How To Beat The Mewtwo Tera Raid In Pokemon Scarlet & Violet

The seven-star Mewtwo Tera Raid is the toughest one Pokemon Scarlet and Violet has thrown at players yet. The raid will run until September 17th, and we don’t know if it will be rerun or if there will be any future opportunities to receive Mewtwo, with or without the Mightiest Mark.



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In this guide we walk you through everything you need to know in order to defeat the raid and acquire Mewtwo.

What Moves Does Mewtwo Have?

Mewtwo with a crystalline texture and the bottom part of a haedpiece
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Mewtwo will have Calm Mind, Psystrike, Aura Sphere, Ice Beam and Rest.

It will immediately use Calm Mind and set up its Tera shield to around half its health, then alternate attacking moves and setting up.

Once you break the shield it will use Rest and a chesto berry to regain all its health. Its ability, Unnerve, will prevent your side from eating berries as well.

What Is The Best Pokemon For Beating Mewtwo?

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The best Pokemon to use for this fight is Mew, which you can conveniently get for free via Mystery Gift if you haven’t already.

Mew will receive a boost to all of its stats while fighting Mewtwo, and its ability to learn any TM means you can have a lot of coverage.

Any Mew will receive this stat boost, not just the ones received via Mystery Gift.

Its Psychic typing also gives it resistance to two out of three of Mewtwo’s attacks.

Grimmsnarl is also a good option for set up, as it can learn several key moves and its Fairy typing means it’s not weak to Aura Sphere.

If you want to try this strategy with another Pokemon, avoid anything weak to Ice, Psychic, or Fighting type moves. Otherwise, Mewtwo will spam a super effective move until your time is up.

What Is The Best Strategy For Beating Mewtwo?

Image of four Mew fighting a Mewtwo in a Tera Raid battle. The text box reads

How exactly you go about implementing this strategy will depend on if you have friends you can coordinate with or not.

If you do have people to coordinate with, you can each build a Mew specifically to fill a certain role.

If not you’ll have to build a jack-of-all-trades Mew and hope whoever you get in random matches knows what to do.

Either way the key thought behind the strategies is the same.

You’ll want your Mew to have a Bug or Ghost tera type. Of the two Bug has better physical moves to use, but Ghost will give you immunity to Aura Sphere instead of just resistance, so take your pick.

Do not bring a Dark type Mew as its weakness to Aura Sphere means it’ll get one or two-shot very quickly.

Give your Mew max EVs in HP and Attack, as Mewtwo spamming Calm Mind means it’ll undo any Special Defense drops you try to use on it. The rest of the points should go to Special Defense.

Go with a Jolly nature for boosted Attack and less Special Attack.

For the battle itself, how you build your Mew from there depends on whether you can coordinate with people.

If You Can Coordinate

Designate one or two people to be the main attackers.

They should have either:

  • Tera Bug Mew with Leech Life, Swords Dance, Struggle Bug, and X-Scissor, holding either a Metronome or a Shell Bell.
  • Tera Ghost Mew with Phantom Force, Swords Dance, Shadow Claw, and Snarl or Struggle Bug.

The attacker should pick a move to be the main move they’d like to use to attack. For Tera Bug Mews, if you want to spam Leech Life hold a Metronome. If you choose X-Scissor hold a Shell Bell.

Spend the first few turns using Snarl or Struggle Bug on Mewtwo. These moves lower its special attack as a bonus, but mainly you want to prepare to Terastalize without wasting PP on your attacking moves.

After that use Swords Dance to max out your attack. Then Terastalize your Mew and start spamming your chosen attack. The other move is mainly there in case you run out of PP.

Set up again when Mewtwo resets your stats.

The remaining players should be support, and you should have at least one of each:

  • A Mew with Life Dew, Mud-Slap, Misty/Electric Terrain, and Struggle Bug/Snarl
  • A Mew with Life Dew, Mud-Slap, Light Screen, and Struggle Bug/Snarl

If you have a Grimmsnarl, it can run Misty Terrain, Light Screen, Spirit Break and then a free move.

Make sure you have at least one Mew with Life Dew.

The support players will each set up either Light Screen or terrain. Then one should use Mud-Slap while the other uses Struggle Bug, Snarl, or Spirit Break.

Mud-Slap lowers Mewtwo’s accuracy, and around three or four should be enough that it’ll start missing attacks often.

The other three moves will drop Mewtwo’s Special Attack, and should be used continually as Mewtwo will keep using Calm Mind.

While you probably won’t be able to minimize its Special Attack with how frequently Mewtwo uses Calm Mind, you’ll prevent it from maxing out its Special Attack and thus one-shotting your team.

As needed, use Life Dew to heal the entire team or re-set up Light Screen or Terrain.

Set up again whenever Mewtwo removes negative effects from itself.

The main benefit of running Misty or Electric Terrain is that it keeps Mewtwo from using Rest to regain its HP. Misty Terrain will also keep you from being frozen by Ice Beam.

With that, you should be all set to have your attackers whittle Mewtwo down while the support mitigates damage and heals.

If You Are Alone


If you have to rely on online matchmaking, this whole process becomes a bit more luck-based, but it is still doable.

You simply have to build an all-rounder Mew that can do a little bit of everything and hope the other players have a similar strategy.

You’ll want your Mew to have either:

  • Bug Tera with Leech Life, Swords Dance, Misty/Electric Terrain, and your choice of Mud-Slap or Struggle Bug, holding a Metronome.
  • Bug Tera with X-scissor, Swords Dance, Misty/Electric Terrain, and your choice of Mud-Slap or Struggle Bug, holding a Shell Bell
  • Ghost Tera with Shadow Claw, Swords Dance, Misty/Electric Terrain, and your choice of Mud-Slap, Struggle Bug, or Snarl, holding a Shell Bell.

Spend the first three to four turns dropping Mewtwo’s stats with Mud-Slap, Struggle Bug, or Snarl.

You’ll only have room for one, so go with whatever you think is more important, dropping accuracy or dropping Special Attack.

Once you’ve done that, you can set up using Swords Dance. You should be able to use your Tera at this point. Do so and use your STAB move.

I have never gotten the message that Mewtwo stole some of my Tera Orb’s charge, but I have also had a couple of instances where it took me an unusually long time to activate my Terastalization as thought it had. If that happens just keep spamming your stat dropping move until you can Terastalize.

Set up as needed if Mewtwo resets your stats or its own, while keeping an eye on your health.

The last slot will be Misty or Electric Terrain. This matters less than in the team build because you’re not going to be able to constantly have it up.

When you’re two to three hits away from breaking the shield, set up the terrain to prevent Mewtwo from using Rest.

Mewtwo will only try this once, so you don’t have to worry about keeping it up.

While for other parts of this build you just have to go in and hope one of your allies has the move you didn’t pick. Always have terrain on you if you can’t guarantee someone else will have it.

If you can’t prevent Mewtwo from getting off Rest, you won’t beat it before time runs out.

After that continue debuffing Mewtwo, buffing yourself, then attacking.

If you’re comfortable allowing strangers to do most of the attacking, you can run Mew with Life Dew, Struggle Bug, Misty Terrain, and Mud-Slap and put all your focus on support.

Use PP Ups on moves you’ll be using repeatedly like your attacking move, Life Dew, Mud-Slap, Struggle Bug, etc. so you don’t risk running out. While it can be a risk to depend on the kindness of strangers, this method has won consistently with random online matches.

If you find that most people while you’re playing are using certain moves but not others, you can also change up Mew’s moveset as needed.

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