the pieces needed to find the rest of the shattered obelisk. The mystery and intrigue on top of the mission will truly have you invested.

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You’ll be searching for missing townspeople, using clues to find the shattered obelisk fragments, and can even earn your own base of operations. Strengthening bonds and relationships, seeing the town change around you, and becoming slight detectives, the themes in this chapter can work in any campaign. Even the fighters in your group will enjoy delving into caves for intense combat situations that may arise. Be ready to take on a formidable mindflayer in the end.

1 Beyond A Lightless Star

Phandalin is ravaged by plague and has destroy the city and turned the townsfolk
Phandalin Suffering by Lily Abdullina

The final chapter in the adventure is also the best. The culmination of everything that you’ve been through since the beginning of the adventure comes to a head. The ritual has commenced, and the townspeople of Phandlin have begun to transform into mindflayers.

This portion of the adventure takes you to the Far Realm and the endless void. With a rift to the Far Realm directly beneath the town and the only help being your party, this adventure builds into an exciting conclusion that’ll truly make you a hero. This chapter is the best part of the adventure in Phandelver And Below The Shattered Obelisk.

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