Best Relics To Use In Sea Of Stars

Sea of Stars doesn’t have traditional difficulty levels such as easy, normal, or challenging. Instead, the game has a type of item called Relics that alter the gameplay experience to make it easier, harder, or more accessible. Whether you’re looking for quality of life changes or a more difficult playthrough, Relics can help with that.



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There are fifteen Relics in total to be acquired, bought, or found throughout Sea of Stars, each of which alters the gameplay in interesting ways. However, some Relics are simply more useful than others—whether they provide a boost in combat or streamline a major aspect of the experience.

Warning: Contains spoilers for late game items in Sea of Stars.

8 Mithreel Rod

Zale fishing in a green pond in Sea of Stars.

Depending on how much you care about the fishing mechanics in Sea of Stars, the fact that one-fifth of the Relics are fishing-based is either a welcome addition or unnecessary padding. Regardless of what side you fall on, it’s hard to argue that the Mithreel Rod isn’t the most useful of the three fishing Relics.

The Mithreel Rod can be acquired after building the Fisher’s Hut in the Town of Mirth and having caught at least fourteen unique fish. Using this Relic ensures that the fish lose their stamina much quicker than normal, making it much easier to reel them in.

7 Tome Of Knowledge

Garl levelling up in Sea of Stars.

If you feel like your characters in Sea of Stars just aren’t leveling up quickly enough, then the Tome of Knowledge has you covered. With this Relic at your disposal, your characters’ XP will increase by 20 percent, greatly accelerating your character progression throughout the game.

The Tome of Knowledge can be purchased at the secret market in Brisk. To access this hidden shop, you need to swim underneath the main pier and present your Trader’s Signet.

6 Salient Sails

Zale and other characters standing at the bow of a ship in Sea of Stars.

Acquiring the Vespertine and sailing the oceans is one of the most memorable moments in Sea of Stars. But do you know what makes your sea-faring adventures even better? Sailing at 20 percent more speed, of course.

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The Salient Sails Relic can be obtained via the equipment shop in the Town of Mirth and is extremely useful if you feel like your voyages are taking a little bit too long. With the extra speed, you can sail from island to island in no time at all.

5 Gold Tooth

List of meals in Sea of Stars.

The Gold Tooth Relic is perfect for anyone who feels cheated by the shopkeepers in Sea of Stars. This Relic reduces the price of all items, weapons, armour, accessories, and ingredients in the game, making it easier to fill your inventory while saving on gold.

This Relic can be bought (somewhat ironically) at the shop in the Town of Lucent. However, the price is certainly worth it, as all other purchases afterward will make far less of a dent in your in-game wallet.

4 Falcon-Eyed Parrot

The Vespertine sailing on the oceans in Sea of Stars.

The Falcon-eyed Parrot is a completionist’s best friend as this helpful bird chirps out hints on where to find certain treasures and other collectibles that you have missed on your adventures. With this bird on your side, you can easily fill out any empty spaces in your item list.

The Falcon-eyed Parrot can be bought at the Rainbow Conch shop in Lake Docarri. And if you need any help finding more Rainbow Conches, well, the Falcon-eyed Parrot has got it covered.

3 Sequent Flare

Zale and Valere fighting a giant underground worm in Sea of Stars.

Sea of Stars uses timed-button presses in combat, from attacking to defending to casting spells. The Sequent Flare Relic makes it easier to know when you have successfully timed your input as your character shoots up a colourful flare into the sky.

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This kind of visual and audio feedback is helpful for a wide range of gamers as it takes away some of the guesswork that goes into the game’s encounters. Best of all, the Sequent Flare Relic is given to you near the start of the game, so you can start playing around with this feature early on.

2 Amulet Of Storytelling

Zale, Garl, and Valere fighting a monster on a cliff in Sea of Stars.

The Amulet of Storytelling is for anyone who wants to enjoy Sea of Stars for its story and atmosphere, with the gameplay presenting little challenge. It’s essentially this game’s version of an easy mode, and luckily, it’s available from very early on in the adventure.

This Relic doubles your HP and automatically heals your party after each battle. This way, you don’t need to seek out campsites or use items as much to keep your party in good shape. If you don’t want to feel stressed about Sea of Stars’ gameplay but still want to experience everything the game offers, then this is the Relic for you.

1 Artful Gambit

Zale, Valere, and Serai fighting zombies on an island in Sea of Stars.

On the other end of the spectrum, the Artful Gambit is the ideal Relic for anyone who really wants to test themselves. The Relic does offer some benefits for timed attacks and blocks but reduces your party’s HP by 95 percent and makes all enemies invincible while they are casting.

The Relic is only obtainable right towards the end of the game, but its true value lies in New Game+. Out of all the Relics in Sea of Stars, this is the only one that can be carried over to that mode, making for a truly exhilarating adventure that strikes an irresistible balance between high risk and high reward.

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