Wilds Of Eldraine’s Enchanted Tales Reprints


  • Enchanted Tales bonus sheet in Wilds of Eldraine features reprinted cards centered around enchantments, with certain cards having special anime art and confetti foil.
  • Blood Moon is a powerful card that turns off nonbasic lands and stops land-based strategies, while Greater Auramancy provides protection for enchantment-based decks.
  • Kindred Discovery rewards players who focus on a specific creature type, Grave Pact forces opponents to sacrifice creatures, and Necropotence offers card advantage at the cost of life.



Bonus sheets in Magic: The Gathering are becoming a more common appearance with new sets, bringing with them tons of cool cards for players to collect. A bonus sheet is a collection of reprinted cards, often picked around a central theme or card type, that are included in packs, often with a unique art style as well.

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The Enchanted Tales bonus sheet in Wilds of Eldraine is themed around enchantments from across Magic’s history. The most valuable cards from the Enchanted Tales sheet come from a special section of it, where certain cards received a special anime art style and a new type of foiling called confetti foil.

The prices here will fluctuate depending on the relatively slow movement of many of these high-value cards. The prices are printing-specific and are taken on September 5, 2023, from TCGplayer’s Market Value or current listing prices when available.

10 Blood Moon – Anime Borderless Confetti Foil – $81.14

Image of the Blood Moon card in Magic: The Gathering, with art by ESUTHIO

A fascinating card that has some weird rule interactions, Blood Moon is the ultimate card for haters looking to punish anyone playing any other color besides red. Blood Moon does just one thing: it turns off all nonbasic lands, making them Mountains instead of whatever they were before.

Blood Moon is great for stopping powerful land-based strategies like Dark Depths or Maze’s End and turning off more basic cards like Evolving Wilds. This enchantment also stops enter the battlefield effects, making it a frustrating card to push through.

9 Greater Auramancy – Anime Borderless Confetti Foil – $86.65

 Image of the Greater Auramancy card in Magic: The Gathering, with art by Mai Okuma

An immensely powerful card for enchantment-based decks, Greater Auramancy keeps your other enchantment cards and enchanted creatures safe from pretty much everything your opponents could throw your way.

Greater Auramancy gives your enchantments and enchanted creatures shroud, meaning they can’t be targeted by spells or abilities, both those controlled by you and your opponents. This is the ultimate way to keep your enchantments safe while also preventing you from targeting them with your own cards.

8 Kindred Discovery – Anime Borderless Confetti Foil – $89.01

Image of the Kindred Discovery card in Magic: The Gathering, with art by Yuchi Yuki

Originally printed back in the 2017 Commander decks, Kindred Discovery rewards players who stick to a specific creature type in their Commander deck. When it comes into play, you get to pick a creature type.

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Then, whenever you have a creature of the type you picked enters the battlefield, or when they attack, you get to draw a card. Running out of cards in your hand when you’re playing a deck built around creature type can be a death sentence, especially when your opponents have a ton of cards in hand. Kindred Discovery does particularly well in decks that make lots of tokens since it doesn’t specify how the creature enters the battlefield, just that it does enter.

7 Grave Pact – Anime Borderless Confetti Foil – $103.83

Image of the Grave Pact card in Magic: The Gathering, with art by Bodax

If you’re sick of your creatures getting destroyed, Grave Pact is the best way to deter your opponents from trying to put a stop to your plans. Whenever a creature you control dies, Grave Pact makes all your opponents sacrifice a creature as well.

A more nefarious use of Grave Pact’s abilities involves destroying your own creatures to force your opponents to keep sacrificing their own creatures over and over again until they have nothing in play. The card Glissa, the Traitor, and a sacrifice outlet of any kind enable this powerful combo, giving you finite sacrifice effects to help win the game.

6 Necropotence – Anime Borderless Confetti Foil – $106.09

Image of the Necropotence card in Magic: The Gathering, with art by Kuregure

At one point, this enchantment was a key component in competitive Magic, providing tons of card advantage at the expense of a little life. By paying one life, you can exile the top card of your deck face down, putting that card back into your hand during your next end step.

Necropotence does come with the downside of skipping your draw step, but since you can draw so many cards through Necropotence, there isn’t much to worry about. In Commander, where your life total is doubled and you have plenty of ways to gain more life, Necropotence can be a powerful addition to your deck.

5 Parallel Lives – Anime Borderless Confetti Foil – $141.73

Image of the Parallel Lives card in Magic: The Gathering, with art by Bodax

If you’re playing a deck that makes a good amount of tokens and you have access to green mana, there’s almost no reason not to be playing Parallel Lives. This five-mana enchantment lets you create twice as many tokens of any kind when you make any number of tokens.

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In a Treasure token-based deck, you suddenly have twice as many resources as your opponents. If you’re spamming Faerie tokens on your battlefield, you can quickly overwhelm your opponents.

4 Omniscience – Anime Borderless Confetti Foil – $161.99

 Image of the Omniscience card in Magic: The Gathering, with art by Yakotakos

At a staggering ten mana, Omniscience is a wild card that can turn the tide of a game in an instant. This blue enchantment lets you cast spells from your hand for free, completely ignoring their mana costs.

Of course, there are downsides with this card; anything with an X in its mana cost is automatically set to zero, making it not particularly bad on that front. It’s also important to remember that if a spell has an additional casting, such as discarding a card to cast the spell; or an ability like kicker, which lets you spend mana to do something else, you still have to pay those costs.

3 Doubling Season – Anime Borderless Confetti Foil – $168.84

Image of the Doubling Season card in Magic: The Gathering, with art by Kemonomichi

The upgraded version of Parallel Lives, Doubling Season takes all those tokens you create and doubles them, and then doubles the amount of counters you would put on a permanent anytime you add them to a card.

Parallel Lives works particularly well with planeswalkers since you put counters on them equal to their starting loyalty count when they enter the battlefield. You can often have a planeswalker enter the battlefield with enough counters to activate their final ability, and your opponents have very few opportunities to stop you.

2 Smothering Tithe – Anime Borderless Confetti Foil – $321.34

Image of the Smothering Tithe card in Magic: The Gathering, with art by Daisuke Tatsuma

Having more mana available than your opponents is a surefire way to take the lead in a Commander match and Smothering Tithe is one of the best cards to get that done. Any time an opponent draws a card, you create a Treasure token unless they pay two mana to stop you.

Early in a game, your opponents likely won’t want to set themselves back by tying up their mana to stop you from making Treasures, giving you an early advantage. That said, you have to play carefully when you have a Smothering Tithe in play; you’ll likely be putting a large target on yourself once it’s out, making you the main enemy of the other players.

1 Rhystic Study – Anime Borderless Confetti Foil – $322.93

Image of the Rhystic Study card in Magic: The Gathering, with art by Fuzichoco

It should come as no surprise that Rhystic Study is one of the most sought-after cards in the Enchanted Tales bonus sheet. This three-mana enchantment is similar to Smothering Tithe, letting you draw a card every time an opponent casts a spell unless they pay one extra mana.

This little tax effect seems easy to pay, and later in the game, it generally is, but early on, when players are tapping out to try and keep up with everyone else, you can easily keep your hand full of cards with this enchantment.

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