The Best Disney Brothers And Sisters

Family can often be a touchy subject in Disney movies. If you’re a mother or father, odds are you won’t make it through the story. And that’s without even mentioning the parents who go on to be villains – kidnapping, murder, psychological torment, they’ve pretty much done it all in the Mouse House.



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On the flipside, siblings tend to fare much better. In the face of loss and unspeakable evil, having a good brother or sister (biological or adopted) on your arm is always a plus; so we want to shout out the very best of them.

10 Anastasia And Drizella (Cinderella)

Anastasia and Drizella bicker in Cinderella.

Yes, it’s a bit odd to start the list off with two of the most deplorable Disney siblings ever conceived. But in terms of entertainment value? It’s tough to match these self-absorbed stepsisters.

When Cinderella’s father dies, she’s left in the care of the overbearing Lady Tremaine and her spoilt daughters. Throughout the film, they’re as cruel as humanly possible: ripping up Cinderella’s dresses, locking her in rooms, the works. They get their comeuppance when a chance meeting with Prince Charming whisks their precious chambermaid away.

But in Cinderella 2 and 3, we see a developing bond between the three sisters – particularly within Anastasia, who’s redeemed and befriends Cinderella.

9 Toulouse, Marie, And Berlioz (The Aristocats)

Marie, Toulouse, and Berlioz in The Aristocats

These three kittens are adorable balls of fluff that find themselves embroiled in a money-making scheme. When their owner’s butler, Edgar, catches wind of the fact that he’ll be left out of her will… well, he cracks. A few sleeping pills in their evening milk, and they and their mum have been carted off and dumped in the Parisian countryside.

This trio behave exactly like real siblings: pulling faces at one another, bickering over asinine things, and constantly competing for their mother’s attention. But when they must team up with the suave Thomas O’Malley to get home, they recognise him as a potential father figure and turn the politeness ‘n’ charm on full blast.

Luckily, things work out – with many more siblings on the way by the film’s end.

8 Ariel’s Sisters (The Little Mermaid)

Ariel and her sisters in The Little Mermaid.

Sing it with us now: Aquata, Andrina, Arista, Attina, Adella, Alana… and Ariel. King Triton is evidently a fan of the letter ‘A’. That, or he’s trying to keep the Atlantica phone book to a single page for as long as possible.

These sisters are an interesting look at the pattern Ariel broke by being so strong-headed. All have followed exactly the path Triton demanded of them: singing in Sebastian’s concerts and just generally flitting about looking pretty. Though it’d be tough to tell them apart (go on, which one is Alana?) they’re perceptive enough of each other’s quirks to notice when Ariel’s acting odd.

7 Kenai, Sitka, And Denahi (Brother Bear)

Denahi, Sitka and Kenai in Brother Bear.

Brother Bear is an uneven movie, transforming from a touching celebration of Inuit culture into a generic buddy road trip. But that first third, where we simply follow the lives of three brothers, is unquestionably excellent. Each character has a distinct personality: Kenai’s the arrogant hothead, Sitka is the sage elder, and Denahi is impulsive but loves his family (to a fault).

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Tragedy strikes when Sitka’s killed during a bear hunt, and Denahi swears revenge on the bear after it appears to have killed Kenai too. Only trouble is, Kenai actually happens to have been turned into a bear himself; so the mother of all misunderstandings takes place, and Denahi spends the rest of the film trying to gut his own brother. Gripping stuff.

6 Barley And Ian (Onward)

Onward Lightfoot Brothers Barley and Ian hold lightning stage

Unlike the vast majority of Disney siblings that lose their parents, Barley and Ian Lightfoot have a unique opportunity: to wave a magic wand and cast a spell that’ll allow them to spend one more day with their deceased dad. Unfortunately, Ian isn’t such great shakes at magic, so they only manage to bring back their dad’s legs.

It turns out, though, that half a dad is all they need to have the adventure of their lives. Onward, despite being a wacky fantasy quest on the surface, is very much a character study of Barley and Ian’s relationship. Chris Pratt and Tom Holland bring raw emotion to the parts, and by the end – when Ian realises his brother has basically been a replacement father figure his whole life – you’ll be getting choked up.

