Starfield Players Want To See Chopped Up Bodies

Starfield is finally here and wannabe astronauts across the globe are finally exploring the Settled Systems in their very own spacecraft. It’s been very well received by fans and critics alike, but that doesn’t mean there aren’t any lacklustre aspects that players wish were a little more fleshed out. For example, a bunch of people have been voicing their disappointment over the game’s lack of gore over on the Starfield subreddit.



First brought to attention by u/smrtfxelc, quite a few people are disappointing with the amount of perfectly pristine bodies they’re finding next to literal pools of blood. Obviously, if you’ve been damaged enough to have litres of blood spread across the floor next to you, you’ve more than likely lost a limb or suffered a pretty cataclysmic injury. You’d at least have a mark or two on you, but instead u/smrtfxelc thinks they look like they “decided to smear jam all over the floor then take a nap in it.”

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Others are disappointed with how enemies react to being killed too, as it seems like the standard Bethesda ragdoll physics aren’t visceral enough whenever you shoot someone in the face with a shotgun. One fan calls the way characters ragdoll in this way “boring, lame, and fake”, while another just wants more gore to make things a little more realistic and immersive. You have to admit that it pulls you out of the experience a little bit when a character gets shot in the noggin with an assault rifle and all they do is flop to the floor.

It’s all little odd that Starfield is so light on the gore, especially when you compare it to Bethesda’s previous titles. Fallout 4 let you specifically target an enemy’s head with the VATS system and watch it explode into mush, and even included the Bloody Mess perk to increase the odds of dismemberment occuring. Skyrim is probably Bethesda’s least gorey modern title, but even that showed off the occasional cinematic decapitation every now and then.

Starfield is already a technical marvel as it is, and the game was capped at 30fps due to all the different systems in play. We don’t know for sure why there’s so little gore, but it’s likely that adding a complex dismemberment system may have been one feature too many for the game to run smoothly. Starfield is definitely Bethesda’s most polished title at launch, so perhaps it was worth losing a bit of gore for a few less glitches.

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