The Best Ring Combinations In Stardew Valley


  • Combining the Ruby Ring and Glowstone Ring creates a makeshift Iridium Band, offering better visibility and increased damage in dark places.
  • The Slime Charmer and Magnet Rings make it easier to collect resources from slimes, whether in the mines or in your Slime Hutch.
  • The Ring of Yoba and Lucky Ring combination provides immunity to monster damage and triggers Yoba’s Blessing more frequently.



Stardew Valley offers plenty of unique ways to buff your character for bonuses like better combat perks or immunities in battle, and you’re eventually able to combine two rings into one. And with two ring slots, this ability allows you to use four Stardew Valley rings at the same time.

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In this list, we’re taking a look at some of the best rings in Stardew Valley that combine to produce some pretty powerful punches. Whether you’re looking for help with the game’s numerous monsters, or just an easier time gathering resources, there’s a Stardew Valley ring combination for every player.

Updated on September 8, 2023 by Gabrielle Castania: We’ve come back to our list of Stardew Valley’s best rings to polish it up a bit, with ConcernedApe all but promising a new update for the game sooner than later. Now, the best rings in Stardew Valley and the most helpful combination of Stardew Valley rings have some additional hyperlinks to other Stardew content to help you find them faster.

10 Ruby Ring And Glowstone Ring

The Ruby Ring and Glowstone Ring in Stardew Valley next to each other

This ring combination functions as a makeshift Iridium Band, which means that combining these Stardew Valley rings is a helpful alternative if you don’t have the five Iridium Bars, 50 Solar Essences, and 50 Void Essences to make an actual Iridium Band.

Using these alone or combining them at the volcano forge on Ginger Island is advantageous during such dungeon runs. You’ll be able to see more objects in dark places, and deal more damage to enemies. Not only that, but you’ll pick up resources from a greater distance to boot.

9 Immunity Band And Sturdy Ring

The Immunity Band and Sturdy Ring together inside the volcano forge

This combination makes runs through the Volcano Forge and slime-infested mine floors a breeze. Taking the +4 immunity from the Immunity Band and mixing it with the Sturdy Ring’s decreased debuff duration is a get-out-of-jail-free card against slimes and magma sparkers.

The idea is to mitigate the number of times you get debuffed from projectiles and – if you do manage to get debuffed despite your increased immunity – decrease the amount of time the debuff lasts. The immunity band can be found deep in the mines or Skull Cavern.

8 Slime Charmer And Magnet Rings

The inventory screen in Stardew Valley showcasing the Slime Charmer and Magnet Rings-1

Slimes are cute, but they sure are feisty. They’re also great for crafting money-making items like the Oil Maker. Collecting enough resources from slimes is challenging because of their debuffs, but this ring combination makes your life slime crusader lifestyle easier.

There are two primary functionalities to this ring combination; use it in the mines to avoid Slimes and harvest their resources more efficiently, or equip it in your Slime Hutch when you’re gathering slime to steer away from any unnecessary damage.

7 Vampire And Soul Sapper Rings

A split image of the Vampire Ring in the Stardew Valley inventory screen next to a player holding an item above their head

If you don’t like to keep much food in your inventory, this Stardew Valley ring combo is for you. The Vampire and Soul Sapper rings restore health and energy, respectively, and combining the two ensures you keep those bars full during your cave adventures.

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Using these rings in tandem with a Vampiric enchantment on a sword adds to your health regeneration upon getting a kill. While Vampiric is based on luck and chance, the Vampire Ring always restores two health after slaying any monster, on or off your farm.

6 Aquamarine And Jade Rings

The Aquamarine and Jade Rings next to each other inside the volcano forge UI screen

The damage scaling from this ring combination makes slaying monsters a breeze – although these two rings function well on their own, they can combine for some serious damage output. The critical strike chance from the Aquamarine Ring mixed with the critical strike power increase from the Jade Ring work tremendously well together.

The critical strike chance from the Aquamarine Ring scales with other critical strike chance increases, like from the scout profession, which increases the likelihood of a critical strike by 50 percent.

5 Phoenix And Crabshell Rings

A Stardew Valley player holding the Phoenix Ring above their head next to the Crabshell Ring in the inventory

Don’t let those Prismatic Shards and Iridium Ores slip away from you so easily. This ring combination is for those that like to get up close and personal with monsters – albeit sometimes a little too close for comfort.

The Crabshell Ring provides an impressive five defense to shed a large bulk of incoming damage. The Phoenix Ring makes for a good safety net, too, if you rely on the added defense. If you do take too much damage to where your character would normally pass out, then the Phoenix Ring will activate, letting you live to fight another day.

4 Iridium Band And Burglar’s Ring

A Stardew Valley player holding the Phoenix Ring above their head next to the Crabshell Ring in the inventory

These are two of the best rings in Stardew Valley for combat and gathering monster loot, and combining them makes harvesting resources a walk in the park. The magnetism, light source, and bonus attack damage from the Iridium Band combined with the increased item drop rate from the Burglar’s Ring are extremely valuable.

With the Burglar’s Ring, monsters have a chance to drop an additional item or two – and this Stardew Valley ring combination makes that easier when forged together, anyway.

3 Warrior And Savage Rings

A screenshot of a Stardew Valley player with warrir energy next to the Savage Ring

You couldn’t come up with two better ring names to put together, we think! The Warrior and Savage Rings each provide buffs to your character upon slaying a monster. Combining the two will make those pesky Skull Cavern Serpents and their comrades think twice about attacking you.

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The Warrior Ring has a chance to grant your character warrior energy after defeating a monster, boosting your attack by ten, and the Savage Ring provides a plus-two speed buff upon a kill. Getting these buffs simultaneously could make or break you getting out of the Mines before fainting.

2 Ring of Yoba And Lucky Ring

A screenshot of a Stardew Valley player with warrir energy next to the Savage Ring

This Stardew Valley ring combination is the closest you can get to becoming invulnerable. The Ring of Yoba has a chance to provide your character with Yoba’s Blessing upon taking damage, granting immunity to monster-based damage for the next five seconds. The chance to receive the buff, though, is based on luck.

But, that’s where the Lucky Ring comes in! The Lucky Ring increases luck by one percent, so combine it with the Ring of Yoba to trigger Yoba’s Blessing more frequently and avoid a game-changing amount of damage.

1 Iridium Band And Napalm Ring

The Iridium Band and Napalm Ring side by side inside the volcano forge on Ginger Island in Stardew Valley

The most efficient way to traverse the Mines, Skull Cavern, and Volcano Dungeon is with the Napalm Ring. On its own, the Napalm Ring saves time by clearing objects and locating ladders without having to break several stones around the level, but with the Iridium Band, it doubles as a resource harvester.

The Iridium Band and Napalm Ring combination is designed to maximize efficiency during your cave runs. It provides light, magnetism, increased damage, and acts as a bomb, all in one. It’s perfect for slaying enemies and picking up the many resources dropped in the process.

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