Pokemon Adds Fuecoco Taco And Greavard Plushes Via Its Halloween Collection

More than 50 new items have been added to the Pokemon Center to celebrate Pokeween. Yes, they really called it that.

Between Ghost-types and dressing Pikachu up as a pumpkin in as many ways as it can possibly think of, Halloween might well be the holiday The Pokemon Company celebrates more than any other. Since 2023’s spooky season is right around the corner, or already here if you’re a true Halloween fan, Pokemon has now revealed the new products fans can buy to celebrate October 31 in true Pokemon style.



A slew of new items have been added to the Pokemon Center and are available to order right now. Pokemon has labeled this particular Halloween season Pokeween. One of those times you wonder how something was seen by so many higher-ups and given the go-ahead, but hey, this is coming from a company that just gave us a very suspicious-looking Wiglett plush, so maybe calling an event Pokeween isn’t all that surprising at all.

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There’s a lot of stuff in Pokemon’s Pokeween additions, including some brand news plushes. Greavard might well top the pile in that particular category since this is the ghost dog’s first plush since being added to the Pokemon universe in Scarlet & Violet. The ghoulish pup is sitting in a pumpkin, so fitting for its type and also for the time of year. Fuecoco also has a new plush which puts the tiny Fire-type into a taco. Makes less sense than the Greavard pumpkin but I like it.

greavard sitting in a pumpkin pokemon plush
via Pokemon Center

Greavard Sitting In A Pumpkin Plush

Greavard’s very first Pokemon plush has the ghostly dog sitting inside of a pumpkin. Fitting not only due to its nature, but also because it was released as part of Pokemon’s Halloween 2023 collection.

There’s a lot more than just plushes. Pokemon has also added plenty of new products you can use to decorate your house and garden this Halloween. A Spinda garden statue to make it look like the dizzy Pokemon is stumbling around your front yard, and a Snorlax Pumpkin tealight holder that’ll make the Pokemon Sleep star’s smile literally light up when you pop a candle inside.

fuecoco wearing a taco pokemon plush
via Pokemon Center

Fuecoco Wearing Taco Costume Plush

Fuecoco is so tiny and adorable, Pokemon has decided the Fire-type starter would fit neatly inside a taco. That out-of-the-box idea has been turned into a plush and became available via Pokemon’s Halloween 2023 collection.

Pokemon has added more than 50 new Halloween items to the Pokemon Center that include everything from decorations to clothes, so it’s certainly worth checking out even if nothing mentioned here specifically has grabbed your attention. There are also new Pokemon squishmallows coming your way very soon. Clefairy and Teddiursa will expand Pokemon’s squishmallow collection very soon, but pre-orders aren’t open just yet.

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