How To Find The Doppelganger In Your Camp In Baldur’s Gate 3

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Throughout the events that take place in Baldur’s Gate 3, you and your companions go through a lot together. You’ll bond with them and develop friendships and romances with a few of your favorites, which makes the revelation that one of them is actually a doppelganger all the more distressing.



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When you find this out, your primary goal is to uncover who is the traitorous impostor in your camp, and until you figure it out, who can you trust? Act Three is full of adventure and mischief, and having to be wary of each party member you have can be nerve-wracking, to say the least. With the introduction of shapeshifters early on in Rivington, it’s no surprise they find a way to infiltrate your party.

How To Find The Doppelganger

Gortash revealing news of a doppelganger in Baldur's Gate 3

Upon your conversation with Gortash in the Lower City, he’ll reveal that there’s a shapeshifter in your camp. Whether this is a ploy to get you on his side or a genuine act of kindness, it doesn’t make a difference. His words ring true: Your camp has been infiltrated by Orin.

Unfortunately, no amount of talking to your party members will reveal the doppelganger. It’s a convincing double, and there are no dialogue options to expose them. If you talk to your comrades, they will all express a sense of fear about the situation, but nothing can be done to identify the impostor.

However, with this information, you can keep an eye out as you progress through the story. It may also sway you to strike a deal with Gortash to rule the city of Baldur’s Gate together.

Who The Doppelganger Can Impersonate

Orin in Baldur's Gate 3

The danger of a doppelganger comes from not knowing who to trust. Orin can impersonate any companion you’ve recruited. This means that anyone at camp that you travel with can potentially be revealed as the doppelganger, but you won’t know who until Orin reveals herself to you.

When the party member is revealed to be the doppelganger, you’ll have the rescue them from Orin. If you don’t, they will die.

The real problem is that Orin has taken the party member she impersonates. This can have lasting repercussions if not dealt with quickly. Whether it’s your favorite ally or one you recruited a while ago and forgot about, you’ll end up on their trail one way or another.

Once Orin has revealed who she has kidnapped, you must go rescue them from the Temple of Bhaal if you wish to use them again.

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