How To Unlock Every Ending In Lies Of P

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  • “Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After” Ending
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In many Soulslike games, there are multiple endings that you can achieve by completing specific tasks, and the same holds true for Lies Of P. With numerous choices and the Lie system in the game, you’ll notice that there are at least two endings: one for Lies and another for Truth, which is correct. However, there is a third ending that demands specific choices.



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Each of these endings necessitates a separate playthrough, and you cannot obtain more than one ending in a single playthrough. Fortunately, the game includes a new game plus feature that allows you to unlock all of these endings.

“Real Boy: They All Lived Happily Ever After” Ending

Geppetto standing next to Carlo Lies of P

This first ending doesn’t depend on whether you tell the truth or lie throughout the game as the only critical choice occurs toward the end.

As you progress through the game, you’ll eventually reach the final area, Arche Abbey, where you’ll face Simon Manus, the Awakened God.

After defeating him, take the lift down to reach the Under the Abyss area where you’ll meet Geppetto. He’ll offer to turn you into a real boy because “you’ve been a good boy” and end the madness.

At this point, you’ll face a choice: “Give your heart” or “Refuse.”

You must select the “Give your heart” option.

Following your choice, Geppetto will declare you the greatest puppet he ever created and extract your heart, resulting in P’s demise.

After that, he will use the heart to revive his deceased son, Carlo, who you can see in the end cutscene.

This is arguably the worst ending you can achieve in the game given the course of actions you have been doing.

“Rise Of P” Ending

Sophia holding P Lies of P

In order to achieve this ending, which is probably the best, you should lie throughout most of your playthrough , although some truth options won’t hurt.

When you reach the point where you have to defeat Laxasia the Complete, you’ll encounter Sophia, and you’ll face a choice: “Let her live” or “Give her peace.”

Choose the option “Give her peace”.

During your interaction with Geppetto after defeating Simon Manus, instead of giving your heart to him, you must select the “Refuse” option.

Geppetto won’t be pleased with this decision, and he’ll reveal that P was the puppet meant to bring his son back to life.

Geppetto will then summon the Nameless Puppet, which you must defeat. When you almost defeat this boss, he will attempt to kill you but Geppetto will jump in the path of the blade, sacrificing himself for you, or more precisely, for Carlo’s heart.”

Afterward, you’ll observe that P approaches Sophia and interacts with her using his Ergo in an effort to revive her.

While it appears that he sacrifices himself to bring her back to life, we notice a little bit of facial experience when Sophia tries to touch his face.

Sophia will express, “It’s so good to see you,” concluding this ending.

“Free From The Puppet String” Ending

P holding Geppetto as he is catching his last breath Lies of P

This ending feels like it’s a neutral one, but achieving it requires specific choices.

First and foremost, you must consistently tell the truth to follow the path for this ending.

The initial choice you need to make is when you meet Sophia after the Laxasia the Complete fight; select “Let her live.” Afterward, when you defeat Simon Manus, he’ll ask about what you did with Sophia; here, you should choose “I liberated her from Arche Abbey.”

Next, when you meet Geppetto, opt to “Refuse” giving him your heart, and then proceed to defeat the Nameless Puppet.

In this ending, you’ll experience the same first cutscene as the “Rise of P” ending. However, it concludes differently, with Geppetto telling you that you are a useless puppet.

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