Mega’s Xbox Set Lets You Build Your Very Own Model 360, Pre-Orders Available Now

Mega is Lego’s rival, and it has some pretty big IPs under its belt that its brick-building competitor likely wishes it could get its hands on. Not just Pokemon, but seemingly Xbox too. Mega has revealed an Xbox 360 set made up of well over 1,000 pieces. With lights and working parts that include a disc drive, complete with a copy of Halo 3 that is just for show, the Xbox 360 set launches on October 8, 2023, but you can pre-order yours right now.



Available at Target, you can place your pre-order for the latest video game-based Mega set through the link below. A 1,342-piece set, building this elaborate homage to the 360 will not be for the inexperienced. It’s going to be quite the undertaking, and it looks like there will be a lot of easter eggs to find along the way, not to mention some that likely won’t become apparent until the set is complete. Its description claims the ultimate achievement won’t be revealed until the set is complete.

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The model console has working lights, so I’m assuming that means the ring of green lights around the power button will light up when pressed. Wouldn’t it be cool if the ring glows red if you’ve not built it correctly? Yeah, that might be asking a little much. You can also detach its hard drive, just like you could with a real 360, and there’s also a controller and, as noted above, a Mega copy of Halo 3, the disc from which can be popped into the set’s disc tray.

mega xbox 360 set with halo 3
via Target/Mega

MEGA Showcase Microsoft Xbox 360 Collector Building Set

Mega’s Xbox 360 set lets you build a replica of Xbox’s most successful console to date. The set is 3:4 scale and comes with a detachable hard drive, flashing lights, a controller, and a model copy of Halo 3 you can put in the disc drive.

While it doesn’t look exactly like an actual 360 and is slightly smaller at 3:4 scale, if anything, its Mega-look has me longing for an alternative version of the console that actually did look like this. The controller, in particular, looks really cool, although with all those sharp edges I’m guessing it would have hurt to hold after even a relatively short gaming session. The side panels can also be removed to reveal an interior you can interact with.

The 360 was Xbox’s peak. The closest Xbox has ever come to beating PlayStation, falling just three million consoles short of the PS3, despite the red ring issues, it’s the closest Xbox has come to date to really nailing the console formula. If the Series X isn’t doing it for you, pre-order a Mega 360 set through the link above and by this time next month, you’ll be reliving the good old days. Well, sort of.

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