How To Summon A Specter In Lies of P

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If you’re playing Lies Of P, the game may seem challenging at first, but it’s actually quite fair and well-suited for newcomers to the soulslike genre. It follows a linear path, which can be a relief for those starting out who like to explore every nook and cranny. One aspect that might pose a real challenge is dealing with the game’s bosses, as some of them can be real obstacles in your playthrough.



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Fortunately, Lies Of P includes a familiar mechanic found in many souls and soulslike games: Summons. These summons are there to assist you in overcoming your challenges and making your journey less difficult. In this game, they are referred to as Specters.

How Do Specters Work?

P fighting with a Specter the King of Puppet Lies of P

Specters in Lies of P are AI-controlled characters designed to assist you during boss fights.

While they should not be your sole reliance, they can divert the boss’s attention, giving you opportunities to attack, heal, or catch your breath.

What Do You Need To Summon A Specter?

P standing next to a blue bazier that summons Specter Lies of P

If you want to summon a Specter, look for a blue fire brazier outside a boss door.

To use it you’ll need an item called a Star Fragment. Each time you summon a Specter it consumes one Star Fragment.

Luckily for you, you can find Star Fragments throughout the game as loot items or sometimes as random drops from enemies.

Menu showing that you need to use one Star Fragment to summon a Specter Lies of P

Additionally, as you progress, you’ll have the option to purchase them, but we’ll delve into that later.

Unlike in some other souls-like games where summons appear immediately upon use, in Lies of P, you’ll only see your Specter after entering the boss fight area.

So, if you’ve used a Star Fragment and don’t see your summon right away, don’t worry; they’ll be waiting for you inside the boss battle.

The first time you’ll be able to use a Specter is fairly early in the game when you will have to fight the Scrapped Watchman in Krat City Hall.

How To Get Star Fragments

Memu showing the Star Fragment item Lies of P

While you can find Star Fragments in the world as you explore, there is a way to buy them from a specific NPC; Giangio.

You’ll first meet Giangio on a side path just before the large bridge leading to St. Frangelico Cathedral, but eventually, he moves to the Cathedral Chapel.

When you first talk to him, he pretends to be a pharmacist but is actually an alchemist. He’s interested in Gold Coin Fruit and offers you a Cube with a Wishstone embedded in it.

This Cube is a one-time use and can only be refilled by him for now.

Menu showing the Cube item Lies of P

As you progress in the game and defeat the Eldest of the Black Rabbit Brotherhood, after you take the elevator up, you’ll find Giangio.

He’ll guide you to the Gold Coin Tree, where you can collect Gold Coin Fruit.

This tree location leads to Hotel Krat, making it easy to access both the Gold Coin Tree and Giangio’s location.

With Giangio now at this spot, you can trade Gold Coin Fruit for Star Fragments and Wishstones.

It takes three Gold Coin Fruits to get one Star Fragment.

What Are Wishstones?

Shop invetory of Giangio selling Wishstones Lies of P

Wishstones are special items that work with the Cube to provide a single-use benefit to P or your Specter.

At Giangio’s shop, in addition to Star Fragments, you can purchase various types of Wishstones that boost your stamina, lower damage, or provide healing.

While some are explicit to P, a lot of these can enhance the Specter’s performance in boss fights.

Starting now, Giangio won’t restock your Wishstones automatically. Instead, you’ll need to buy a new one each time you want to use it.

P sitting next to Giangio Lies of P

When acquiring different Wishstones, you will also have the ability to switch between them.

Below, there’s a table listing all the Wishstones available at Giangio’s shop:




Recovery Wishstone

Temporarily restores HP.

3 Gold Coin Fruit

Patience Wishstone

Increases max Stamina over a set period of time.

3 Gold Coin Fruit

Advance Wishstone

Temporarily restores Legion.

3 Gold Coin Fruit

Courage Wishstone

Increases Fable’s charge amount for a set period of time when attacking.

3 Gold Coin Fruit

Friendship Wishstone

Temporarily Restores Specter HP.

2 Gold Coin Fruit

Explosive Wishstone

Explodes when Specter is hit.

2 Gold Coin Fruit

Protection Wishstone

Reduces Specter’s received damage for a set period of time.

Increases resistance to all status ailments.

2 Gold Coin Fruit

Frenzy Wishstone

Increases Specter’s destructive power for a set period of time.

2 Gold Coin Fruit

Indomitable Wishstone

For a set period of time, Specter avoids death once and HP is restored.

2 Gold Coin Fruit

Flame Wishstone

Generates Specter’s Fire ATK for a set period of time.

Reduces damage received.

2 Gold Coin Fruit

Lightning Wishstone

Generates Specter’s Electric Blitz ATK for a set period of time.

Reduces damage received.

2 Gold Coin Fruit

Poison Wishstone

Generates Specter’s Acid ATK for a set period of time.

Reduces damage received.

2 Gold Coin Fruit

Provocation Wishstone

Specter attracts enemy’s attention for a set period of time.

Reduces damage received.

2 Gold Coin Fruit

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