How To Find And Use The Forecast Towers In Fortnite Season 4

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A relentless force that affects all Fortnite players is the ever-tightening Storm Circle. Being caught within it results in rapidly depleting health, and the speed of this drain is directly linked to the Circle’s size. Running for your life to evade the Storm is a common experience for players of all levels, and even if you’re vigilant, there’s no guarantee you won’t find yourself making a desperate dash for safety.



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Fortunately, in Fortnite Chapter 4 Season 4, The Last Resort, we have the advantage of new Forecast Towers to help us stay ahead of the action. Too good to be true? It is; the Forecast Towers belong to villain Kado Thorn, and you’ll have to heist the data.

How To Locate The Forecast Towers

A view of a Forecast Tower acquiring a forecast and and making it available in C4S4 Fortnite

There are six Forecast Towers that spawn at various locations throughout the landscape. The Forecast Towers track the Storm Circle and provide predictive information about the diameter and location of the upcoming Storm Circle. To locate a Forecast Tower, look for an indicator in your map or scan the skyline.

When you find a Forecast Tower, check its status on the monitor of the control panel located at the Forecast Tower base. You may have to wait for it to power-up, otherwise it will say either Forecast Available or Forecast Secured.

If the monitor says Forecast Secured it means the data at this tower has already been claimed by another player, and you’ll have to look for another Forecast Tower. However, if the monitor says Forecast Available, then it’s game on, and you’re going to have to go toe to toe with one of Kado Thorn’s Dealers, who are bosses that guard the Forecast Towers, usually with a pair of low card henchmen.

How To Collect Forecast Tower Data

A Dealers Boss fighting and then his Legendary Mag Assault Rifle and Keycard in C4S4 Fortnite

The henchmen will either be patrolling the area or they will soon emerge from a nearby rift, and they’ll be looking for you. The battle will be fierce as you fight multiple opponents simultaneously. It helps if your well armed and have a Business Turret handy, it’s even better if you’ve hired a non-player character (NPC) to help out.

At the end of the battle, when you are victorious, you’ll be rewarded with the Dealers Legendary Twin Mag Assault Rifle and Forecast Tower Keycard.

Return to the control monitor at the base of the tower and enter the Keycard to secure Forecast data on upcoming Storm Circles for the rest of the match.

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