You Can Find The American Flag On The Moon In Starfield

Starfield is set in the 24th century, so much of its history is our modern day. That means you can find remnants of rovers currently scouring Mars, as well as our own recent history such as the mark we left on the Moon when we first set foot on its surface 54 years ago.



When you reach The Lodge in the main quest, you can pry into your fellow Constellation members’ privacy by looting their rooms. In Matteo Khatri’s quarters, you can find Livingstone’s Second Journal, which gives you a quest that points you directly to the Apollo 11 landing sight on the Moon, now called Lunar. Here, you’ll find the remnants of the Eagle, as well as the American flag still standing tall even after the Earth has withered away into nothing but a ball of sand.

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Granted, the American flag should be white by now, but eh, it makes for a cool picture. Nothing like some intergalactic dark tourism. The discovery was highlighted by Grouchy-Catch5370 who flew all the way to Lunar to snap a pic with their character standing by it. What they fail to mention is that you even get a cool little snow globe for your visit.

In The Lodge, you can also find a picture of Yuri Gagarin and Neil Armstrong. Even though the Earth is in ruins with its solar system Sol often regarded as the backwater of the Settled Systems, Humanity’s history of space travel hasn’t been buried under the sand like so many of its iconic landmarks.

They have more than pictures on display – there’s also the Curiosity’s RSM on a shelf, now an entire solar system away from where it started. And you can, of course, find the Opportunity Rover on Mars via a side quest that also nets you a snow globe.

A lot of our contemporary history is on display, with an entire NASA museum being uncovered in the main quest that stretches from the real world to Starfield’s take on our future.

One of the more fun nods in Starfield can be found in Cydonia, a city on Mars. Its people have built a monument to the ‘Martian face’ that cropped up in an old photograph of the planet’s surface, an image that sparked countless conspiracy theories.

In reality, it was just some rocks that happened to look vaguely human from a distance, with our minds filling in the blanks, but this Cydonia tribute celebrates that moment as a spark in our fascination with finding alien life.

“There’s actually a bit of conversation I heard [on] Mars, in the bar,” salsapants27 said. “Some lady was talking to another NPC, and she mentioned how ‘People hundreds of years ago actually thought that the face on Mars was a face. How crazy!'”

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