Best PS5 Retro Video Game Collections

Sometimes, you just can’t beat the classics. As more and more publishers compile their retro games into sleek collections for modern consoles, it becomes easier to enjoy these iconic titles, often alongside some amazing fanservice in the form of artwork, music, and more.



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The PlayStation 5 is home to a number of these great retro game collections — some bringing back older games from beloved series others unearthing hidden gems to give them a second chance to shine. These collections make for the perfect entry point to these retro games or are perfect for revisiting old favourites from yesteryear.

8 Mega Man Legacy Collection

Mega Man jumping over platforms in the desert.

The first six games in the Mega Man series are seen as some of the most polished titles on the NES, and their quality has easily stood the test of time in the decades since. Each game is a masterclass in action-platforming design while containing some of the most thrilling 8-bit music and audio out there.

The Mega Man Legacy Collection was one of the earlier retro compilations to come out. It includes features that would become mainstays of these collections, such as a rewind ability, classic artwork, a music player, and most importantly, razor-sharp emulation.

7 Sega Genesis Classics

Cops and thugs fighting on a decrepit city street in Street Of Rage.

The Sega Genesis holds a special place in the hearts of many, and this comprehensive collection delivers a sweeping look at the system’s iconic catalogue. There are staples like Sonic and Streets of Rage, but plenty of fantastic lesser-known games like Landstalker and Alien Soldier.

Admittedly, Sega Genesis Classics does commit the unforgivable sin of not allowing you to view any of the game’s box art, so if you want to stare at the front cover of Kid Chameleon for hours on end, then this isn’t the place for you. Still, the strong collection of 16-bit gems makes up for the slightly lacking fanservice features.

6 SNK 40th Anniversary Collection

Screen of Ikari Warriors, with two groups of soldiers facing off in a jungle.

SNK was a prominent developer in the 1980s, with a catalogue of arcade and console titles that could rival giants like Capcom and Konami. However, due to a lack of big modern games, especially in the West, SNK has faded into relative obscurity over recent years.

The SNK 40th Anniversary Collection catapults these classic games back into the spotlight through an excellent compilation that holds nothing back. There are timeless gems like Ikari Warriors, Baseball Stars, and Crystalis, plus a slew of extra goodies that delve into the history of this esteemed developer.

Two knights battling a dragon.

Capcom were the undisputable kings of the beat ‘em up during the genre’s golden years in the early ’90s, and this compilation brings together some of the developer’s absolute best in the brawler scene. These games are still perfect to pick up play, either solo or with friends and the addition of online multiplayer is a natural fit.

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The best part of Capcom Beat ‘em Up Bundle is that the included games cover nearly a decade of glorious arcade goodness. Sure, everyone knows Final Fight. But games like Armored Warriors and Battle Circuit hardly got a chance to shine back in the ’90s, despite being absolute blasts, so it’s heartening to see them resurrected for the 21st century.

World War II dog fight occurring above the ocean.

Capcom Arcade Stadium transports you right back to the ’80s and ’90s with a fantastic compilation of some of the publisher’s best games. The range of eras, genres, and series on display here is simply mouth-watering for any retro arcade fan.

While it is slightly annoying that you have to buy the games in separate bundles, rather than having them all from the start, Capcom Arcade Stadium’s collection of classics is simply too strong to ignore. It brings together all the colours and joy of the old arcades and translates that magic for modern audiences to soak up.

3 Castlevania Anniversary Collection

Simon Belmont battling demons outside a castle in Castlevania.

Before Castlevania was a hit Netflix show, before it even introduced the “vania” in Metroidvania, it was a series of extremely high-quality action platformers, each packaged in a spooky, gothic aesthetic that has stood the test of time. Castlevania Anniversary Collection brings together these early games in the series, making for a wonderful 8 and 16-bit history lesson.

Getting to experience the Castlevania series grow across its formative years is a great showcase of developers learning, refining, and eventually perfecting a formula that has stood strong after all this time. The introduction of save states sands away some of these games’ rougher edges, making them more accessible than ever before.

2 Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection

Dan punching Adon outside a market in Street Fighter.

Street Fighter is to fighting games what Super Mario is to platformers. There is no series more heavily associated with the genre than Capcom’s Street Fighter, so it was only appropriate that the series’ 30th anniversary saw a collection worthy of its storied history.

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Street Fighter 30th Anniversary Collection is a treasure trove of retro fighting game goodness that covers a broad range of the series’ beloved offerings. From the breakthrough hit of Street Fighter 2 to the watertight mechanics of the Alpha games, it’s hard to find a weak link in this excellent collection.

1 Atari 50: The Anniversary Collection

Yar battling Qotile in Yar's Revenge.

Atari 50: The Anniversary Collection is more than just a retro game compilation. It’s an interactive documentary that seamlessly blends gameplay, video interviews, and archival records about this seminal company to create a multimedia celebration about one of the most famous names in gaming.

Even if you don’t hold a soft spot for Atari’s retro gaming catalogue, the love that went into going above and beyond in the curation of this game speaks to a higher degree of effort than any other retro gaming collection on the PS5.

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