ExploitGate Is The Most Embarrassing Destiny 2 Discourse Of All Time

Unlike some of my hobbies, which will remain unnamed, I’m actually proud to be a Destiny 2 player. I wear my Destiny merch, most of which is embroidered with my clan tag, all the time when I go out, and I enjoy running into fellow guardians in the wild and talking about the game. Destiny has an amazing community full of some incredibly talented people and I’m happy to be part of it… most of the time.



The drama this weekend was a sour reminder that Destiny has a massive fan base, and a certain percentage of people, often the loudest people, are going to always have the worst, most unhinged takes on any situation. The discovery of the super weapon glitch this past weekend led to such an occasion. Sad nerds far and wide have been screeching and soiling themselves over the fact that other people are using an exploit to earn triumphs that they themselves had to ‘work’ for. The attitude among many Destiny players, including respected community members, is making me embarrassed to call myself a Destiny fan.

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The timeline of events is important. On Friday, an easily-reproducible crafting glitch became well known. The exploit allows you to craft exotic traits onto legendary weapons, or combine multiple legendary weapons together to make outrageously overpowered guns that were never meant to exist. I’m talking about auto rifles with aggressive shotgun frames, bows that fire grenades, and turning anything you want into an Osteo Striga. It didn’t take long for exploiters to cook up some unbelievable gun recipes that had the power to trivialize even the hardest content in the game.

And while many started using the exploit right away, others waited to see how Bungie would respond. Players can’t get banned for using exploits that don’t require additional tools to break the game, but Destiny has on occasion experienced roll backs, deactivated gear, and even server shutdowns over bugs. Bungie has canceled Trials for technical issues in the past, but when the studio finally did respond to the bug, it explained that it had no intentions of making any dramatic changes right away.

“We’re exploring all potential solutions and keeping an eye out in case things get TOO wild and we need to take drastic measures to ensure the health of the game,” @Destiny2Team wrote on Twitter. “In the meantime, let’s all have some fun!” This exploit is apparently complex enough that a quick fix wasn’t going to be possible, especially going into the weekend, so rather than locking down the game or threatening people for using it, Bungie gave everyone its blessing to go wild with the glitch, so they did.

People spent the weekend earning triumphs they’ve spent years trying to get. They used modified guns to go flawless in dungeons and raids, complete Master Lost Sectors for exotics, and go buck wild on each other in Trials. It was a circus, and people were having the time of their lives. Even some Bungie devs were getting in on the fun. I put two stacks of Eager Edge on a sword and used it to dash around the Crucible, slicing and dicing everyone up before they could even see me coming.

Somewhere in the distance, while we were trying to enjoy our temporary tryst with ultimate power, the cry of stolen valor rang out. A flood of gamer tears washed over the community as journalists, content creators, and various other knobs stepped forward, declared they “didn’t want to be that guy”, then embodied ‘that guy’ perfectly by complaining everyone else’s achievements this weekend don’t count, and in fact, devalue their own.

I try to be even handed when it comes to differing perspectives on games, but this is a certified loser mentality. Your accomplishments in a video game mean something if they mean something to you. In fact, that’s the only way they mean anything. Expecting everyone else to hold your accomplishments in esteem because you do is pathetic. If you feel like your solo flawless run through Ghosts of the Deep is now meaningless because someone else did it with a busted Ammit AR2, I’m sorry, but that’s your problem, not anyone else’s.

Some people are taking the idea of bragging rights way too far. You should be proud of the things you’ve done, and have the respect of your friends if they care about that stuff too, but millions of strangers on the internet don’t care about you or your fancy emblem.

We saw some of this energy during the launch of Vow of the Disciple, when server issues forced Bungie to extend the raid an extra day to accommodate the players who weren’t able to finish day one. People cried about it and demanded Bungie make a Day Two emblem so that the people that didn’t finish in the first 24 hours couldn’t have the same Day One emblem they earned. I wish those people had got the message then, but they still haven’t figured out that they’re not the main character of Destiny.

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