The Best POIs In Fortnite Chapter 4

Fortnite: Chapter 4 brought an entirely new map, combining sci-fi elements with a medieval backdrop for this chapter, so you’ll find yourself battling it out in quaint villages, sprawling castles, and neon cityscapes. Most importantly, all the places of interest (POIs) have been updated to coincide with this theme, giving you fresh locations to find loot and battle your enemies.



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No matter where the Battle Bus takes you, it is important to understand the general layout and unique characteristics of every landing zone — since entering the match prepared will only further your chances of obtaining a victory crown. The following places of interest in Fortnite: Chapter 4 are those you should get to know best.

Updated September 6, 2023, by John Wildermuth: Fortnite has treated players to fresh content with the release of Season 4 of Fortnite: Chapter 4. This season introduces three fresh POIs that fit into a heist thematic, in which you and your squad can raid heavily guarded areas to retrieve top-tier loot. We have decided to update this list to provide you with all the details surrounding the POIs of season 4, so you know exactly where to drop to enter into the action and earn a victory royale.

15 Blackwater Bay

A medieval dock and town in Fortnite Chapter 4 called Blackwater Bay

In the upper left corner of the map sits a quaint fishing village called Blackwater Bay. The town itself sticks to the overall medieval theme found throughout this chapter, with some rustic buildings, a tiny castle, and a dock for fishing.

While the scenery is certainly beautiful, the small size of the village means there is not a large amount of loot to be found at this POI. Furthermore, the town is isolated from the rest of the map, with the only close POI being the Citadel.

While this is undoubtedly a safe landing option to avoid massive gunfights, the lack of loot makes Blackwater Bay incredibly easy to pass over.

14 Knotty Nets

An image of Knotty Nets, a POI in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, an isolated fishing village on the bottom right of the map.

On the bottom right of the map, there is an isolated island that hosts a fishing village called Knotty Nets. This POI has an assortment of buildings inspired by architecture from feudal Japan and many ziplines that connect the island to the mainland.

While this POI is a nice addition to the map, only the architecture of the village sets this location apart from other POIs on the map. There are no early-game advantages found at this POI, and the location of the island makes it incredibly separated from any large-scale action.

13 Kenjutsu Crossing

An image of Kenjutsu Crossing, a POI in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2. This POI sits on top of a mountain, and features a large feudal palace with a courtyard and training grounds.

Sitting on top of a large mountain, Kenjutsu Crossing is a Japanese-inspired fortress complete with a small village, a courtyard, and a training room to practice your swordsmanship. As Kenjutsu Crossing is located at the bottom right of the map, it is a great POI to drop into if you want to explore everything this zone has to offer.

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While this is already a great POI to drop into if you are searching for instant action, the large central room of the fortress formerly held a large amount of Kinetic Blades. Sadly, as this weapon has been vaulted, there is simply no compelling reason to jump to this location.

12 Shattered Slabs

A quarry in Fortnite Chapter 4 called Shattered Slabs

On the far left of the map, you will come across a quarry called Shattered Slabs. The quarry itself is multileveled, with many different areas mining a purple ore that has some exciting tie-ins to the overall lore of Chapter 4.

The purple stone found at the quarry is actually the material used to power the Shockwave Hammers, so you can use these large purple slabs to launch around the entire POI. Sadly, the shockwave hammers have been vaulted for some time, so there is little reason to land here.

11 Steamy Springs

An image of Steamy Springs from Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, a Japenese inspired hot spring and sauna with feudal buildings and cherry blossoms.

Located to the right of Frenzy Fields, Steamy Springs is another Japanese-inspired POI that features feudal architecture. This location has a river supplying water to various hot springs, as well as cherry blossoms that decorate the landscape with pink leaves.

While this location does not offer incredible loot, the placement of the POI allows you and your team to travel deeper into the Japanese-inspired area of the map, or travel back to Frenzy Fields to quickly clean up any fights.

10 Mega City

An image of the Mega City from Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 2, an incredibly large neon city inspired by Cyberpunk. This POI has large buildings, grind rails, and neon holograms.

In the bottom right of the map sits Mega City, a sprawling neon metropolis complete with skyscrapers, holograms, and guard rails. If you are looking to quickly jump into an action-packed warzone, but want to stay out of the vicious jungle environment, then Mega City is the perfect place to travel to.

While the cybernetic aesthetic and expanding city streets may be compelling, always keep an eye open for any players that may be hiding inside the buildings, as many campers call this city home. Ultimately, this futuristic city is a fantastic place to drop, since it offers everything you need to secure a win, all packed into a single location.

9 Shady Stilts

An image of the Shady Stilts POI from Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, a destroyed village that stands on tall stones.

At first glance, Shady Stilts may remind you of the Shattered Slabs POI, because this location features similar rock formations. Just like Shattered Slabs, the entire POI features different buildings that rest atop large, decaying rocks.

Sadly, this can make fighting in this POI more difficult, because players can have a serious height advantage over you if you land on the base level. Furthermore, since there are currently not many movement weapons in the game, you may struggle to traverse this area if you are playing in Zero Build mode.

