eFootball 2024 Season 1 ‘eFootball Kickoff’ arrives with new Campaign, Rewards, and more

A new season of eFootball is finally here with KONAMI’s eFootball 2024 which kicked off today! While there are many new features to explore, it’s the seasonal updates that truly shine with their exciting campaigns and events. In this inaugural season of the latest update, there’s a wealth of fresh content to dive into. So, without delay, let’s delve into the campaigns, events, and rewards that Season 1 introduces, along with other noteworthy updates in eFootball 2024.

Startup Campaign

This is the first campaign, and because of this, the rewards are pretty good. To kick off the campaign, we have the Chance Deals presented for the players that will gift them a chance to pull an Epic card. You can utilize the Chance Deal to sign a player from the Special Player List, which includes Highlight players exclusively from the three official partner clubs: Manchester United, FC Barcelona, and FC Bayern München.

Startup Campiagn eFootball 2024
Image via KONAMI

A free strip is also distributed to every player. This would be eFootball 2024 Type – Strike which you can see on Messi while loading your game. A special login bonus will also be live, with the details given below regarding the presents planned by KONAMI.

Period Rewards
11/09/2023 to 18/09/2023 Login 1: Chance Deal x1
Login 2 to 7: 30,000 GP
18/09/2023 to 25/09/2023 Login 1: Chance Deal x1
Login 2 to 7: Exp. 10,000 Training Program x1
25/09/2023 to 02/10/2023 Login 1: Chance Deal x1
Login 2 to 7: 20 eFootball™ Coins
02/10/2023 to 09/10/2023 Login 1: Chance Deal x1
Login 2 to 7: 30,000 GP

A couple of Special Challenge Events will also be going live.

Starter Event

During the campaign period, there will be a Tour Event where you have the opportunity to earn a Highlight: Partner Clubs Chance Deal as a reward. If you’re new to the game, participating in this event is a great way to get accustomed to playing matches.

Startup Event eFootball 2024
Image via KONAMI

By accumulating 6,000 points in this event, you can earn up to 2 Chance Deals, 450,000 GP, and 60,000 Exp. To maximize your event points, consider including players with a Player Bonus in your Game Plan, as this will help you earn more Event Points than usual.

Match Pass

Match Pass arrives, and in what style? The rewards are pretty stupendous, as you have top players like Son and Van Dijk featured in the Value and Premium pass respectively. The breakdown of the passes is as follows.

Match Pass Type Contents
Regular Match Pass 124,000 Exp
3★ Nominating Contract x1
4★ Nominating Contract x2
5★ Nominating Contract x1
Contract Renewal (10 Days) x3
Value Match Pass Bonus Player: Son Heung-Min (Highlight Player Card Type)
142,000 Exp
200 eFootball Coins
3★ Nominating Contract x1
4★ Nominating Contract x2
5★ Nominating Contract x1
Contract Renewal (10 Days) x3
Premium Match Pass Bonus Player: V. van Dijk (Highlight Player Card Type)
362,000 Exp
300 eFootball Coins,
3★ Nominating Contract x2
4★ Nominating Contract x4
5★ Nominating Contract x2
Contract Renewal (10 Days) x4

This will arrive with a slashed pricing once again. You have the option to unlock the Value Match Pass and the Premium Match Pass at discounted prices during the campaign period.

  • The Value Match Pass, which originally costs 500 eFootball Coins, can be unlocked for 250 eFootball Coins.
  • The Premium Match Pass, originally priced at 1,000 eFootball Coins, is available for 500 eFootball Coins during the campaign period.

Again, if you haven’t brought a pass previously, this will be once again halves, which means you can get the Value Pass for just 125 coins, whereas Premium Pass will be available for just 250 coins.

What are your thoughts on the eFootball 2024 Season 1? Are you excited about the events and features? Do let us know in the comments below!

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