The Best Mods For Starfield

Starfield is Bethesda’s most promising and anticipated game since the Fallout series, giving gamers the hope that it would bring back the same feeling they had when they first played a Bethesda game. And it certainly wouldn’t be a Bethesda game if there weren’t tons of mods available for it.



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Several mods have been ready for use since the launch of Starfield, and they come in various categories. From quality-of-life upgrades and graphical fixes to cosmetic items, there is a mod for everyone out there, and NexusMods holds tons of individual mods for the game.

11 Graphical Optimization

Starfield Optimized Textures by Lupit

Owning an expensive PC that can run triple-A games is not enough anymore. Even with a decent computer, these newer video games may only be able to run at Medium graphics quality.

The Starfield Optimized Texture mod by Lupit transforms the textures in the game from blurry to crisp and clear. You can notice the lack of optimization and clear graphics by watching the lines of objects around the world.

10 Change Your FOV

Starfield FOV before and after hellstorm mod

Having the ability to change your field of vision is very important to most gamers out there, since a lot of people suffer from motion sickness, especially in first-person games. Being able to adjust the field of view can lessen motion sickness in some gamers.

Aside from motion sickness, having a wider field of vision allows you to see more enemies coming at you and take in the world around you. Starfield FOV by hellstorm102 allows you to adjust the field of view in-game from 70 to 120.

9 Guaranteed Pickpocket

Starfield Theft Skill Ranks

Pickpocketing is morally wrong, but it can gain you access to some pretty interesting things like keys, quest items, and weapons. With Boboking123’s Pickpocketing Always 100 Percent Success mod, you will never have trouble accessing people’s pockets.

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You need the Theft skill to be able to pickpocket. Once you have that, you can sneak up on anyone and succeed in stealing from them without anyone knowing. A 100 percent success rate means that NPCs will never become upset or see you stealing.

8 Detailed Inventory UI

Starfield Compact Inventory UI Mod by Stentorious

Starfield’s inventory system is simplistic in its organization, but that can make things difficult when you are trying to analyze which weapons to keep and which to sell. Not enough information is displayed for some people’s liking.

Stentorious’ Compact Inventory UI mod showcases more than just the title of the item and the weight. With this mod, you will be able to see the price of each item without having to hover over them and compact the information on the screen.

7 Enhanced Player Healthbar

Enhanced Player Healthbar Mod by SilverEzredes

The color palette of Starfield can be a little dull and gloomy. Your health bar and stats are white and do not change color when you are low on stamina or health. SilverEzredes’ Enhanced Player Healthbar mod changes this.

With this mod, your health bar will start changing color when you take damage, so if you are in critical health, your health bar will be red. This color change usually helps people notice their health bar better, so that they may heal accordingly.

6 Easy Speech

Starfield Persuasion Dialogue Options

Easy Speech by NexusMods user Ixion XVII makes it so that you can persuade anyone, anywhere. Just like with the pickpocketing mod, Easy Speech makes persuasion a 100 percent success rate.

No matter where you go, you will be able to persuade NPCs to do or believe whatever you want. Normally, this would require putting a lot of points into the Persuasion skill, but this mod makes things much simpler, saving you time and skill points.

5 Low Gravity

Starfield Player Using Jetpack Above City

Forget wasting skill points upgrading your Tech skills and using Boost Packs. With Low Gravity (Endless Jetpack) by Ixion XVII, you can fly at free will. That’s right — instead of unlocking and using a jetpack, this mod lets you fly freely.

All you have to do is jump high in the sky and start soaring and flying. The same NexusMods user has a mod Jetpack Overhaul as well, which allows you to use jetpacks more effectively and without much cost.

4 Pride Collection

Starfield Pride Collection Sari by SnowIsQueer

NexusMods user SnowIsQueer is working on a collection of custom clothing in support of LGBTQ+. Their Pride Collection mod includes variations of a sari, comfort wear, a poncho, and an axe.

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These outfits contain multiple pride symbols for everyone. The creator plans to add another set of clothing and is open to adding clothing that players request and look forward to seeing.

3 Goodbye Green Tint

Starfield Goodbye Green Tint Mod before and after by direcreep

Starfield has a dull, green tint lens throughout the game that can make things feel boring and stuffy. Goodbye Green Tint by DIRECREEP removes this green, washed filter and makes the colors of the world more vibrant.

Without vibrant colors, the world feels sluggish and not exciting. Colors captivate the eyes. With the green tint removed, the world will feel more alive. This will feel more immersive and less like you are looking through a screen.

2 Better Flashlight

Starfield Real Flashlight mod before and after by doubleyou

The flashlight in Starfield is pretty weak, and even though it remains atmospheric, it doesn’t help all that much with seeing in the dark and has a strange line of sight. Real Flashlight by Double You will help you by tweaking your flashlight entirely.

With Real Flashlight, your light will be much larger and wider, covering more space. With the original, the lightest part would be a horizontal line in the center, but now the lightest part should be all of the circle, so that you may see better.

1 Steam Deck Essentials

Starfield Steam Deck Essentials before and after by TheHybred

Even if some games claim to be Steam Deck Compatible, there might be some performance issues that lead you to play on PC instead. Steam Deck Essentials by Hybred increases overall optimization on the Steam Deck when playing Starfield.

This mod compacts textures and files so that the game runs smoother on the Deck, and it also adjusts animation and FPS so that interactions do not feel clunky. If you plan to play Starfield on the Steam Deck, you will want this mod for crisp gameplay.

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