The Best Halloween Builds For Minecraft

Halloween comes around once a year, but with it, comes tons of possible Minecraft build ideas. Whether you are playing solo or with others, creating a Halloween-inspired Minecraft build can be quite a fun experience. If you need some ideas, we are here to help.



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Here, we are going to look at some great Halloween build ideas that you can add to your Minecraft world. These will range from small and cute builds to some on a more grand scale. We won’t be providing exact building instructions; instead, this will serve as inspiration, allowing you to expand upon each design and let your creativity go wild!

8 Giant Jack-O-Lantern

minecraft giant pumpkin build by Terran-from-Terra
via Terran-from-Terra/Reddit

Nothing screams Halloween quite like a giant pumpkin. In Minecraft, you can already find a carved pumpkin, but it’s rather small. To fully get in the Halloween spirit, try making a giant Jack-o-Lantern. This could be a larger representation of the square carved pumpkin, or your own pumpkin design.

You can even take things a step further and make the giant Jack-o-Lantern into a house of sorts, complete with pumpkin-inspired decor. Remember, the Minecraft carved pumpkin emits a bit of light when you add a torch, so you can create the ultimate mood lighting with candles and pumpkins.

7 Haunted House

minecraft haunted house build from distance
via MrGeBr/Reddit

Haunted houses are a Halloween staple and fortunately, they are rather straightforward in terms of building. You can build a haunted house for the aesthetics, but you can also build a house filled with traps and hidden mobs and send from friends through.

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To build a haunted house, we suggest starting with the basic layout of a house, and then looking for inspiration online. Gothic mansions serve as a great blueprint; with all the blocks added to Minecraft over the years, you are bound to make something frightening.

6 Graveyard

minecraft graveyard from above
via VenineDaDemon/Reddit

Another Halloween staple is the graveyard. Unlike a haunted house though, this is incredibly easy to build. Throw down some fences, iron bars, and candles, as well as something that resembles tombstones, and you’re set!

As an added bonus, you can add a tombstone to the graveyard each time you die in the game.

You can leave your graveyard like this, or you can spruce it up with a few larger tombs. If you are feeling extra spooky, you can make a creepy and dilapidated church to serve as the centerpiece for the graveyard.

5 Haunted Pirate Ship

minecraft haunted pirate ship with warped wood sides in a misty ocean
via Shells124/Reddit

Picture this; you are exploring the ocean, and suddenly, a trident whizzes by your head. Scary, right? Trident-wielding Drowned enemies are quite tough, but you can use this to fulfill your Minecraft Halloween dreams.

By (carefully) building a haunted pirate ship near drowned enemies, you can add a bit of life to your oceans. This can be a brand new build, but you can also use the existing shipwrecks in the game as the basis for your design.

4 Wizard Tower

minecraft wizard tower build from distance
via Thermic832/Reddit

Wizards and Halloween go hand-in-hand, so why not build a Wizard Tower in your Minecraft world to celebrate? This is another rather simple build; all you need to do is make a tall tower with a room at the top.

The Wizard in question can be you, a villager, or even a Witch mob that you lured to the top. For the ultimate spooky vibes, the Wizard in question can be missing, while the tower lies abandoned. Whatever your choice, don’t forget to set the mood with candles, bookcases, and an enchanting table.

3 Crypts

minecraft crypt from outside
via BoolinBirb/Reddit

If you want to combine a haunted house with a graveyard, we suggest building some Crypts! This can be a giant, above-ground structure, or even a sprawling underground hallway and tunnel system.

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Inside the Crypts, you can decorate with more tombs, as well as traps and mobs. We’re thinking something similar to Skyrim Crypts, filled with Draugr that emerge from the walls. Don’t forget to use redstone and set up some potentially explosive corridors!

2 Hedge Maze

minecraft birds eye view of hedge maze
via BigScaryGames/Reddit

The hedge maze is a classic form of entertainment, whether you are completing it in real life or within a video game. By using leaves, you can create a Minecraft version of a hedge maze. To add a bit of spice to the maze, you can use tripwire hooks, pressure plates, and trapdoors.

The vibe you are going for can be harmless, such as the hedge maze in Stardew Valley during the Spirit’s Eve Festival. On the other hand, you can go for something a bit frightening, like the hedge maze featured at the end of The Shining.

1 Cozy Autumnal Village

minecraft halloween village with a focus on banners outside of a building
via SirKillianMC/Reddit

Lastly, you can add a cozy autumnal village to your Minecraft world. While this isn’t spooky or frightening, it can help create a nice atmosphere in your world. By sticking to a warm color pallet while building, you can embrace the cozy side of Halloween.

Remember the movie Halloweentown? Your autumnal village can feel just like part of this movie with the right amount of pumpkins and warm lighting. Of course, you can pivot from the coziness and make a creepier village. If you are in the mood, you can even recreate Halloween Town from The Nightmare Before Christmas.

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