How To get The Pebbled Plunder Achievement In Palia

Finding a Large Shiny Pebble can seem entirely random while gathering materials in Palia. Although it appears as a Quest Item, a new Quest isn’t added to your Quest Log. Even if it might not be obvious at first, it does hold a purpose, and using it properly may require more effort than you might have expected.



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The Large Shiny Pebble, along with a handful of other pebbles found throughout the game, can all be given to Einar, your beloved Fisherman Golem. Giving Einar the pebbles will eventually net you the Pebbled Plunder achievement, the item Einar’s Adornment (a small wind ornament), and a cute story-related cutscene.

Foraged Pebbles

Einar, the fisherman golem, being gifted a pebble by the player in Palia

It should be noted that as of patch 0.3.6, you only need eight of the ten pebbles to get the achievement. Einar can be found in Fisherman’s Lagoon most hours of the day, spending all but three hours (12:00 am to 3:00 am) on the dock overlooking the gulf.

You can only gift one pebble to Einar each day, so you might want to leave any extra pebbles you find in storage.

Large Shiny Pebble

Likely the easiest to find, you will acquire the pebble by foraging normally. As many players find the item early during their adventures, it might be possible that the item itself is locked to the first few rocks mined.

If you find yourself having difficulty finding it, clearing out rocks from your housing plot is a good place to start.

Smooth Shiny Pebble

Acquired by shucking Unopened Oysters from Bahari Bay. Oysters can be found scattered throughout the beaches and rivers of Bahari Bay specifically. Any waterways you would normally find crabs wandering about will likely have a few oysters.

Lumpy and Small Shiny Pebble

Both are easily obtainable by mining rocks throughout the world of Palia. This only includes rock formations and not ore deposits such as Iron and Copper. Like locating the Large Shiny Pebble, mining rocks within your housing plot is an easy way to attain them.

Red Shiny Pebble

Akin to the Lumpy Shiny Pebble and Small Shiny Pebbles, the Red Shiny Pebble can be found by mining specific deposits. In this case, however, you will need to mine clay deposits scattered near waterways.

These can be found alongside the southern strip of Remembrance Beach, Fisherman’s Lagoon, and a variety of locations throughout Bahari Bay. Effectively, anywhere you find a shoreline or river, you can hope to find clay deposits. Just look out for large red clumps near bodies of water.

A Clay deposit near the Fisherman's Lagoon in Palia

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Found Pebbles

Robot Fishmerman Einar with Straw Hat in Palia

Some Pebbles require a bit more legwork, but can be reliably found in a few specific locations.

The multi-colored rocks (aside from the Red Shiny Pebble) in question are:

  • Blue Shiny Pebble
  • Green Shiny Pebble
  • Orange Shiny Pebble
  • Purple Shiny Pebble
  • Yellow Shiny Pebble

All of these pebbles can be found in several locations through Bahari Bay, except for the Red Shiny Pebble. Here are all the locations currently known for acquiring the rocks needed to complete the achievement.

Although the Orange Shiny Pebble is mentioned as one of the Pebbles needed to complete the achievement, it may be removed in future updates and currently does not have a reliable location for finding it.

Phoenix Falls

Phoenix Falls located on the player's map in Palia

Getting to this location in Phoenix Falls requires receiving the Glider from Najuma through the Like A Bird Questline. You should find the entrance to the ruins by returning to where you started the game, down the immediate hallway to the right after exiting your initial spawn location.

After completing the water-basin puzzle at the entryway of the ruins in Phoenix Falls, you can use the Glider coupled with your climbing skills to get to the lower ledge.

You complete the water-basin puzzle by filling the central basin (which resembles a bird bath) with water from your Watering Can. If you’re empty, more water surrounds the ruins down the two separate sets of stairs to the right and left of the basin.

Glide down from the ledge where Jina is standing to the platform next to the creek. There, you will find a staircase immediately to your left. Follow the staircase and hallway to the far corner, where you should see a door you are unable to open. Ignore that door for now (as it won’t be important during this part of the quest).

You should be able to easily move from the balcony and jump onto the ruined wall that appears perpendicular to the balcony across from the pebble, and on the balcony, you can see the rock.

A few small chests are tucked in corners within the ruins, so keep an eye out for them.

A Blue Shiny Pebble found in the ruins of Phoenix Falls in Palia

Flooded Fortress

Flooded Fortress as located in the player's map in Palia

Entering the Flooded Fortress is easiest done by going through the north or south-most entrances. You can also enter the Fortress by snaking through the Pavel Mines.

If you do head through the Pavel Mines, stick to the left-most wall and follow it down.

After arriving at a small drop toward a small layer of water, choose the left-most passageway. Many of the other passages will either lead to a dead-end, or back outside the Fortress.

Navigate through either of the large entryways into the Fortress interior. The staircase in front of the ruins is hard to miss, and will lead you straight up toward the higher levels.

After ascending the stairs of the ruins, you should find a pebble located in the hallway around the corner. It should be against the far wall, on the floor.

Green Shiny Pebble found on the shaded floor of the Flooded Temple in Palia

Pulsewater Ruins

Pulsewater Hill as located on the player's map in Palia

West of the Pulsewater Plains, there’s a steep rise you can get to by either taking the north or south bridges. The ridge is south of the Pavel Mines and north of the Hideaway Bluffs.

Alternatively, you can climb the side of the hill to easily get to the top if you are already at the bottom of the clearing.

Remember to monitor your energy level if you choose to do so however, as the wall can be quite steep in a few areas.

The pebble is located next to a small statue and candles, easily spotted on the top of the ridge near a few toppled stone columns. As always, look for a multi-colored rock that seems out of place.

Purple Shiny Pebble found in the hill near Pulsewater Plains in Palia

Statue Garden

Statue Garden as located on the player's map in Palia

In the back corner of the Statue Garden ruins, the pebble is located on a bit of rocky debris.

The area is closest to the shoreline, overlooking the beach below. After climbing the stairs at the front of the ruins, you should be able to hug the left side and head around the clearing.

You will see a good many broken stone columns before you notice a solitary rock at the far corner, near a bit of brush. The pebble will be on top of it.

Yellow Shiny Pebble on a large rock surrounded by ruins in the Statue Garden in Palia

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