8 Rumble Ruins

An image of the Rumble Ruins POI from Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, which resembles a destoryed jungle temple.

Rumble Ruins is a POI that perfectly showcases the aesthetics brought to the game with Season 3. This POI is a massive ruin, inspired by architecture from civilizations in ancient Latin America, and contains a large amount of hidden loot.

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Furthermore, since this ruin takes up so much space, you can easily find Raptors, or their eggs, to mount and ride around the rest of the map. These dinosaurs can jump incredibly high, which will help you traverse across the dangerous and challenging jungle.

7 Brutal Bastion

A snowy fortress in Fortnite Chapter 4 called Brutal Bastion

In the center of the snow lies Brutal Bastion, a POI that is full of great loot and gameplay opportunities. This dark fortress contrasts against the snow it lies on and hosts a plethora of different buildings, hidden loot, and zip lines.

Brutal Bastion is a POI that simply offers everything you want when you land into the game. There is an abundance of hidden chests scattered throughout the halls, an NPC you can recruit to fight alongside your team, and many different towers to fight over.

6 Frenzy Fields

A quaint and colorful barn and farmhouse in Fortnite Chapter 4 called Frenzy Fields.

Frenzy Fields sits on the lower left of the map, with the entire area ditching medieval and futuristic aesthetics in exchange for a modern farm with rolling hills. If you choose to land at this POI, you will be greeted with sprawling green fields, a yellow farmhouse, and a large barn.

Sadly, most of Frenzy Fields is made up of rural farmland, meaning there will not be a lot of loot to find outside the main buildings. This creates a heavily contested zone between the farmhouse and the barn.

With the introduction of Season 4, the interior of the main barn has been completely transformed into a secret base for a heist, and may even feature new NPCs for you to interact with

5 Creeky Compound

An image of the Creeky Compound POI from Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 3, a science basecamp with a river running through the center.

The best place to land within the wild jungles of Season 3 is by far Creeky Compound. Not only is this scientific research base made up of multiple buildings teeming with loot, but there is also a tank full of slurp juice.

If you are playing with your friends, then you can simply all land together inside the hangar and instantly break the truck to get full shields. Furthermore, you can also utilize the capture point and job board to earn gold and valuable weapons.

4 Slappy Shores

A modern town in Fortnite Chapter 4 called Slappy Shores. Half of this town is residental, and the other half is an industrial factory that produces slap juice.

On the right-hand side of this map sits a modern city called Slappy Shores. This POI is split down the middle by a river, with a large bridge connecting both sides of the area. On one side, you will come across a modern factory that produces slap juice, while the other side has many houses for you to loot and explore.

Slappy Shores is a fantastic location to land since it offers great combat, a large amount of loot, and an incredibly easy way to instantly get full shields. On one side of the bridge sits an abandoned truck that has a tank full of slurp juice, so land together as a group and quickly break this tank to ensure that your entire squad instantly has full shields.

Furthermore, a new boss fight was added to the slurp factory with the release of Chapter 4, allowing you to kill an NPC and enter a vault with some nice loot.

3 Eclipsed Estate

An image from Fortnite of the Eclipsed Estate POI. This location has a large moon carved out of stone, and features a modern estate sittng in the middle of a lake.

Eclipsed Estate is the first of three POIs that were added with Season 4, which are each modeled after modern architecture. Specifically, Eclipsed Estate is a dark and minimalist building, located in the middle of a lake and decorated with a giant crescent moon carved out of stone.

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While the exterior of the building is certainly something to look at, all of these modern POIs feature heightened security systems, such as lasers, turrets, guards, and cameras, which all defend a vault filled with mythic items. In Fortnite, items become ‘vaulted’ when they are no longer available in the ground loot, meaning that these items are not only incredibly powerful, by may be some of your previous favorites from old chapters of the game.

2 Sanguine Suites

An image from Fortnite of the Sanguine Suites POI. This location is a modern hotel, that is actually located in the middle of the snow area. There are massive heaters dotted around the enviornment to melt any snow.

Sanguine Suites is quite unique, as it is actually located in the middle of a frozen tundra. To keep this fashionable hotel warm, there are large heaters dotted all throughout the POI, which have melted the snow and allowed tropical plants to flourish.

Just like the other new POIs, this location also features the same level of security and another vault filled with mythic items that you can utilize to secure a victory royale. Unlike Eclipsed Estate, Sanguine Suites is located right next to Slappy Shores and Brutal Bastion, meaning that you can quickly loot the vault and then head into another POI for fresh loot.

1 Relentless Retreat

An image from Fortnite of the Relentless Retreat POI. This location is a large modern house that is located on a beach shaped like a crescent moon.

Out of the three modern mansions added with the Season 4 update, Relentless Retreat is certainly the most picturesque. This sprawling oceanfront estate is located right on top of a massive beach that is shaped like a crescent moon.

The outdoor space also features various sculptures, almost like a temporary museum, and even contains multiple rift portals that you can enter for an easy escape from combat. Finally, remember to loot the vault beneath the main house, so you can claim your very own mythic weapon.

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