How To Play Business Battles In GTA Online


  • Business Battles are a fun event you can participate in while playing GTA Online.
  • You should familiarize yourself with the different missions in Business Battle for a better chance at success. Some missions are straightforward, while others are more complex and difficult.
  • Be prepared and heavily armored during Business Battles, as you will be a target. Have snacks and full armor to increase your chances of survival against other players with powerful weapons and vehicles.



GTA Online’s Business Battle is a Freemode Event that was included with the After Hours and Los Santos Summer Special updates. The rules of Business Battle are simple: you race to steal various cargoes as fast as possible while other players are also hunting and gunning for the same loot.

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You can also still participate in Business Battles even if you are not affiliated with any gang at the moment in GTA Online. Rather than keeping the cargo you stole, you will be paid in cash and reputation points. So, if you are new to the game, what cardinal rules should you remember when joining this high-octane, high-risk, and high-reward GTA Online event?

7 Purchase A Nightclub

GTA Online player in their nightclub

While you can join Business Battle events, even if you don’t own a nightclub (Business Battles only need at least three players online in the lobby to become available), the rewards are far sweeter if you do. Having your own nightclub will net you the cash and reputation points, as well as whatever cargo it is that you stole. You can do whatever you want with said cargo, such as selling it later for additional profit.

Various nightclubs in GTA Online are available for purchase. If you are a bit strapped for cash, the most affordable ones are:

  • Elysian Islands – $1,080,000
  • LSIA – $1,135,000
  • Cypress Flats – $1,370,000

However, the best possible nightclub location is West Vinewood ($1,700,000), as it is near most of the money-making missions and businesses.

6 Know The Various Missions Of Business Battle

GTA Online business battle events

Business Battles are not straightforward smash-and-grab missions. It comes in 13 different types, and the difficulty can spike significantly depending on how many other players are joining. Being familiar with the objectives of each mission can help you and your team orient themselves immediately after being dropped into the game.

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Missions such as Assassination, Mercenary/Gang Assault, and Pick-Up are pretty self-explanatory. Other missions, such as Merryweather Drop, Joyrider, and Aircraft Carrier Assault, are a bit more complicated and far more difficult to complete.

5 When Do Business Battles Become Available?

GTA Online players in a battle business event

Business Battle events will become active as long as three or more players are online in the lobby. The minimum number of players required must also not be doing another Freemode Event at the time. Once you have those two essential requirements checked, a Freemode Event will appear on the map around 0:00, 6:00, 12:00, and 18:00 in-game time.

A new Freemode Event will continuously refresh as long as the previous base requirements are still met. All players online will be notified once Freemode Events are available. Business Battles will also alternate between challenge and event, with a 15-minute refresh time before the next becomes available. If you don’t make it to the first event, you will need to sit for a while and wait.

4 Preparation Will Be Key

GTA Online armor for sale in Ammunation store

This Freemode Event being dubbed a “Business Battle” is a misnomer, as it will be more similar to a Mad Max car chase than a boardroom meeting. You will be visible on the map at all times once the Business Battle event begins, which translates to having a target on your back.

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As you will most likely be attacked even before you obtain the cargo, it is best to arm yourself with full armor and snacks to increase your survival rate as you will most likely encounter other players with top-tier vehicles and weapons.

3 Business Battle Reward System

GTA Online business battle trophy

As stated earlier, you can participate in Business Battles even if you do not own a nightclub or are part of a gang. However, to maximize the rewards that you can gain, it is best to own a nightclub when joining these highly lucrative GTA Online events.

As a nightclub owner, you can earn up to $10,000 per cargo that you successfully deliver. An additional $500 will also be given, depending on how much time it took you to complete the event. Completing Business Battles will also give you Battler trophies that will appear on your desk.

2 Rare Rewards And Special Events

GTA Online limited time events

Take note that GTA Online will sometimes feature rare Event Cargo Business Battles that will get you some pretty unique gear. These special events tend to coincide with real-world occasions, so keep your eyes open whenever popular holidays are near.

An example of this is during the Independence Day event, which gave players the ability to get articles of clothing such as beer hats and a unique shirt. These tend to be limited-time events, so make sure you complete them as fast as possible.

1 Aircraft Carrier Assault Tip

GTA Online players escaping the aircraft carrier using fighter jets

One of the more challenging and most common Business Battle events is the Aircraft Assault Carrier mission, which tasks you and your team with sneaking inside the USS Lexington that is docked southeast of Los Santos. While you might think that dropping in by air might be the fastest route, you will most likely not even be given the chance to get near it as there are several anti-air missiles on the deck. These will lock on and fire hellfire and brimstone on your location before you know what hit you.

The safest option is to go in by boat, enter via the bottom section of the aircraft carrier, and work your way up to the bridge. Hack the laptops to disable those pesky anti-air missile launchers, gather the packages, and use the jet fighters on the carrier to make a mad dash to the drop-off location. Again, easier said than done, but this is the approach with the highest success rate.

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