Where To Find The Deimos Staryard

Deimos is known in Starfield as a premium ship manufacturer with direct ties to the United Colonies’ military branch. These ships are made to last, and they’re prepared for starship combat, no modifications necessary. The quality varies per price, of course, and you’ll find better fare among unique craft and surely if you customize your own rig, but trust us, Deimos builds are nothing to sneeze at.



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Finding Deimos Staryard means finding the best spot to buy their ships. It also opens up some supply delivery quests that can make you some serious coin – enough to buy these ships, and then some.

Deimos Staryard Location

Deimos Staryard from space in Starfield

Astronomy-minded players will know that Mars is orbited by two moons: Deimos and Phobos. In Starfield, you can survey the both of them, and you’ll travel to Cydonia, Mars’ hub city, very early in the main quest. This means you’ll reach the Sol System as part of the tutorial-like earliest hours in your adventure.

After you’re done with your dealings in Cydonia, pull up the Star Map from the perspective of Mars orbit, and tilt your controller or mouse slightly so that you can hover over Deimos. If this is your first time doing so, it may feel a bit finicky; you can actually do it from the system-wide view as well, though that’s even more finicky!

Once you’ve entered into Deimos orbit, it’s nigh-impossible to miss the Staryard. Deimos Staryard will be directly in front of you, and somewhat uncomfortably close, at that! Just remember you can dock at space stations from 500 meters and closing. The dock option will pop up once you’re within range, so no worries on that score.

Hop on in, and have a look at what the corporation has to offer. Buy a ship, or speak with the nearby NPC who can unlock some resource delivery missions for you.

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