FIFA 23: Best Inverted Fullbacks

In football, every position is essential, from the men up top that score the goals to the goalkeepers at the back that serve as the last line of defense. Over the years, these positions have evolved and changed to fit the modern game, and positions like inverted fullbacks have seen increased demand.



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An inverted fullback is a wide defender that primarily operates on the flanks in the back line and occasionally drifts into the center of the pitch to provide extra passing options, more control of the midfield, and to help the team better retain possession of the ball. There are many inverted fullbacks in FIFA 23; here are some of the best.

10 Kyle Walker

FIFA 23 Kyle Walker Facing The Camera In His England Kit

Kyle Walker is a 32-year-old English right-back who plays club football for the dominant Premier League club Manchester City. Walker is a brilliant defender and a nightmare for any opposition wingers against him. Still, he is also a gifted ball passer and capable of some genius runs down the flank or into the center of the pitch.

He achieves these runs with his impressive 94-rated sprint speed and 85-rated acceleration, which allow him to switch from an extra man in defense to an extra man in midfield and even to an extra man in the attacking third with blistering pace. Though not the best, his long and short passing are still rated above 80, meaning he has a few solid passes in him every game.

9 Marco Acuña

FIFA 23 Acuna In His Argentina Kit

Acuña is an Argentine left-back who plays club football for Sevilla in the Spanish league. At the start of FIFA 23, he is 30 years old, making him an experienced player who is exiting his prime years but still has a lot of quality to offer any team he joins.

Acuña’s 86-rated crossing stat and 85-rated short passing make him a threat from the byline, delivering the ball into the opponent’s box. Still, they also make him an ideal inverted fullback who can drift to the center of the pitch to provide extra passing and a creative outlet to move the ball, maintain possession, and create attacking opportunities. With his 87 composure, 90 balance, 86 ball control, and 87 dribbling, the ball stays glued to Acuña’s feet until he can find a viable passing option, even when faced with pressure from the opposition.

8 Jordi Alba

FIFA 23 Jordi Alba Representing Spain

Jordi Alba is a talented fullback who has been a mainstay in the conversation as one of the best fullbacks in the world for nearly a decade. He currently plays for MLS side Inter Miami; however, at the start of FIFA 23 career mode, you will find him under the employ of FC Barcelona in Spain.

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The player is incredibly versatile and could easily be deployed in any number of positions and roles, but he primarily operates as a left-back. He possesses incredible sprint speed, acceleration, and stamina, all rated well into the 80s, that allow him to tirelessly switch from his defensive duties to his more offensive duties at full tilt throughout the game. Alba would be rated higher on this list, but at the start of FIFA 23, he is already 33 years old, and his overall rating of 85 is as high as it’ll get.

7 Theo Hernandez

FIFA 23 Theo Hernandez In His AC Milan Kit

Theo Hernandez is an exciting French left-back who plays club football for Italian giants AC Milan. He is a versatile player capable of playing in several positions. He is only 24 at the start of FIFA 23 career mode, making him an ideal signing for a long-term career mode play-through.

As an inverted fullback, Hernandez offers security whenever he drifts into the midfield with his 81 strength, 80 composure, and 83 dribbling, making him a frustrating player to wrestle the ball from. Hernandez is also speedy and has a 94-rated sprint speed and 92-rated acceleration. Adding to his 90-rated stamina, he can tirelessly make those runs up and down the pitch and into midfield throughout the match.

6 Alphonso Davies

FIFA 23: Alphonso Davies in hid Canadian National Kit

Davies is a young, impressive Canadian fullback who primarily features as a left-back for German giants Bayern Munich. He is incredibly versatile and can even be deployed as far up the pitch as the left-wing position.

His pace is his most telling attribute. With a sprint speed rating of 94 and an acceleration rating of 96, Davies is easily one of the fastest players in the game. His pace certainly gives him an edge when he’s traveling from his natural left-back position to fulfill his inverted role; he also has excellent dribbling stats and skill moves that allow him to retain possession while his teammates shuffle into better positions to receive attacking passes and create goal-scoring chances.

