One Piece Story Arcs We Want To See As Games

One of the most influential manga series is One Piece, and this has led to it becoming a multimedia sensation. The story of Luffy and the Straw Hat Pirates has been adapted into many different forms from the original manga, including anime, movies, and plenty of merchandise.



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One of the most successful One Piece products are the games that are based on this long-running series. The approach most of these games take is either an original story, or heavily abridged summaries. However, the islands that Luffy explores, and the stories he experiences in each arc could easily be the basis for a whole game, so which One Piece arc would make the best game?

8 Dressrosa

one piece dressrosa luffy doflamingo

One of the longest adventures that Luffy and his crew experienced was during the Dressrosa saga. This saga is the first thing Luffy’s crew go through after reaching the New World in the second half of the Grand Line. The Dressrosa saga is an overarching plot that features the Punk Hazard arc and then the Dressrosa arc.

Both Punk Hazard and Dressrosa are incredibly diverse and interesting locations with plenty of potential for being explorable maps in a game. On top of this, having Caesar Clown and then Doflamingo as the primary antagonist would give Luffy some powerful rivals. The Dressrosa saga is also when we learn more about returning side character Trafalgar Law, which would make the story even more engaging.

7 Skypiea

one piece skypiea characters standing on clouds

A story arc from earlier in One Piece, that is occasionally overlooked for how out of place it can feel, is Skypiea. Sandwiched between two impactful and beloved sagas, it is easy to forget just how fun and refreshing the Straw Hats time in the sky islands was.

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Exploring these sky islands and getting to learn about the unique culture this area in the world of One Piece has would make a game based on Skypiea a fun throwback for long time One Piece fans. Enel is the main antagonist in this arc, being a cruel god-like figure to the people of Skypiea, so being able to take him down would be a great final boss encounter.

6 Baroque Works

one piece baroque works bounty hunter with vivi

After reaching the Grand Line, the first extended arc is Baroque Works. This arc stars Vivi, the princess of the kingdom of Alabasta who temporarily joins Luffy and the Straw Hats to get their help. Her kingdom is being slowly taken over by a group of dangerous bounty hunters called Baroque Works.

The desert setting of Alabasta is engaging enough, but this is just the final location of the story. Before this, the Straw Hats and Vivi travel through Whiskey Peak, Little Garden, as well as Drum Island, notably the location where the crew meet and recruit their doctor Chopper. This arc is incredibly nostalgic for fans of the series and would make a fun journey to follow through a game.

5 Wano Country

one piece the county of wano

An arc that is much closer to the conclusion of One Piece’s grand narrative is Wano. The Wano Country arc follows Luffy as he and his crew gather an army throughout the detailed setting of Wano, all with the goal of taking down Kaido and returning the country back to its old ways.

This arc and the setting of Wano is rich with detail. The country is split into unique regions, each of which house different sections of the story and have their own cast of characters. This is one of the longer arcs in One Piece, which would make it a great subject for a game. On top of this, Wano Country has all members of the crew present, so they could all be playable, as opposed to other arcs that have some characters on hiatus.

4 Whole Cake Island

one piece whole cake island jimbei big mom

Whole Cake Island is one of the most detailed settings in One Piece, and its massive edible set pieces and locations would make it a colourful and memorable location to choose. This arc is also a great choice since we get to learn more about the crew’s chef Sanji who is stuck in an awkward position when his tragic history finally catches up to him and rips him away from the crew.

We also see Luffy face off against one of his trickiest foes, being Big Mom and her massive family pirate crew. The story for Whole Cake Island is full of twists and memorable conflicts, and has some emotionally impactful moments with Sanji and his family.

3 Summit War

one piece impel down jimbei ivankov luffy crocodile

Like many long-running series, One Piece features a time skip to keep things fresh, however, the events before this time skip are some of the best storytelling in the series. The Summit War saga begins with Luffy and his crew all getting separated as they make it to Sabaody Archipelago, the middle point in the Grand Line. After this, Luffy gets stuck in Amazon Lily, where he learns about the imminent execution of his brother Ace.

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After this, Luffy has to race through the impenetrable prison of Impel Down to try and save Ace, and then to join the battle at Marineford where Ace has been taken. Luffy’s multi-island journey would make the perfect story for a linear game, and getting snapshots of what the rest of the crew are doing would bring levity to darker moments in the story.

2 Water 7

one piece water seven world fountain

An arc that is regularly cited as a high point of One Piece before the time skip is the Water 7 saga. This group of arcs and its story have plenty of memorable moments, with the story highlighting different characters. Robin is the star with her mysterious past uncovered, but we also have a dramatic conflict between Usopp and Luffy, and also we spend the length of the arc meeting Franky, the ship’s future Shipwright.

This arc begins in the beautiful floating city of Water 7 that would make a stunning hub, then we take the sea train to end up at Enies Lobby where the crew face off against CP9 the secret force of the World Government to retrieve Robin.

1 Thriller Bark

one piece thriller bark castle

An arc that is often lost in the mix of pre-time-skip One Piece is Thriller Bark. The arc is sandwiched between both the Water 7 saga and the Summit War saga, making it feel a little lost, and has occasionally been deemed inconsequential. In spite of its placement, this spooky arc is a highlight of One Piece, with Thriller Bark having plenty of unique locations that would make it perfect for a game.

This is where the crew meet Brook, their future Musician, as well as where they face off against Gecko Moria, a Warlord of the world government. While this story may occasionally get overlooked, it would stand out much better as the focus of a stand-alone game.

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