The Best Minion Cards In Hearthstone

Hearthstone is made up of several types of cards: the Hero and Hero Power cards that change or give power to your hero, the Weapon cards that activate or charge up your weapon, the Spell and Enchantment cards that give you magic powers, and the minion cards that form up the bulk of your army.



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The minions are the ones you fight with, the ones leading the attack and manning your defence. They’re the ones that you use throughout your gameplay and fill up the majority of your deck with. These are the best minion cards you can use to defeat your enemy.

10 Abominable Lieutenant

The abominable lieutenant card from hearthstone

Playing with minions requires a ton of shuffling and reshuffling, requiring you to go through your deck and often revive some from the dead with the power of magic spells. Like knights in chess, it takes a lot of minions to land a killing blow, but they do a tremendous amount of damage when played well.

Abominable Lieutenant is one of those cards. The character eats a random enemy minion at the end of each turn and gains its stats, growing more and more in Health and Attack while maintaining its Mana Cost. To use it well, you must protect it, since its power depends upon its survival. That being said, it gets easier to protect it the more it stays on the board, as it gains more power and is hence harder to be destroyed.

9 Abomination

The abomination card from hearthstone

Abomination hits two birds with one stone. It is a very well-balanced Taunt card, packing four Health and Attack and the affordable price of five, and it deals two damage to all characters when killed.

Be careful, though — Abomination doesn’t tell enemies from friends apart, and your lineup will take its own share of damage when this one crosses the rainbow bridge and into the land of the gods to join its brethren in battle.

8 Abyssal Enforcer

The abyssal enforcer card from hearthstone

Unlike Abomination, which needs to be killed to deal damage, Abyssal Enforcer deals three damage to all other characters as a Battlecry, which is a feature that triggers as soon as the character walks out onto the board.

This means it deals damage before you even get to play it a turn later. You don’t need time to charge up the attack, making it an excellent surprise attack. Plus, it’s often a killing blow to those smaller minions who are there to fill up rank or who have overstayed their welcome on the board.

7 Acidic Swamp Ooze

The acidic swamp ooze card from hearthstone

Every single deck has to have one or more Acidic Swamp Ooze card because its role is simply irreplaceable — it destroys your opponent’s weapon as a Battlecry.

It’s a great play once your opponent has charged up or installed their weapon, and it saves you at least three turns’ worth of damage when played at the right moment.

6 Al’Akir The Windlord

The Al’Akir The Windlord card from hearthstone

Al’Akir The Windlord has left nothing to be desired. He packs almost every single minion power there is out there — Charge, Divine Shield, Taunt and Windfury — making him a fearsome opponent to be reckoned with.

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And each has its own helpful use. Charge lets you attack without waiting a turn, Divine Shield protects you from taking damage on the first hit, Taunt takes damage in place of other minions and cannot be bypassed to attack your Hero, and Windfury lets you attack twice each turn.

5 Ancient Of War

The Ancient of War card from hearthstone

In battles of strategy, a choice can be one of the most treasured things there are, and the Ancient of War gives you a choice between two very important game mechanics: gaining +5 Health and Attack, or gaining Taunt.

Each has a different type of play to support it. Taunt can be useful on a 5/5/7 card in the middle of the game, drawing damage from the rest of your lineup and giving you time to build one to land a bigger, integrated attack later on. The Health and Attack buffs are useful if you already have a Taunt or two set up on the board, which will make sure your Ancient will survive until the next turn when it gets to whet its war appetite with some actual damage dealing.

4 Ancient Of Lore

The Ancient Of Lore card from Hearthstone

Likewise, Ancient of Lore gives you two options: you can either draw two cards, or restore seven Health, and each has a relevant and special place in your strategy.

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While the latter can be very useful later on in the game when you’re caught in a tight corner and are not playing Mage or Paladin, the first may be an interesting refresher to your gameplay if you’re running a tight game and want to land new-and-improved hits on your enemy’s stubborn lineup.

3 Annoy-O-Troupe

The Annoy-o-Troupe card from hearthstone

The Annoy-o-Troupe really is annoying because it does so many things that your enemy does not want to happen. For starters, it has Taunt, which doesn’t let them attack your lineup unless the Annoy-o-Troupe is destroyed.

Once destroyed, its Deathrattle will summon three 1/2 Mechs with Taunt and Divine Shield in its place. It also has Divine Shield on its own, giving you one free hit before you start to worry that your six are running out.

2 Arcane Dynamo

The Arcane Dynamo card from hearthstone

Arcane Dynamo gives the gift of magic, often to those who have little to no magic cards available to them in their current hero decks. Arcane Dynamo lets you discover a spell that costs five or more, giving you access to that high tier magic that heals or destroys a significant amount.

Or, even better, it rains fire on your enemy hero where they don’t see it coming. Arcane Dynamo is so useful it is found in nearly every non-magic deck, as well as some magic decks, and nearly every starter wild deck out there.

1 Archivist Elysiana

The Archivist Elysiana card from hearthstone

Archivist Elysiana has done her homework, and is here to help you save the day. It lets you discover five cards, and replace your deck with two copies of each of them.

This really refreshes your future lineup and lets you belt out some of those creatively wild plays that help you win the game with flare and finesse, getting some nice cheers from the audience.

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