5 Achraf Hakimi

FIFA 23: Achraf Hakimi in his Moroccan national kit

Hakimi is a Moroccan right-back and right-wing-back who is an integral part of PSG’s dominance in the French league. He is gifted with incredible athleticism and speed. He is highly touted as one of the best players in his position in world football.

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Hakimi has a lot of great stats that prove his credentials as a top-inverted fullback. With his acceleration, sprint speed, and stamina all rated above 90, he can cover any length of the pitch the team needs him to cover throughout the 90 minutes of the game and put out top-quality performances from whistle to whistle. His ball control and passing stats allow him to deliver accurate passes almost every time. With his decent long shots and shot power, he can even turn up with a goal now and then.

4 Reece James

FIFA 23 Reece James In Action For Chelsea FC

Reece James is an English right-back and right-wing-back who plays his club football for Premier League giants Chelsea. The right-back is only 22 at the start of FIFA 23 and is one of those players you can build your team around in Career Mode.

James’ passing stats are incredible, meaning when he starts to turn up in that inverted role, he rarely misplaces a short pass or a long pass. He also has excellent balance, strength, and composure stats that allow him to retain possession in the face of pressure from the opposition players while his teammates get into good positions to receive passes. James is a very defensive player, and despite popping up in those dangerous inverted fullback positions, if there is a turnover of the ball, he can quickly return to his defensive duties.

3 Andrew Robertson

FIFA 23 Andrew Robertson In Action For Liverpool

Robertson is a Scottish left-back who plays club football for Liverpool in the Premier League, where he is an integral part of their success. He is in his prime at 28 years old and is easily one of the best players in his position in world football.

Robertson is a solid man as part of your backline, preventing goals. Still, he also has excellent attributes that permit him to pop up in more central and advanced positions and do a bit of damage whenever the opportunity presents itself.

Robertson has brilliant crossing and short passing stats, making him a valuable man further up the pitch. His ball control (83) and composure (83) also allow him to retain possession while the team shuffles into better-attacking positions. However, his best combination of stats is his 95-rated stamina and high/high defensive and offensive work rate, which means he can fulfill both his defensive and offensive duties at full throttle throughout the 90 minutes of the match.

2 Trent Alexander-Arnold

FIFA 23: Trent Alexander-Arnold playing in his liverpool kit

Trent is a young, exciting right back from England who has been an integral part of Liverpool FC’s successes in the Premier League and other competitions. At the start of FIFA 23, he is only 23 years old, meaning he still has room to grow despite already being one of the best players in the game with an overall rating of 85.

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Alexander-Arnold is a right back, which means his first line of duty is to defend against wingers running down the flank. However, this player truly shines whenever his team is on the offensive. His 91 crossing stat, 87 short passing, and 91 long passing are easily the best passing stats in the game. Arnold can string together more impressive passes than most midfielders, making him the ideal inverted fullback on offense. Arnold also has exceptional shot power, free kick accuracy, and curve, meaning he can come up with a goal from a distance or a cleverly placed free kick if he is called upon.

1 Joao Cancelo

FIFA 23 Joao Cancelo Representing Portugal

Cancelo is a versatile Portuguese fullback in his prime at 28 who plays for Manchester City in the Premier League but is on loan to Bayern Munich in Germany at the start of FIFA 23.

Cancelo is a brilliant defensive and offensive footballer, with impressive stats like 87 crossings and 87 short passing that allow him to progress the ball to any area of the pitch. 85 dribbling, 86 ball control, and 85 composure make it nearly impossible for him to misplace or lose the ball. 94 stamina, 84 sprint speed, and 86 acceleration give him the freedom to move tirelessly and quickly across the pitch to whatever positions he may be needed in. All these attributes make Cancelo the best-inverted fullback and, in fact, the best fullback in FIFA 23.

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