The Best French Hidden Gems In Career Mode In FIFA 23

The French leagues have produced some of the most outstanding youngsters in the world, so scouting players from Ligue 1 and Ligue 2 for your club in FIFA 23’s Career Mode is generally beneficial. You will be able to find tons of talents playing across the different teams, including Rayan Cherki, Warren Zaire-Emery, Nuno Mendes, Jonathan David, and more.



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The top two tiers of France also feature some incredible hidden gems you can sign for an affordable price in the Career Mode. Such gems could be game-changing since they will grow immensely and not break the bank. Some of the best Career Mode hidden gems in France are listed below.

10 Axel Gueguin, Montpellier

An image of Axel Gueguin in FIFA 23

Axel Gueguin is a promising French teenager who can be signed to fill the right midfielder position for your team. He can give your midfield or attack a lot of width, and his speed will help you to create attacking opportunities.

The hidden gem has a starting rating of 59 in Career Mode, and his base potential in the game is 81, meaning he will grow enormously as seasons pass. Furthermore, with Axel Gueguin’s contract expiring in 2024, you can get him cheaply in the second season.

9 Guillaume Restes, Toulouse

An image of Guillaume Restes in FIFA 23

Getting Guillaume Restes in FIFA 23’s Career Mode will be an intelligent decision for the goalkeeper position, and he could solidify the defense. The French top stopper plays for Toulouse, and you can sign him to provide the necessary game time that he needs.

He features an overall rating of 61, while the potential he possesses stands at the mark of 81. Guillaume Restes will cost you less than €800,000 in the first season and is one of the most reasonable choices for the GK position, which typically needs a lot of money to acquire a solid player.

8 Joseph N’Duquidi, Metz

An image of Joseph N'Duquidi in FIFA 23

Another hidden gem for the midfield position is Joseph N’Duquidi, and he could be the perfect choice for the CDM role. The player is the next big thing at Metz, and you can get him under €700,000 with proper negotiations.

With a rating of 59 and a potential of 81, the value you spend on the talent would proliferate immensely, and his resale would be considerably higher in four or five seasons. Furthermore, Joseph N’Duquidi can also do well at the right midfielder position in FIFA 23, and you can change his position to this.

7 Norman Bassette, Caen

An image of Norman Bassette in FIFA 23

Investing early in cheap strikers is one of the best things you can do for Road to Glory, and Norman Bassette could be an excellent pick that you can go with. The Belgian forward is destined to be an outstanding goalscorer and can be the X factor you need in your team’s attack.

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He possesses good pace, shooting, and physicality, and his dribbling could be improved to make him a complete player. In terms of statistics, Norman Bassette has an overall rating of 59 and a potential of 82.

6 Christian Mawissa Elebi, Toulouse

An image of Christian Mawissa Elebi in FIFA 23

Besides Guillaume Restes, Christian Mawissa Elebi is also a hidden gem that you can find in Toulouse’s squad. The defender is expected to make his breakthrough as a regular player in the coming few seasons, and his potential makes him among the best young centre backs in the French leagues.

Aside from centre back, you can utilize Christian Mawissa Elebi as a right back or left back, and his versatility will be quite beneficial. Coming to his numbers, EA has rated the player 60, whereas his potential in the game is placed at 82.

5 Serif Nhaga, PSG

An image of Serif Nhaga in FIFA 23

PSG is home to some of the best football players in the world and promising young players like Serif Nhaga. The young Portuguese player, who came to the French club from Porto’s academy, has been assigned to the U19 team and is expected to make his main team debut in the coming future.

You can sign him in FIFA 23’s Career Mode for the left back position, and getting him on a loan-to-buy deal would be the finest option. Serif Nhaga has a rating of 63 in the first season, and his base potential will take him to a rating of 82.

4 Valentin Atangana Edoa, Stade De Reims

An image of Valentin Atangana Edoa in FIFA 23

Valentin Atangana Edoa has a promising future and has already debuted for Stade de Reims. In addition to his breakthrough in club football, he was a member of the French U17 team that won the 2022 Euros, and he has everything that you would need in a defensive midfielder.

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Within the Career Mode, he has an overall rating of 62 and can be a starter or a bench player for most lower-tier clubs. With regular game time, he will be able to achieve his potential of 82 or end up surpassing it.

3 El Chadaille Bitshiabu, PSG

An image of El Chadaille Bitshiabu in FIFA 23

El Chadaille Bitshiabu stands out as probably the hottest young prospect in French football, and he has set a lot of eyes on himself after signing for RB Leipzig in the 2023 Summer Window. Regardless, you will still be able to find him at PSG in the Career Mode, and he can be a good talent that you can try getting for strengthening your defense.

The 64-rated player will cost you around €1.5 million, and his value will start climbing as he continues towards reaching his potential of 82. As he is a left-footed centre back, you will preferably have to pair him with a right-footed partner.

2 Yannis Lagha, Olympique Lyon

An image of Yannis Lagha in FIFA 23

Yannis Lagha is a part of the next generation of Algerian talents, and he is signed for Olympique Lyon, one of the most historic clubs in French football. The talented striker has a rating of 64 in FIFA 23, and he can reach 82, which is not bad considering that you can get him for pretty cheap early on.

You can play Yannis Lagha in a two-striker setup, and he can be lethal alongside a good striker partner. In the meantime, you cannot use him as a target man due to his short stature.

1 Edan Diop, AS Monaco

An image of Edan Diop in FIFA 23

Edan Diop tops this list of hidden gems to find in France, and if you can sign him in FIFA 23’s Career Mode, you will benefit significantly. He is best suited to play as an attacking midfielder and will offer creativity to your team’s attack.

The French youngster has a game rating of 64, whereas his potential is higher than most of the others on this list, sitting at 84. You can also use him as a right midfielder, and his dribbling and pace will allow him to make fantastic runs.

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