Larian Studios Has Already Started Working On Its Next Game After Baldur’s Gate 3

Baldur’s Gate 3 has only been out of Early Access for around a month, and has been on PlayStation for just a few days, but it looks like developer Larian Studios is already primed and ready to start work on its next game. That might sounds surprising considering the developer is pumping out patches and hotfixes at an alarming rate, but Larian co-founder Swen Vincke has claimed that he’s already moving onto something new and that he’s “closing the chapter” of his career that was Baldur’s Gate 3.



In an interview with Todd Kenreck for the Dungeons & Dragons YouTube channel, Vincke confirms that he’s already “busy on the next game” now that the PS5 version of Baldur’s Gate 3 has shipped. A different team will continue working on patches and updates, but Vincke considers the “creative path” for the game officially done for him now.

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“Yes, you’re right, I’m busy on the next game,” says Vincke. “It’s the right moment to ask me actually because yesterday morning I was in Quebec and I woke up in my bed and called my wife and said “my black hole has arrived” because the PS5 version is shipping, so I’m done.”

“So, I’m going to move onto the next game, the other team is going to be working on patches and stuff, but for me personally, this creative path is done now. I’m closing the chapter.”

As for what that next game could be, Vincke isn’t too keen on divulging any juicy details just yet. He did make some interesting comments when asked about what his inspirations are as a game developer though, which he immediately saw as a thinly veiled attempt to get some potential info about Larian’s next title. He didn’t mention what these inspirations are, instead choosing to mysteriously mention that “there’s a couple of really good things out there”.

Astarion about to fire a bow in Baldur's Gate 3

From these comments, it seems pretty likely that Larian’s next game might be based off of an existing property of some kind, much like how Baldur’s Gate 3 is loosley based off of Dungeons & Dragons. Vincke also says that fantasy and sci-fi are the two genres that he has the most personal interest in, so perhaps we could even see Larian’s take on the final frontier in its next game. These are all just guesses by the way, and nothing has been confirmed as of right now.

For now, Larian will be taking a well-deserved break, so it’ll be a while before we see what it’s going to make next. Chances are when Larian is ready to make an announcement, most of us will still be trying to make our way through Baldur’s Gate 3 still anyway.

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