Infinite Season 2 “The City of Aeterna” brings new content and in-game optimizations

The City of Aeterna is welcoming Hunters from all over the world as Torchlight: Infinite Season 2 arrives on PC and mobile. Following the game’s successful global launch, this latest free major update introduces even more ways to play, with challenging new content and an enchanting newcomer to Torchlight’s hero roster. XD Games is excited to unveil a wave of improvements, enhancing the dungeon-crawling experience for everyone.

Torchlight: Infinite Season 2 introduces new gameplay content

Here’s what players can expect with the launch of Torchlight: Infinite SS2: The City of Aeterna:

  • [New Gameplay] The City of Aeterna: Delve into ancient ruins, gathering the resources needed to rebuild the lost city, unlock secret passages, and earn incredible rewards. It features a random Map and an endless tower-climbing challenge
  • [New Hero] The Forsaken Iris: A powerful Spirit Magus from another world, Iris is the ninth playable hero in Torchlight: Infinite adding to the game’s diverse lineup of characters. Iris sports a unique playstyle, summoning Spirit Magi to her aid in battle, buffing and upgrading their powers thanks to their dynamic Growth mechanic.
  • [New Hero Trait] Flame of Pleasure: Gemma players can unlock a fiery new skill set for their favorite Torchlight: Infinite hero. Become a walking inferno as you baptize your enemies in a barrage of flames for massive damage.
  • [New Season Boss] The Lone King: For the ultimate prize, Hunters can complete bonus objectives to track down this season’s final boss, battling it out for a bounty of hidden treasures.
  • New Season Pass: Earn bonus rewards as you play including the new hero Iris who can be unlocked by purchasing the Ultimate Season Pass.
  • Psalms of Aeterna: A massive Talent Panel filled with season-related Talent Nodes that players can unlock gradually by finding collectibles within the city.

Torchlight: Infinite Season 2 brings major optimizations to the game

Here are all the changes made in Season 2 of Torchlight: Infinite:

  • Increased Legendary Drop Rate: This has been boosted by 3.5 times, now making rare Legendary Gear easier to obtain. 
  • Netherrealm Battles: These have also been revamped meaning a more thrilling map-clearing and treasure hunting experience. 
  • Crafting optimization: The crafting system has been improved so that Affixes can now be upgraded; Hunters can choose their desired affix when crafting.
  • Blueprint System: a new way to obtain Legendary gear. By collecting blueprints throughout the season, players can craft corresponding Legendary gear in their inventory.
  • Trade House Upgrade: It’s now easier to search, save, and auto-check items.  
  • New Skills, Legendary Gear, and Quality of Life changes: With a new season comes plenty of new gear to unlock, as well as game-wide updates including improvements to crafting, Chaos Invasion, Divinity Slates, and the PC controller experience.

In addition, Hunters who log into Torchlight: Infinite on September 7th will unlock a limited edition Portrait Frame to celebrate the new season launch.

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