How To Craft High Tier Weapons And Spacesuits In Starfield

Crafting and upgrading your equipment has always been a core mechanic of Bethesda RPGs. Starfield is no exception, and while a lot has changed, from iron helmets to spacesuit helmets, the core mechanics of upgrading weapons and armor remain the same as in the previous Skyrim and Fallout titles.



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There are several stations to craft and research new items at in Starfield, making it a tad confusing if you’re not used to the crafting system of Fallout 76 or Fallout 4. From where to upgrade your weapons to how to craft high-tier spacesuit upgrades, here’s everything you need to know.

Starfield: Where To Upgrade Weapons And Spacesuits

Starfield: Weapon Workbench

Starfield has several crafting stations, from pharmaceutical Labs, Cooking Stations, and Industrial Workshops to the Spacesuit Workbench and Weapon Workbench.

Not to mention Research Labs, which are used to unlock new crafting components and weapon and spacesuit mods. As a result, it can take a lot of work to find a location featuring all five.

Fortunately, the Constellation Lodge has all five crafting stations in the basement, so you’ll have everything you need to upgrade your weapons and spacesuit to be ready to outlast the horrors of space.

You can loot the Instigating Equinox laser rifle from the weapon rack on the wall next to the Weapon Workbench or use the racks for weapon storage.

How To Use The Weapon Workbench

Starfield: Weapon Workbench menus

When you activate the Weapon Workbench, a list of all the weapons in your inventory will be displayed, along with their stats.

From here, navigate to the weapon you wish to upgrade and select. This will open up a new menu showcasing each mod slot type and the weapon’s installed components.

Each weapon has a set number of mods that can be installed in the weapon. So, you’ll want to consider what mods you install carefully.

Select the type of mod you want to install, and this will show you a list of potential components you could install onto the weapon, along with the updated stats on the left and the required resources to craft the component.

How To Use The Spacesuit Workbench

Starfield: Spacesuit Upgrades

The Spacesuit Workbench operates much the same as the Weapon Workbench, apart from a few minor but essential factors.

Your full spacesuit is comprised of three pieces of equipment:

You can upgrade all three types of apparel from the Spacesuit Workbench. However, navigating through each piece of equipment can be confusing since items and their mod categories are not organized.

Unlike weapons, mod components are categorized into barrels, optics, stock, laser, etc. Whereas Spacesuit mods are labeled under:

  • Slot 1
  • Slot 2
  • Slot 3
  • Slot 4

Explore all slots to find mods that match your equipment. Slot one mods need either no completed research or level one completed research, while higher slots require higher-level Research Projects.

How To Craft High-Tier Weapon And Spacesuit Upgrades

Starfield: Spacesuit Design skill

Completing Research Projects is not the only task you must complete to be able to craft high-tier spacesuit and weapon mods. You will additionally need to unlock skills to craft weapons and spacesuit upgrades.

Allocate skill points in the following skills to unlock new Weapon Workbench and Spacesuit Workbench and new Research Lab capabilities:

  • Spacesuit Design
  • Weapon Engineering

There are four ranks for each of the two skills. To upgrade the skills, you will need to complete their corresponding challenges and allocate additional skill points.

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