Best Ways To Level Up In BattleBit Remastered

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If you are a fan of first-person shooters, then you might be hearing a lot about BattleBit Remastered, the low-poly shooter that brought a fresh, nostalgic take to the modern gameplay of today’s shooters. With so many players jumping into lobbies as the game’s popularity skyrockets, now is your chance to start climbing the ranks and catch up to the game’s most devoted players.



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Leveling up gives you access to new guns, equipment, and cosmetic choices. If you are looking to get a jumpstart on your levels as you jump into the chaos, then there are a few key choices you will want to make for your loadout.

The Best Ways To Gain Experience

Low-poly first person shooter that shows

Here is a breakdown of the quickest actions you can do to earn XP and exactly how much you will earn for each:

Heal Players (Medic Only)


Revive Players


Capture Objectives


Squad Member Spawns On You


The Method

The Medic

A picture of a Medic Kit that looks like a grey box with a green plus sign

Choose the medic class and drop yourself into the heat of the battle. Playing as a medic gives you access to a faster MedKit, the ability to heal other players, and the ability to heal yourself.

Hold your MedKit in your hand by pressing 5, and right-click on injured players to heal them. Every time you do this, you will gain 50 XP. For reference, one kill awards you 200 XP. Healing a group of teammates in a firefight can earn you upwards of 1,000 XP in under 20 seconds.

As you are healing, keep your eyes peeled for downed players. The medic revives faster than other classes, and one revive will earn you 400 XP.

Capturing Objectives

Low-poly first person shooter that says

If you find yourself in a Conquest or Domination match, try to use the medic method in combination with capturing an objective. Capturing one objective gives you 1,000 XP.

Squad Member Spawning

While this may not be something you can influence firsthand, a squad member spawning on you earns 200 XP. Staying near the action but out of firefights, marking locations, and general squad communication will make it easier to encourage your teammates to choose your location next time they spawn.

Bonus: Vehicle Destruction

Destroying vehicles should be a passive action that you take care of throughout the game. Destroying tanks and helicopters will earn you 1,600 XP, while the smaller vehicles will earn between 400 and 800 XP, so take advantage of the boost when you can. The easiest way to destroy vehicles is to use C4, which you unlock at Rank 5.

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