Starfield Is Bethesda’s Biggest Launch Ever

As of this morning, Starfield has officially become Bethesda Game Studios’ biggest launch of all time, with over 6 million players across Xbox and PC.



You probably won’t be shocked to hear this, but Starfield has been a pretty big deal for Xbox. Before its launch, it was easily one of the most anticipated games of 2023 and even one of the most anticipated Xbox games of all time. With positive reviews across the board and it seeming like all anyone can talk about on social media at the moment, it was clear that Starfield has been a great launch for Bethesda, something that’s now been confirmed as record-breaking for the studio.

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Over on Twitter, the official Starfield account revealed just how well the game is doing – as it turns out, it’s the biggest launch that Bethesda Game Studios has ever had, with over 6 million players as of this morning. That’s a great number, especially considering Starfield only properly launched two days ago after its early access started on September 1.

The Starfield Twitter account said, “As of this morning, Starfield has already surpassed 6 million players, making it the biggest Bethesda game launch of all time”, alongside a graphic saying “thanks to over 6,000,000 Starfield players”. That number is only going to keep rising over time too, so it’s safe to say that Starfield has been a huge hit for both Xbox and Bethesda, something both companies have definitely needed after Redfall and Fallout 76 respectively.

This record-breaking launch probably doesn’t come as much of a surprise to anyone. Not only has Starfield been one of the most talked-about games ever since it was first revealed, but it’s been being massively pushed by Xbox this year and has become one of the console’s biggest games. Combine that with the fact that Starfield is available on Xbox Game Pass, and of course it was going to be as big of a deal as it currently is.

It’s also easily the biggest game that Bethesda has launched in a long time. Although games like Doom Eternal and Deathloop were pretty big deals at launch and have seen a great deal of success, there’s been nothing the size of Starfield for quite some time. The last game with as much star power was arguably Fallout 76, which had a notoriously rough launch and took several years to get the ball rolling.

This isn’t the only milestone that Starfield recently broke, as Phil Spencer confirmed just yesterday that the game had managed to exceed more than one million concurrent players across all of its platforms on launch day, which is a huge milestone for Xbox and Bethesda.

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