How To Get Better At Flashpoint Maps In Overwatch 2

The Invasion season of Overwatch 2 introduced Flashpoint, a game mode that challenges teams to capture three points before the enemy. The game has enhanced its traditional capture mode with bigger maps, multiple capture points, and more opportunities for impressive plays.



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While doubling down on the idea that a strong defence is a good strategy for the original capture maps, Flashpoint maps include multiple entryways that make enemy attacks more unpredictable. There’s much to learn in Overwatch’s game mode, but with some practice, you’ll be racing enemies and capturing points in no time.

8 Learn The Capture Points

Overwatch 2 New Junk City Capture Point

The first and most important thing to do on any new map is to get a good look around, and Flashpoint maps are no different. These maps may need more time to get used to since they’re larger than others, so learning each capture point’s location is crucial when you’re in a race to secure it.

With each new point, there’s a new spawn and a new route to learn, so it’s easy to get confused and lost when you’re being thrown around the map. Take the time to learn each map, keep an eye on where the capture points can activate, and use them as landmarks to guide you and your team through the area quickly and safely.

7 Play Characters With Good Mobility

Overwatch 2 Lucio wall riding on New Junk City

Since the maps are so large, it can take some time to get to the point. Playing mobility characters can give you a head start on reaching the point before the enemy team and can help the team regroup quickly when separated.

Tanks such as Wrecking Ball and D.Va can make the initial push onto a point quickly, while supports like Lucio or Lifeweaver can aid slower teammates and keep them safe. On the other hand, damage characters like Echo and Sombra can use their movement abilities to make fast flanks or move to support and protect their teammates when necessary.

6 Never Stop Moving

Overwatch 2 Reaper and Ana on stairs walking to a new capture point

As Flashpoint is a fast-paced mode, it’s important to be on the move all the time. You’ll be spawning in different locations, chasing after capture points on another side of the map. Stopping for even a second can give the enemy team the perfect opportunity to win the initial race and prepare for your arrival.

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Not only do you risk losing the race to the point, but Flashpoint’s large and open maps mean the enemy team can stumble across you and take you by surprise if you stop to take a breather.

5 Stick With Your Team

Overwatch 2 Genji, Reinhardt, and Mercy moving towards a capture point

Teamwork is key in any game of Overwatch. If one teammate is left alone, they become an easy target to defeat to create a weak point in your team’s defences. Good communication with your team means you can avoid someone being left behind and instead coordinate attacks to send the enemies back to spawn.

Defending all entryways is crucial on Flashpoint to avoid being ambushed by flanking enemies. If you stick together and cover all entrances it makes it harder for the opposing team to push through and take a point.

4 Divide The Enemy And Conquer

Overwatch 2 Sombra and Symmetra fighting an enemy Kiriko

Getting the upper hand can be a game-changer in a mode as fast-paced as Flashpoint, so gaining an advantage as soon as possible is a must for any team. Separating your enemies from their teammates means you can push through their defences.

Aiming for support characters can have a huge impact, as the enemy will be left without healers and will be easier to take down. Taking out enemies individually means you also have a chance to stagger their spawn timers to give you as much time as possible before they regroup.

3 Know When To Use Your Ultimate

Overwatch 2 Moira Using Ultimate

Any match in Overwatch can be brought back from the jaws of defeat with a few well-coordinated ultimates and in Flashpoint they can be particularly useful. Not only is it important to know when one ultimate can give your team an advantage, but knowing when to pair your ultimate with a teammate’s can create a great opportunity for a swift comeback.

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Ultimates that focus on supporting like Ana’s and Kiriko’s can be nicely paired with characters that damage like Ramattra or Genji to make strong pushes onto points.

2 Risks Can Make Or Break A Match

Overwatch 2 Bastion Fighting Enemy Team

Taking out a lone enemy is risky business. Sure, there’s a chance it pays off and gives your team an entry point for a strong attack, but sometimes there are characters you just can’t beat. Be careful not to create a gap in your team for the enemy to capitalise on.

More importantly, don’t give your teammates the chance to blame it all on you afterward. When you see an enemy alone, be aware of where your team is. It’s best to resist the urge in favour of making a stronger push with your whole team. On the maps for Flashpoint, enemies can come from any direction, so be prepared for anything.

1 Know When A Point Is Lost

Overwatch 2 Reinhardt and Illari Defending Against Enemies

Flawless matches are welcomed occurrences, but sometimes they’re just not possible. Luckily, Flashpoint provides teams with opportunities for redemption when a point is lost, which means it’s good to accept the loss when it happens.

A team claiming and defending a point doesn’t mean the game is over; it just means you have to regroup and think of a new strategy. Once a new capture point is unlocked, it’s a fresh start for you and your team to get to the point as quickly as possible. Unless it’s the final point, then you can panic a little.

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