Best FPS Games For Android Phones


  • FPS games on Android offer a thrilling and immersive gaming experience, letting you dive into intense battles and keep yourself on your toes.
  • Games like Cover Fire, Hitman Sniper, and Battle Prime provide exciting gameplay, challenging levels, and impressive graphics, making them worth a download.
  • From classic Counter-Strike gameplay in Standoff 2 to the intense gunfights in Warzone Mobile and Call of Duty: Mobile, these FPS games deliver polished and enjoyable experiences with regular updates and events.



There’s nothing quite as liberating as running around, scouting out locations and hunting for enemies. Testing out your quick-time thinking skills and neutralizing enemies on the battlefield sounds like a great way to keep yourself on your toes.

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Experiencing that rush with the camera behind your back just doesn’t cut it though, however, from a first-person perspective everything feels more real and immersive comparatively. That’s why most shooter games let you dive into the action head-first, in order to keep you on the edge of your seat. The Android Play Store has a wide selection of some top-tier FPS games worth a download.

9 Cover Fire

Promo And Gameplay Images From Cover Fire

Cover Fire features a series of QuickTime style events for gameplay as you follow through the campaign missions. You’re given a few objectives to fulfill that are easy enough to follow through and complete in order to earn yourself some stars. All missions cost energy, and you’ve only got a limited amount.

It’s easy to level up, but the game definitely spikes up in difficulty by the time you reach the end of chapter one. The controls are easy to master, but the timing is crucial and tough to nail down especially when you come face to face with a giant Metal Gear-esque mecha.

8 Hitman Sniper

Promo And Gameplay Images From Hitman Sniper agent 47 and a rifle being aimed

A game that’s centered around using your wits to orchestrate the perfect murder, your goal is to make each interaction seem like a brutal accident in order to eliminate the target and rack up points. You play as the titular Agent 47 who lays perched up at an elevated spot ready to mow down one baddie after the next.

The game’s got good graphics, and several areas to explore with unique environmental triggers that can help with disposing of enemies one by one. It’s easy to pick up, all you have to do is press either the fire or reload buttons and aim well.

7 Battle Prime

Promo image for battle prime Android of man holding up a gun

With decent graphics, fast load times, and surprisingly easy combat mechanics, Battle Prime is a great FPS to burn your time away with especially because it keeps matchmaking somewhat fair and features quick rounds that don’t feel exhausting to play through.

The weapon selection, battle pass, sound design, and characters coupled with the well-detailed maps make it a fairly enjoyable experience. The best part about this game is that it won’t gobble away a ton of your phone’s storage space, despite how well-made it is, and it’s easy on the battery too.

6 Standoff 2

a character from standoff2 next to a shot of a character running with a gun

If you’re a fan of classic Counter Strike gameplay, then Standoff 2 is a good candidate to keep you engaged for hours with its uniquely reminiscent mechanics and cartoonishly fun combat. The steep learning curve does however make the game rather challenging but landing shots is fairly satisfying.

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The game will reward you for map knowledge and placement. There’s a good amount of weapons to choose from and a lot of game modes to play against others looking to level up by winning too. Sometimes you can get hit by an unfair headshot out of nowhere, but that’s just the charm of playing something that’s an homage to the old CS formula.

5 Combat Master

Gameplay Images From Combat Master-1

Fast-paced, satisfying, and surprisingly holds a lot of debt, Combat Master is a fun bounce-off-the-wall experience that mirrors the vibes you’d get from loading up a game of CS:GO. The game features all kinds of maps and leagues to play in, as well as seasonal updates that spice up the events.

The controls are fully customizable, and the matchmaking is surprisingly fluid too. Although you might get paired with players above your rank, it’s not hard to expect to have your team members carry you to victory.

4 Dead Effect 2

The horror FPS Dead Effect 2

Who ever said zombie games can’t be scary or endearing? Dead Effect 2 is a well fleshed-out thoroughly enjoyable FPS horror experience that takes you through quite a complicated story. The gameplay mechanics are solid, the controls are tight, and the graphics are peak compared to any other zombie game on the Play Store.

Navigate your way through a spaceship under siege by mindless beings ready to claw away at you if given the chance. Solve puzzles along the way and strategically plan how to advance forward in order to take down any exceptionally strong baddies.

3 Warzone Mobile

In-game and Promo Image From Warzone Mobile

Much like its console and PC counterparts, Warzone Mobile is an FPS battle royale game with an emphasis on intense gun-fights and realistic graphics that immerse you. It features other multiplayer game modes and maps too in order to keep the formula fresh.

The game’s much more serious compared to Call of Duty: Mobile, but lacks the kind of content and polish its predecessor’s accumulated over years of development time. Despite that, Warzone Mobile is easily one of the best battle royale experiences on Android devices.

2 New State Mobile

PUBG New State - via Krafton

A continuation of the world created by PUBG, New State Mobile is more or less the same game but with better graphics and a new map. The gameplay’s just as hectic albeit modernized, and features more or less the same modes you’d find on PUBG Mobile.

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The sounds are better, and the game constantly receives timely updates to balance everything out. It’s a solid FPS experience for players that are more comfortable with that perspective, you can easily switch between matches.

1 Call Of Duty: Mobile

Call of Duty: Mobile Gameplay with an assault rifle, near a car and tree with HUD elements displayed.

With a toggle to switch between FPP and TPP during a battle royale match, CODM caters to both crowds and delivers on both fronts. The game also features a multiplayer mode with all kinds of features and match types that utilize a first-person perspective.

CODM is one of the most polished games on the Play Store, and despite its shortcomings, it’s always maintained its position at the top of all shooting games present on the market. The graphics, controls, gun selection, character skins, and sound design are all excellent. The game still receives timely updates, and there are tons of events to look forward to throughout the season.

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