Rock Mine Simulator Codes For September 2023

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Roblox is enjoyed by millions. A sandbox game where you can play, create, and come together with people all over the world. Jump into any of the community experiences, or take advantage of promo codes for cool content. 

There is a whole sub-genre of Roblox games dedicated to axe-grinding. And we mean that literally. Consider Tree Chop Simulator, Lumber Legends Simulator, and, of course, Rock Mine Simulator by CC Games. Regardless of the name, these games have an almost uniform structure. First, you gain strength by training. Then, you chop stuff down for wins. Lastly, you redeem your wins for fun goodies. And the cycle continues.



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Like its peers, Rock Mine Simulator’s tried-and-true gameplay is a simple pleasure that keeps giving. You’ll unlock new zones with unique stat-enhancing pets as you get stronger and nab trophies. Our Rock Mine Simulator codes offer all sorts of boosts, items, and other rewards that will give your aspiring miner a strong head-start!

Working Rock Mine Simulator Codes




Receive five minutes of x3 Power! (NEW CODE)


Receive ten minutes of Super Luck! (NEW CODE)


Receive two x3 Win Boosts and two x3 Power Boosts (five minutes each)! (NEW CODE)


Receive a free Crab Pickaxe!


Receive one free Rebirth!


Receive ten minutes of Super Luck!


Receive ten minutes of x3 Wins!


Unlock the Desert Zone!


Receive a free HYPE Gift!


Receive five minutes of x3 Power!


Receive 250 Power!


Receive +5 Wins and +125 Power!

Rock Mine Simulator codes are not case-sensitive. CCGames has not expired any of the game’s active codes since Rock Mine Simulator’s May 2023 launch. However, we recommend redeeming new Rock Mine Simulator codes immediately.

Expired Codes

There are no expired Rock Mine Simulator codes as of yet.

How To Redeem Rock Mine Simulator Codes

Redeeming Rock Mine Simulator codes is fast and easy. Simply follow the steps below:

  1. Click the Codes button (icon with the bluebird on it). A code redemption window will open.
  2. Type the code into the text field that says “Code Here.”
  3. Click the blue REDEEM button to submit the code.
    1. A green message displaying your reward will appear under the window if your redemption was successful.
    2. A red message stating, “Invalid Code!” will appear under the window if your redemption was unsuccessful.

Check your code for errors regarding spelling, numbers, and special characters (!, ?, *, &, $, etc.) if your first redemption attempt is unsuccessful. If none of these fixes work, you can assume the code is faulty or expired.

How To Get More Rock Mine Simulator Codes

You can get more Rock Mine Simulator codes by following the game’s social channels below. Make sure the codes you find aren’t for other CC Games titles, like Deadlift Simulator.

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