5 Tadashi And Hiro (Big Hero 6)

Hiro and Tadashi fist bump in Big Hero 6.

It was only a matter of time before The Disney Parent Curse affected a sibling. Hiro Hamada’s world is turned upside down when his genius brother, Tadashi, is killed in a fire at their college. Of course, later in the film we learn that the blaze was started on purpose. But the reason for the disaster isn’t as important as its character ramifications.

We get to spend a good chunk of the film with Tadashi before his death, and he’s a likeable guy. Innovative, smart, and able to think on his feet, he creates Baymax (and millions of dollars in Disney merchandising revenue in the process). The scene where Baymax reminds Hiro that “Tadashi is here,” via found footage? Sob.

4 The Parr Children (The Incredibles)

The five members of the family standing on the street, looking at a threat in front of them.

Despite their name, the Parrs are anything but par for the course. In truth, they’re a family of superheroes forced into hiding after a series of lawsuits turned public opinion sour. And the Parr kids, Violet, Dash, and Jack-Jack, are having the toughest time.

Not only are their powers cool – Dash can run faster than sound, Violet can turn invisible and create forcefields, and Jack-Jack… has god mode – but you can relate to their struggles. Dash is abusing his speed to cause trouble in class, rather than putting it to good use in track meets, and Violet would rather be invisible than talk to her crush. All it takes for their self-esteem to improve, however, is an encounter with the villainous Syndrome. Ah, family outings.

3 Anna And Elsa (Frozen)

Anna an Elza standing by each other and looking at the camera.

The Arendellian royal family should need no introduction. Anna and Elsa are often cited as some of the best Disney siblings out there, and with good reason.

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Things start out bleak for the sisters. When Elsa’s ice powers almost kill Anna as a child, Anna’s memories are wiped and the girls are forced to live in separate rooms. That kind of isolation breeds anxiety (in Elsa’s case) and naïveté, as Anna accepts a proposal from the first man she meets. That man is Hans, a scheming murderer who wants to assume control of the kingdom.

Fortunately, the sisters are able to repair their relationship with a simple “I love you,” which thaws Elsa’s frozen heart, and therefore Arendelle.

2 Mirabel, Luisa, And Isabela (Encanto)

The whole family of Encanto's protagonist.

Encanto has the single largest principal cast of any Disney movie, clocking in at a staggering twelve named Madrigals. As such, the story rides or dies on the believability of the family’s bonds – and the three main sisters, Mirabel, Luisa, and Isabela, pass with flying colours.

Mirabel is the first member of her family to not receive a magical gift, and since then, her Abuela has treated her like a problem to be managed. In contrast, Isabela is pitch-perfect, with her stunning beauty and ability to make plants grow from thin air. You can feel the tension between them from the get-go.

Then there’s poor Luisa, whose superhuman strength makes her the target of the townsfolk’s demands. She’s cracking under the pressure. In the end, it takes the loss of the family’s powers, and several months of rebuilding, for everyone to heal.

1 Lilo And Nani (Lilo And Stitch)

Lilo & Stitch - Nani Stitch And Lilo Surfing A Wave

Sure, the movie’s title is Lilo and Stitch. But really, this is Lilo and Nani’s story. Easily the most groundbreaking, raw portrayal of a fractured sibling relationship in an animated flick, it makes up the half of the movie you skip past as a kid to get to the funny alien antics, and which you revisit as an adult only to discover it’s now your favourite part.

Forced into an awkward mother-daughter dynamic after their parents died in a car crash, both sisters have had to grow up much too fast. Nani, barely an adult, has had to abandon her promising surfing career to take care of Lilo; who herself has gone off the rails, processing her grief by beating up other children and generally acting out.

Their situation looks hopeless, until the arrival of the maniacal Stitch gives them some common ground. He turns out to be the missing piece that quite literally ‘stitches’ the family back together.

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