Unanswered Questions After The End Of Mortal Kombat 1

Mortal Kombat 1 features all sorts of huge overhauls. The timeline constructed by Fire God Liu Kang is very different compared to what we had before in terms of how the characters’ lives unfold this time around.



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With so many changes, there are so many questions you may be asking by the time you finish this installment of the series. A lot of old characters came back and were featured in the main storyline that paid homage to Midway’s original timeline, so what else can we expect to see as NRS handles the reigns now?

9 What Happened To The Other Universe?

Shang Tsung and a series of alternate versions of classic characters around him.

Despite the final battle, things by the end of MK1 were left quite unclear in regard to what happened to Shang Tsung’s universe since he was turned into mere specks of dirt. Did his timeline and all of its inhabitants get wiped away with him? Does that mean the Titans we saw perish over the course of Armageddon lost their respective universes as well?

Things are a bit hazy it seems, and you might be starting to wonder whether there are other variants of the Titans that still exist and could potentially return by the time a sequel comes out.

8 Will Daegon And Taven Make An Appearance?

Scorpion Vs. Taven In MK Armageddon

Demi-Gods Daegon and Taven played a huge role in the lore of the MK Universe and expecting them to make an appearance within a game that features niche characters like Ashrah and Darrius sounds logical. But, unfortunately, they haven’t made an appearance in Fire God Liu Kang’s new timeline yet.

Daegon founded the Black Dragon Clan, and Taven went through an entire hero’s journey to fight and defeat Blaze only to get retconned out of the story and perish instead. They’ve never been playable characters again ever since their introduction in MK Armageddon.

7 Will Blaze Ever Exist?

Blaze from Mortal Kombat

Now that this multiversal event came to pass, since it was referred to as Armageddon, does that mean Blaze won’t ever make an appearance in this timeline? He was supposed to be the being that put an end to all conflict and he was meant to be defeated by a worthy warrior who inevitably siphons all of his power.

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Right now, with things as they are, his existence seems unlikely. Blaze was quite a powerful individual and he was the main reason why the main timeline came to an end in the first place, with so many characters dying in the process of facing up against him.

6 Will Hanzo Hasashi Lose His Family Again?

Scorpion stands on a stage with his fist in the air in the original Mortal Kombat.

For an astute observer paying attention to Smoke’s ending in MK1, it wouldn’t be hard for them to tell things are off when it comes to the old timelines’ Scorpion’s backstory. Now that Bi-Han is the founder of the Shirai Riyu, it’s clear he’ll eventually come to replace his new master.

Be that as it may, would this ascension entail that his backstory gets repeated and he loses his family once again or would it call for the assassination of the masters he holds dear? With the limited information you’re presented with, it’s hard to even assume whether he’s going to keep up the Scorpion legacy or make any shady deals with Quan-chi.

5 Where Were Sonya Blade And Kano In Liu Kang’s New Universe?

Mortal Kombat 11 Screenshot Of Sonya Blade With Drone

Since OIS wasn’t a thing during the course of the main storyline, you can basically explain why Sonya wasn’t a part of the main roster this time around despite being a main character in every game prior. Without her, Cassie Cage wouldn’t even exist.

That means Kano’s not really that relevant since he wasn’t a big deal until he wound up killing Sonya’s partner, and that event’s probably going to repeat itself in this new timeline as well if NRS decides to keep her. With Jax and Kenshi now heading the OIS, things might play out a little differently.

4 Is The Shaolin Monks Campaign Also Another Universe?

mortal kombat characters fighting in shaolin monks

Although the Shaolin Monk’s campaign was captivating and enjoyable, Midway made it clear that the events of that story weren’t canon. Although the game was a major success when it came to co-op gameplay, the story wasn’t any slouch either.

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Now that there’s a possibility that the multiverse consists of all sorts of shenanigans, it’s not foolish to speculate whether the events of Shaolin Monks actually transpired within the confines of another Universe. Hopefully, we might even see a sequel to the game despite Midway’s lack of involvement.

3 Will Shujinko Help Shao Khan Free Onaga?


At the end of Kung Lao’s ending, we get to see a young bright-eyed Shujinko live up to his legacy of being an exceptional fighter. Thus, it’s safe to assume he’s going to play a huge role in the new timeline.

In the original timeline before everything was changed, he was tricked into freeing Onaga after he collected all the Kamidogus. He spent most of his life trying to do it if you’ve played the Konquest mode in MK Deception.

2 Have Bi-Han And Kuai Liang’s Backstories Been Retconned?

Bi Han Sub Zero from Mortal Kombat Armageddon

Bi-Han and Kuai Liang both had the honor of becoming the Lin Kuei’s Grandmaster, and they were both cryomancer brothers before Liu Kang’s new timeline reset everything. With things as they are now, the new Scorpion can’t assume his role any longer since he founded his own clan to protect Earthrealm.

Not only did NRS retcon their backstory, but it also made the events of MK Mythologies: Sub-Zero entirely redundant. Although, fans may still yet get to see Kuai Liang become Noob Saibot in the next installment or DLC since his clan is interested in using cybernetic enhancements.

1 Will Liu Kang’s Raiden Eventually Turn As Well?

Raiden with Shujinko as a Kameo Fighter, in Mortal Kombat 1

In this new timeline, Raiden is far more humble and calm compared to his previous counterpart and that might be an indication that he’s weaker. During his ending cutscene, Raiden clearly acknowledges how powerful his Titan version became because of the rage that fueled him and sounded like he was inspired to follow the same fate.

So, it’s safe to assume he might just be doomed to repeat his role as a confused protagonist and antagonist over the course of the next few games despite being Earthrealm’s champion. Instead of watching Fire God Liu Kang having his power corrupt him, we might have to endure through Raiden’s fall from grace all over again.

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