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BattleBit Remastered brings a simplified take to the first-person shooter genre in many ways. However, armor may not be one of them for some people. The armor selection is not as simple as a cosmetic choice like we have seen in today’s most common shooters.



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From chest armor and helmets to backpacks and belts, BattleBit gives you the choices you need to run the gameplay you enjoy. You will not be locked into an unbendable play-style based on one option you choose early on. You have many options available to you, and deciding on a selection may feel impossible if you do not know what you are looking at.

How To See Your Armor

A map user interface with arrows pointing to a Character button and a row of six buttons.

With all the options that BattleBit has to offer, the user interface can feel a Bit daunting at first. Finding classic first-person shooter elements like weapons will be confusing if you are looking on the main menu. Instead, select a match choice.

Once you join a server, you will see a row of six buttons near the bottom of your screen. These are your classes, and the choice you make here will influence which pieces of armor are available to you. Once you select a class, click the Character button in the bottom left corner of your screen.

How To Edit Your Armor

An armor selection menu showing chest armor, a backpack, a helmet, and a belt.

On the armor selection screen, you will notice four armor elements: Chest Armor, Helmets, Belts, and Backpacks.

You can view all options for each piece by clicking on the corresponding node on your player and selecting the piece of armor you wish to edit.

An backpack selection screen displaying backpack options and their associated stats.

When you hover your cursor over a specific item, you will see its list of stats displayed on the left side of your screen. Armor can have different stats and cosmetic options to choose from.

Understanding Armor Names

battlebit remastered player

The naming convention for each piece of armor may seem jumbled at first, but it is highly informative and follows the same formula throughout the menus.

Each class has a specific list of items that may be equipped for it. This means all armor options, except for Universal items, will change for each class. Items will also have a category, offering a hint at what the item is intended for.

  • Example: Assault Backpack 00 Normal
    • Class: Assault
    • Slot: Backpack
    • Cosmetic Number: 00
    • Type: Normal

Armor Classes

Universal, Recon, Support, Squad Leader, Medic, Engineer, Assault

Equip Slots

Helmet, Chest Armor, Backpack, Belt


Corresponds to a cosmetic option for an item.


Empty, Light, Ranger, Normal, Heavy, Exo

How To Unlock Armor

BattleBit Remastered: A Sqaud Coordinating With Their Leader Under Fire

If you are looking to use a specific piece of armor, you will need to keep a few things in mind. First and foremost, if the armor is not Universal, you will need to play as the corresponding class that the item is listed for.

From there, unlocking armor is as simple as leveling up. Hover your cursor over each item on your armor selection screen to see what. Play games and earn XP to climb the ranks and unlock your favorite items.

Keep in mind, there are additional armor pieces available to the game’s Patreon supporters and Content Creators. These are noted in-game with a symbol and a note when hovering your cursor over the item.

The Four Armor Slots and What They Do

A character customization screen in Battlebit Remastered.

In BattleBit, you have access to helmets, chest plates, backpacks, and belts. The most important piece of armor is going to be your chest plate, so pay close attention to the stats of each option before you select one.

A heavier chest plate will take in more bullets for you, but a lighter option will help you move faster. The helmet and backpack will have similar effects on your movement while the belt varies less.

Armor Slot



Chest Armor

Empty, Light, Ranger, Normal, Heavy, Exo

Carryable ammo, number of throwables, movement speed, aiming speed


Empty, Normal, Heavy, Exo

Movement speed, aiming speed


Light, Normal, Heavy, Big

Number of gadgets, running speed, aiming speed


Normal, Tool

Carryable secondary ammo, primary gadgets

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