How To Bribe NPCs With Credits In Starfield

Let’s say your natural persuasion prowess isn’t winning you any favors in Starfield, or maybe there’s some important quest character with a sky-high invisible persuasion resistance modifier protecting them against all but the luckiest players. Yeah, let’s say both of those things, because they’re bound to happen to you at least a handful of times.



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There are ways around this, however. You don’t necessarily need to settle for less when asking for rewards, nor do those tense stand-offs have to turn into life-or-death firefights. Oftentimes, you can bribe characters – and if you do it right, it won’t even cost you as much as you might fear.

Bribery Is Linked To The Negotiation Skill

Starfield - Social Skill Tree

In order to unlock the option to bribe NPCs, you must take a rank in the Negotiation skill, which is situated within the ‘Social’ skill tree. It’s an Advanced tier skill, meaning you must take several ranks in the first (top) tier of ranks before you can reach it. This isn’t a big problem – it just means you need to focus on the ‘Social’ tree for a while.

That, in turn, means foregoing stuff in the other trees – an obvious truth, perhaps, but worth noting when you can pump up damage output, get better ships, and so much more. Still, we happen to really enjoy the social dynamics in Starfield, so we focused on Persuasion until it was at max. At that point, the Advanced tier was well within range, but you can put points into various Beginner tier skills however you’d like until it’s available to you.

Some NPCs who aren’t necessarily open to Persuasion checks can be bribed, meaning there will be encounters in Starfield that can only net you the best results if you’ve got that loose purse. Here is what each tier of Negotiation does:

  • First Rank: Gain access to bribery speech challenges.
  • Second Rank: Reduces bribery cost by 25 percent.
  • Third Rank: Reduces bribery cost by 50 percent.
  • Fourth Rank: Occasionally, bribery won’t cost any money.

That last one is pretty darn cool, though in our experience it only seems to trigger rarely, so don’t count on it, per se. Still, when it happens, it can have a huge impact – if you’re involved in a conversation where a lot of credits are needed to loosen lips, imagine that number not just dropping by half, but entirely.

Sometimes, you’ll need to begin the Persuasion check mini-game before Bribery options become available to you. These are trickier situations, but you can be sure the odds are fairly high for your success, so even if it’s a chance for a +5, we say go for it.

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