Dying Light 2 Introduces Item Store And Premium Currency, Fans Furious

A few weeks ago, Dying Light 2 developer Techland announced that it would be introducing a new Item Store, along with a new premium currency called DL Points. It explained that this store was primarily implemented to keep players in the game, and to avoid having to list bundles on platform storefronts. However, now that the store and premium currency have been introduced, fans are furious to find unfriendly business practices and broken promises that these bundles would only contain cosmetic items.



Most fans weren’t best pleased about the game getting microtransactions so far after release, but the unease turned to anger once they were greeted with the game’s complimentary “Welcome Offer”. Techland has given all Dying Light 2 players 500 DL Points for free as a gesture of good will, but fans quickly noticed that the cheapest bundle that you can buy on the Item Store is 550 points, causing outrage over what many fans perceive as a cynical attempt from Techland to get more cash from its fans.

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Fans have been voicing their displeasure on all the usual social media platforms, mostly over the premium currency and how Techland is forcing people to pay more for items than they usually would because of how the purchases work, but also over the fact that the FireDevil Bundle contains a power item called the Inferno. Techland assured players that the bundles in the store would be cosmetic only upon announcement, but fans think they’ve already broken this promise due to the item.

Dying Light 2 fans are mostly in agreement that the state of the game has been declining pretty rapidly over the past couple of months, with many pointing to Chinese mega-publisher Tencent’s recent investment in Techland as the primary cause. We don’t know whether this is something that Techland has been told to do or whether this Item Store has been planned from the start, but the latter scenario feels unlikely since there was no Item Store in the original Dying Light.

Whether or not Techland listens to fans and just scraps the Item Store all together remains to be seen. Neither game director Tymon Smektala nor any of the Dying Light 2 social media accounts have addressed complaints at the time of writing, but fans seem to think that this is the start of even worse business practices down the road. Hopefully not, as Techland seems like a company that regularly takes community feedback into account, but fans definitely aren’t happy right now.

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