Fires Of Rubicon Worth It?

Humanity built their own hollow gods in Armored Core – creatures of might and metal, carefully configured for their singular purpose: war. We’re all familiar with the worlds of FromSoftware games – lonely, barren places where suffering seems as eternal as the stars. Armored Core is a little different, more of a dystopian nightmare than an apocalyptic one.



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It’s almost a shock that FromSoftware decided to make Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon after the explosive popularity of Elden Ring, especially after a decade. This is not a Souls game – it’s a mech-building, laser-slinging, cannon-blasting beast of a game. Still, with its pedigree, you might be wondering whether you should dive into this iconic FromSoftware series, so we’re here to review the game’s price, how long you’ll spend with it, and our thoughts.


Armored Core 6 key art showing a mech suit surrounded by flames

If there’s one thing that FromSoftware knows how to do, it’s make a world being consumed from the inside out by the powers that be. In this case, that power is the unending fire of capitalism, as cross-department editor James Troughton put in their review.

Fires of Rubicon is the series at its peak as FromSoftware fires on all cylinders. The mech gunplay evolves far beyond mindless action to tell a story of the oppressed stripping bare the power of those they serve to better a dying world.

As Troughton notes in their review, Armored Core 6 is a much more forgiving game than what we expect from FromSoftware. Autosaves are frequent, with each death offering a way to recalibrate your mech to better suit your current challenge. And you can pause, which is definitely a bonus.

The gunplay itself is solid, but Troughton was especially impressed with how the game handled character (or mech) builds – unlike other FromSoftware games, Armored Core allows and encourages you to experiment and iterate on your design. Creating a mech uniquely built for facing the challenges of a certain level makes the whole game feel more alive.

What Troughton really loved about Armored Core 6 was its story. Giant robots shooting giant guns is always a winning combination, vibes-wise, but that doesn’t mean it will necessarily make for a great story. Troughton reflects that Armored Core 6 moved them to tears, and, more than that, it elevates the common theme found in FromSoftware games on the nature of power.

Concluding their review, Troughton again emphasized Armored Core 6’s storyline and praised its mech-building as intuitive and offering more than a mindless grind.

Time Expenditure

The Balteus intercepting the player's AC.

With five main chapters and a New Game Plus mode, you will spend a decent chunk of time trying to discover the secret of Coral in Armored Core 6.

As far as the main campaign goes, Armored Core 6 will take you around 15 hours to complete. But, if you want to spend more time in your mech and engage in some side content, you can expect to spend around 22 hours zooming around.

If you’re a real mech-head and want to achieve 100% completion, it will likely take around 30 hours. So get in the robot, callsign Raven, and get it done.


SOL 644 Handler Walter succumbing to defeat after being destroyed by the player.

Armored Core 6: Fires of Rubicon is available on Playstation 4, Playstation 5, Xbox One, Xbox Series X/S and Windows. It’s available for $60 on all platforms.

A digital deluxe edition, which includes an art book and access to the game’s soundtrack, is available for $70.

If you’re really into owning mech figurines, however, a Collector’s Edition is available for $230 – if you can find one. Along with the mech figurine, it offers a steel-book case.

What People Are Saying

Armored Core 6 Flies High In The New Era – James Kennedy

Armored Core was traditionally a series that sort of just did its own thing. That earned it a fanbase, but everyone else just sort of sneered at it for its impenetrable design. Well, Armored Core 6 is here and it has changed… nothing. This is still pure Armored Core. It is definitely the most polished, refined entry in the series, and it took some interesting pointers from its little brother the Souls series, but it is still very much an Armored Core game. And finally, it is getting the appreciation it deserves. Because Armored Core 6 is brilliant!

It is fast, visceral, and brutal in totally unfamiliar ways. Every encounter is a puzzle to be solved. A big part of the game is focused on tinkering with your AC to meet new challenges. Better yet, Armored Core 6’s mission structure makes it ideal for shorter sessions, effectively keeping hefty challenges isolated to little bite-sized hurdles. FromSoftware has been turning out excellent games consistently for a decade, and Armored Core 6 feels nothing like any of their more modern titles, but it does feature one shared trait: a strong, uncompromised vision backed by skillful execution. This game is emphatically worth it.

A Brilliant New Experience For Souls Fans – Joshua Robertson

Armored Core 6 is unquestionably a game that you will love if you’re a fan of any of FromSoftware’s previous work over the past decade. It’s a totally different experience, with a lot more explosions and giant robots than a Dark Souls or an Elden Ring, but that familiar, satisfying feeling of taking on a tough opponent and eventually coming out on top is still very much present.

It’s fast-paced, exciting, and crammed full of different weapons and mech parts that let you create your own personal weapon of mass destruction. There’s plenty to enjoy, even if you’ve never played an Armored Core game before, and optional challenges alongside a chaotic multiplayer arena make sure that you’ll still be playing the game well after the credits roll.

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