The Best YouTube Horror Analog Series

It is said that nostalgia is a powerful tool. But just as nostalgia can make you long for a favorite toy or the proverbial good old days, it can also be used to terrify. That’s where analog horror comes in.



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Taking cues from the grimy and sometimes low-quality style of VHS and analog broadcasting prominent in the 1980s and 1990s, these YouTube analog horror series focus on scaring the viewer with uncanny visuals, terrifying storylines, and plenty of fuzz, static, and copyright-free music. With plots ranging from alternate American history, biblical nightmares, and cosmic horrors from outside our universe, these particular horror creators have demonstrated that terror, much like nostalgia, is a timeless concept.

8 The Monument Mythos

The Statue of Liberty from Alex Cansas' Monument Mythos

Created by Alex Cansas, better known by his YouTube name “Mister Manticore,” The Monument Mythos takes viewers into a world where American history is slightly ‘off.’ The United States is steeped in strange events, although said events are treated with the same historical dryness and mundanity we would treat a real historical event.

In the world of the Monument Mythos, legendary ’50s actor James Dean not only survived his infamous car crash, but would go on to beat Richard Nixon for the American Presidency. The Statue of Freedom on the Capitol Building is alive and sentient, while mysterious black trees connect the country to an alternate dimension known as “Wonderland.” This is capped off with a conspiracy connecting one of America’s founders to a horrific secret locked inside the Statue of Liberty. If you enjoy alternate history, conspiracies, and skewered pop culture, the Monument Mythos may be for you.

7 The Trinity Desk Project

A screenshot depicting a Manhattan Project poster from Alex Cansas' Trinity Desk Project

Another series created by Cansas, the Trinity Desk Project follows a simple premise: in this world, radiation can turn people and objects invisible. Hence, as the name implies, the foundation of this series is that the Manhattan Project studied invisibility alongside the construction of the atomic bomb.

But it soon becomes clear that this isn’t a case of merely turning people invisible. The series details a bizarre experiment conducted by NASA, the connection between natural nuclear reactors to the lost colony of Roanoke, and even an immortal invisible clone of J. Robert Oppenheimer. Think of it like Christopher Nolan’s “Oppenheimer” but with more invisibility and surrealism.

6 The Ningen

Screenshot defining a Ningen from Alex Cansas' The Ningen (1990)

One of Alex Cansas’ most recent projects, The Ningen draws inspiration from the story of the Ningen, a cryptid of Japanese origin that dwells in the subantarctic oceans. Much like Cansas’ other projects, this series is set against a historical event or place — this time leaving American history to explore the frozen wastelands of Antarctica.

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The documentary-style series covers an encounter between Keizo Funatsu, a member of the Trans-Antarctica Expedition of 1989, and a Ningen. The series, while only three episodes long, details what exactly the Ningen are, what their plans are for humanity, and the key theme of ‘people helping other people.’ Horror veterans may also draw a comparison to the horror classic “The Thing” as they watch this chilling series.

5 The Backrooms

Yellow wall with a face and writing on it from Kane Pixels' The Backrooms series

One of the more popular creepypastas on the Internet is “The Backrooms,” a story of a parallel reality of endlessly repeating rooms made of rotting yellow wallpaper. Kane Pixel’s YouTube series draws heavy inspiration from the original story, although putting a more modern-day twist to it.

Pixel’s series follows the research efforts of the ASYNC Foundation as it attempts to study the titular Backrooms. As the company discovers, however, The Backrooms are not as abandoned as they appear, filled with abandoned human relics and a terrifying, mysterious predator. Kane Pixel’s work proved to be so popular that, at only 17 years old, Pixels is set to direct a film about The Backrooms for A24. Not bad for someone his age!

4 The Mandela Catalogue

A screenshot depicting types of Alternates in The Mandela Catalogue

Imagine you walk into your house one evening after a long day — and there’s someone that looks exactly like you sitting on the couch. This terrifying premise forms the foundation for Alex Kister’s The Mandela Catalogue.

The Mandela Catalogue is centered around the premise that humanity, especially in the region of Mandela County, is terrorized by demonic entities known as “Alternates.” Alternates have the ability to steal someone’s identity, constantly tormenting and hunting their prey until that person dies and the Alternate can take their place. The true horror of the series lies in the fact that these demons have existed since biblical times, having survived the Biblical Flood on Noah’s Ark, killing the archangel Gabriel, and interfering with the birth of Jesus Christ. This makes The Mandela Catalogue one of the most nightmarish series in spiritual terms.

3 The Minerva Alliance

A program schedule overlaid on a snowy forest from the New Comstock Community Choice episode of The Minerva Alliance. from the New Comstock Community Choice episode of The Minerva Alliance

While many of the videos on this list follow a story or loose plot, The Minerva Alliance’s videos are more of an anthology than story-driven. The concept behind The Minerva Alliance is that it catalogs anomalous and strange media from all around the world, mostly in the form of old videotapes.

These videotapes come in many different forms, ranging from commercials to weather alerts to training videos. One episode features a town in California that suffers from bizarre subterranean activity, one episode focuses on a commercial for a cryptic but deadly disease, and another episode discusses a public broadcast from a secluded mountain town. While the channel seems to be inactive as of late, there’s still a modest selection of videos for you to get spooked by.

2 Gemini Home Entertainment

The intro of a Gemini Home Entertainment episode

Created by RemyAbode, Gemini Home Entertainment tells its story through videotapes published by the titular company. Many of the tapes are styled as edu-tainment videos of the ’90s, instructional guidelines for various products, promotional materials, and archival footage.

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Each tape, however, tells an overarching story. A rogue, sentient planet known as “the Iris” has entered our solar system and is spreading an “infection” across neighboring planets. Not only has Neptune been “mutated” by the Iris’s infection, but Earth is now littered with horrific alien creatures such as body-stealing Woodcrawlers, a disease that transforms its carrier into a grotesque plant-like nest, and faceless men in suits who stalk lonely summer camps in search of sacrifices. Through these tapes, viewers can take a glimpse into the rotting, diseased, and doomed world of Gemini Home Entertainment.

1 Midwest Angelica

Dark red sunset with a strange shaped silhouette from

“In the year 1999, a corpse descends from the cosmos — right into your backyard.” This is the summary of Midwest Angelica, a series that focuses around… something, presumably the corpse of an enormous alien creature, crash-landing in the Midwest United States.

The videos detail the work of an organization called HOME, which attempts to study the gigantic rotting corpse. Things, of course, don’t go well for them, as it seems that the corpse isn’t as dead as they first assumed. And whatever contagion or parasite that the creature is carrying is spreading — and its effects aren’t pretty. The retro aesthetic and stunningly sick visuals add to Midwest Angelica’s story, complimenting its story of unknown horrors, classified research, and giant monsters from outer space.

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